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Casual users will find a lot to like about the Apex Ultra Massage Chair, but the real winners will be people who suffer from chronic lower back and leg pain. If that describes your situation, add one star to the overall rating. This is the chair for custom-made for you!

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Ingenious use of features to offset limitations in the L-Track frame
  • Designed to offer relief for those with chronic lower back and leg pain
  • Reasonable cost compared to other models with similar features


  • Lack of airbags resulting in the absence of a head and neck air massage feature
  • Uninspiring number of customization options
  • Absence of Chromotherapy lighting
Apex AP-Pro Ultra Zero Gravity Heated Massage Chair

Recommended For: People who suffer from chronic lower back and leg pain

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Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued. Check out other Apex massage chair reviews.

Are you looking for a massage chair packed with top-end features but with a mid-range price tag?

If so, then the Apex Ultra Massage Chair should grab your attention.

Loaded with a robust set of features and advanced massage technology, this massage chair by Apex offers an excellent massage experience at a price you can afford.

Apex Ultra Massage Chair Overview

Every time we talk about a massage chair designed for those on a budget, there are bound to be some sacrifices here and there. Apparently, the Apex Pro Ultra massage chair is no exception.

Nonetheless, we are confident that you’ll find that for the money, this massage chair offers tremendous value. 

Black Variants Image of Apex Ultra Massage Chair
Brown Variants Image of Apex Ultra Massage Chair
Gray Variants Image of Apex Ultra Massage Chair
Orange Variants Image of Apex Ultra Massage Chair

To give you an example, Apex brings in a surprise feature to this chair that’s not found even in most chairs at the higher end of the price scale, which is a real feat!

So, let’s begin with what is, by any reckoning, the stand-out feature of the Apex AP-Pro Ultra Massage Chair.

Apex AP-Pro Ultra Massage Chair Features

3-Stage Zero Gravity

Many massage chairs today are built with a zero-gravity feature. However, while most zero-gravity massage chairs provide two zero-G positions, what sets the Apex Pro Ultra Massage Chair apart, even from chairs in the higher price bracket, is the fact that it has three zero-gravity massage positions available.

Zero G Position of Apex Ultra Massage Chair

Zero-G massage positions matter because they directly impact the overall quality of the massage that a chair is capable of delivering. By placing the knees above the heart while seated on the chair, more of the user’s body weight is pressed back against the rollers, which leads to firmer contact and a deeper massage.

Having three zero-G seating positions, all accessible via one-touch control, gives you more flexibility and more options in terms of finding the most comfortable position for you. What makes this all the more remarkable is that innovations like these are typically the exclusive domain of high-end massage chairs.

L-Track System

The rollers of the Apex AP-Pro Ultra Massage Chair move within an L-Track, which is a recent innovation to the standard S-Track that massage chairs feature nowadays. Similar to the S-track, rollers can move in three dimensions (along the X, Y, and Z axis) and follow the natural curvature of the human spine.

Chair Roller of Apex Ultra Massage Chair

What’s great about an L-track is that rollers continue to move where an S-track typically stops. That is, instead of just getting a massage from the neck down to the lower back, users can enjoy an extended massage all the way to the hips and buttocks.

Combine this with the three zero-gravity seating positions and modern quad rollers that mimic the feel of human hands, then the Apex Pro Ultra is fully equipped to deliver a superior massage experience.

Automatic Body Scan

Before a massage begins, the Apex Ultra automatically scans the body and makes subtle adjustments to the rollers to ensure that they hit the pressure points spot-on. Adding this to the combination of features mentioned above further enhances the overall massage quality delivered by this chair.

Automatic Body Scan of Apex Ultra Massage Chair

Auto Leg Scan

Another feature built on the chair’s focus on the lower body, the auto leg scan enables the leg rest to adjust subtly in order to better fit the leg. In effect, the quality of the calf roller and airbag massage are improved. A minor feature but of great import to those who suffer from chronic leg pain.

