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A beautifully designed massage chair that requires minimal space yet loaded with therapeutic features, the Apex AP-Pro Regal massage chair serves as a mid-price solution for people with chronic lower back and leg pain and those who are looking for heat therapy and world-class massage experience.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Space-saving design
  • Therapeutic lumbar heat
  • Air massage and foot rollers for chronic leg pain relief


  • No built-in speakers/MP3 port
  • Ottoman lacks heating element for leg pain relief
Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair

Recommended For: People with chronic lower back and leg pain and those who are looking for heat therapy and world-class massage experience.

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Are you looking for a feature-rich massage chair that doesn’t come with a rich price tag?

Do you like the idea of a massage chair but don’t have a lot of room in your home to put one?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’ll love this review.

The Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair is the less expensive cousin of Apex’s flagship chair, the AP-Pro Regent.

As such, it has many of the same great features as the Pro Regent, plus a couple of things that the more expensive chair lacks, delivering a world-class massage at a reasonable price.

In the Apex Regal massage chair review that follows, we’ll give you details about everything this chair has to offer, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love it.

Features of the Apex Regal Massage Chair

Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair Models

Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair Black - Chair Institute
Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair Brown - Chair Institute
Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair Beige - Chair Institute

Space-Saving Technology

​This is such a clever innovation, and it’s a shame that this isn’t a standard feature on modern massage chairs yet. Sadly, only a small number of models offer it to date.

Most massage chairs require about 24 to 36 inches of space between the backrest and the wall in order to recline fully. The Apex Regal massage chair only requires about six inches. How is that possible?

Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair Space Saving - Chair Institute

When the chair reclines, it pivots on its base, virtually eliminating the need for wall clearance space. Thus, making this chair ideal for people who want an exquisite massage chair but have very limited space.


The Apex AP-Pro Regal massage chair is built around an S-Track frame with quad rollers that closely mimic the feeling of human hands.

Named after the sinusoidal shape of the human spine, an S-Track essentially allows the massage rollers to move in such a way that they follow the natural curvature of the spine, translating into a more comfortable and higher-quality massage.

Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair Zero Gravity - Chair Institute

Zero-Gravity Mode

This is huge because it directly impacts the quality of the massage you get from this chair.

By sliding the seat into either of the two Zero-G positions, the knees will be positioned slightly above the heart, which means that the body weight will work with the rollers and press against them more firmly, resulting in a better, more therapeutic massage.

One Touch Recline

This is a small but important feature because if you suffer from chronic back pain, even the act of manually pushing and reclining the backrest can cause you pain. Good thing, the Apex AP-Pro Regal massage chair reclines and goes back to its upright position at a simple touch of a button.

Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair Body Scan - Chair Institute

3D Body Scan Technology

Before setting off the rollers, the Apex AP-Pro Regal performs a computer body scan to locate the pressure points, and then adjusts the rollers to hit them accurately, resulting in a custom massage that fits your body like a glove. 

Second Generation Air Massage

When air massage technology was first introduced, chairs with more airbags were considered the better option. However, with Apex’s Second Generation Air Massage Technology, they’ve been able to reduce the number of airbags while improving the overall quality of the massage.

Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair Air Massage - Chair Institute

As such, although the Pro-Regal has only 28 airbags, it delivers a massage that’s equivalent to an older massage chair that has nearly 50 airbags.

Air massage covers the arms, wrists, hands, shoulders, lumbar region, hips, calves, and feet. Moreover, air massage is delivered via a “compression and release” system that’s designed to both soothe and get the blood flowing to pain-ridden areas of the body.

Auto Leg Scan

In a bid to cater taller users, the ottoman of the Pro-Regal comes with an automatic leg scan that adjusts the massage rollers and repositions the airbags to appropriately match the length of the legs. What can often happen in massage chairs that lack this feature is that taller users wind up getting a massage that is off target and suboptimal.

Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair Heat Therapy - Chair Institute

Lumbar Heat

If you suffer from chronic back pain, sometimes a deep tissue massage by itself isn’t enough. In these cases, heat therapy, coupled with the massage provides the relief you’re looking for. Unfortunately, not many massage chairs offer built-in heating elements in the lumbar region.

By combining lumbar heat with all the other features of the Apex AP-Pro Regal, this model delivers more therapeutic benefit than many chairs with a significantly higher price tag.

Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair Foot Massage - Chair Institute

Calf and Foot Massage 

Your feet can enjoy two different kinds of massage with the Apex AP-Pro Regal.

First is a relaxing air massage through the airbags that cover the feet. Another is reflexology massage delivered by the dual rollers located at the bottom of the ottoman, which gently rubs away the pain and tension from the soles of the feet.

All things considered, the Apex Regal massage chair offers a true, head-to-toe body massage. Check out other Apex massage chairs by clicking this link.

Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair Chromotherapy - Chair Institute

Chromotherapy Lighting

Another small feature, but much loved by some users, is the added lighting. The Pro-Regal features LED lights built into the chair to help create a relaxing environment. If you enjoy a massage in a dimly lit room, you’ll be treated to a soothing blue glow that will help you relax.

Massage Customization options

The Pro-Regal offers five different pressure modes, ranging from light to hard, and three intensity levels capable of delivering everything from a gentle, relaxing massage to a true, deep tissue massage.

Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair Massage Techniques - Chair Institute

Also, note that the massage rollers in the head of the chair can be controlled separately. So, if you select a deep tissue massage for your back, you can adjust the head rollers to be gentler.

Technique-wise, the chair offers the following:

Simple to Operate

The Apex AP-Pro Regal’s remote control is simple, sleek, and straightforward. All of your massage options are easy to find and clearly laid out. In fact, a complete novice can start enjoying a customized massage right away.

Pros of the Apex AP-Pro Regal​

Far and away, the biggest features of the Apex Regal massage chair are:

  • Space-Saving Technology – great for users who don’t have a lot of room to work with.
  • Therapeutic Lumbar Heat – a nice addition for users with lower back pain problems.
  • Calf, Leg and Foot Air Massage plus Dual Foot Roller Massage – a combination of features that will thrill people who suffer from chronic leg and foot pain.

Although the chair gets a lot of things right, our Apex AP-Pro Regal massage chair review would not be complete if we didn’t mention what it’s missing.

What’s Missing in the Apex Regal Massage Chair​

The first thing you’ll notice if you’ve read a number of user reviews is that while the Apex Regal massage chair has a decent number of customization options, it offers relatively fewer massage techniques and styles than many of its competitors. It delivers a superb massage, but utilizes a relatively narrow band of styles and techniques.

Second, and this is a minor quibble for most people, the chair has no MP3 port or built-in speakers for listening to relaxing music, which is a feature offered in many other chairs.

Finally, although the chair was clearly designed to provide relief for people who suffer from chronic pain in their legs and feet, the ottoman has no heating element for heat therapy. Granted that only a few offer such feature, it would have been a logical addition to the Apex AP-Pro Regal massage chair’s feature set.

Apex Regal Massage Chair Review Conclusion

By any reckoning, the Apex AP-Pro Regal massage chair is well worth your consideration. This chair delivers a superior massage experience at a reasonable price. Highly equipped to offer substantial therapeutic benefits, especially to those who suffer from lower back, leg, and foot pain, the Apex AP-Pro Regal is a promising choice.

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