Dual Foot Rollers

Truly, there are high-end chairs that can offer a better foot massage than the Apex Ultra. But when compared to its peers in its price range, you’ll find that the contenders simply leave this feature off entirely, making it a nice addition at this price point! 

Dual Foot Rollers of Apex Ultra Massage Chair

Plus, if your job sees you standing or walking for several hours a day, this is something you should definitely look after.

Calf Massage Roller

Building on the chair’s focus on the lower body, the Apex Ultra Massage Chair also offers twin calf massage rollers, making it a godsend for people suffering from chronic leg pain. Again, it is highly unusual to see this feature in a chair at the price point this one is offered at.

Air Massage Mode

Through innovative engineering, Apex has successfully reduced the total number of airbags in the AP-Pro Ultra and increased the volume and surface area of massage delivered.

In particular, the Apex Ultra has 30 air bags strategically placed throughout the chair to massage the arms, hands, shoulders, lumbar region, hips, calves, and feet. Plus, the air intensity of the air bags can be controlled up to three levels, from mild to strong.

Airr Massage Technique Apex Ultra Massage Chair

Notably absent from the Apex Ultra’s air massage though, are air bags around the neck and head. This was a concession made necessary in order to keep the price relatively low.

Then again, the Apex AP-Pro Ultra massage chair does offer a twist and stretch air massage mode. Here, the air bags near the calves and lumbar region inflate independently, allowing for a gentle twisting and stretching motion which provides amazing relief for those suffering from chronic lower back pain.

Built-In Heat Function

In another nod to those suffering from chronic lower back pain, the Apex Pro Ultra massage chair has two heating elements located in the lumbar region. Typically, people who suffer pain in their lower backs get a lot of value from heat therapy, especially when combined with massage.

Heat Therapy of Apex Ultra Massage Chair

Some Customization Options

The Apex Ultra offers a decent array of customization options, including the following pre-programmed massage types:

Additionally, there are six manual program options, three roller speed settings, and three air intensity settings. Though not the best in class, the chair still gives you a solid number of customization options. Again, some sacrifices had to be made to keep the chair’s price competitive.

Also, note that while many chairs allow time adjustments for a massage, the Apex Ultra has a single setting here—regardless of the options, one gets a fifteen-minute massage.

User-friendly Remote

Remote View of Apex Ultra Massage Chair

The Apex Ultra’s easy-to-use remote is simplistic but functional, giving you the power to make on-the-fly adjustments to your massage via an intuitive interface.

Sound System

Equipped with an MP3 port, the Apex Pro Ultra massage chair allows you to connect an MP3 player to the chair’s built-in speakers so you can listen to your choice of music while enjoying a relaxing massage.

Pros & Cons of the Apex Pro Ultra Massage Chair

There’s a lot to like about this chair, and there’s no doubt that the Apex Ultra gets a lot of things right.

In terms of the Apex Ultra’s biggest pros, it would have to be the ingenious use of a combination of features while keeping the cost reasonable. Apex has effectively combined three-position zero-G features, an extended L-track, modern foot and calf massage rollers, heat therapy function, and next-generation air massage technology, to name a few, in the Apex Ultra.

On top of that, the chair’s focus on features designed to offer relief for those suffering from chronic lower back and leg pain is exceptional.

On the other hand, the absence of a head and neck air massage feature and the somewhat uninspiring number of customization options get a thumbs-down from our Apex Ultra review. Although it’s easy to understand why these design decisions were made, those shortcomings will no doubt put off at least some potential buyers.

Of lesser importance is the absence of chromotherapy lighting in its feature set. Still, this is seldom a deal breaker for serious buyers out there.

Apex Ultra Massage Chair Review Conclusion

The Apex Ultra Massage Chair offers tremendous value for the money. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced chair that offers a solid massage experience and doesn’t need every bell and whistle under the sun, then this is a good option.

Most of all, this is a great choice if you suffer from chronic leg and/or lower back pain because so many of the chair’s features are placed to provide leg and lower back relief.

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