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The Beach Cruzr 4 Two is a truly innovative product. Even if you don’t need one, you’ll like it. If you do need one, it’s solid gold. A niche product specifically designed for two people to ride together. If that’s what you need, this is the powered beach wheelchair you want.

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  • Innovative design
  • Built for two people
  • Cool and exciting product


  • Narrow width
  • Limited post-sales support
  • Limited combined weight limit
Beach Cruzr 4 2 Two-Seater Electric Wheelchair

Recommended For: A niche product specifically designed for two people to ride together. If that’s what you need, this is the powered beach wheelchair you want.

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Do you or your significant other have a mobility issue that keeps you from enjoying the great outdoors as you once did? Are you looking for a chair you can ride around in together?

The Beach Cruzr 4 2 was designed and built for a particular type of customer. If both of the questions above are true for you, you’ll love this review and the chair. If you answered no to one or both of those questions, you’ll probably find this model interesting, but it will almost certainly not be the one you want.

The Cruzr 4 2 is unlike any other wheelchair we’ve ever reviewed, powered or manual. Even better, it’s made by a tiny company you’ve probably never even heard of (Hotshot Products), which makes it fascinating on many levels.

It impressed us sufficiently that we gave it an honorable mention in our recent roundup review of the best all-terrain wheelchairs on the market today in the beach wheelchair category; see here.

If you’re curious to know more, keep reading. In the following sections, we’ll tell you what it can and can’t do so you’ll have all the information you need before making a purchase decision. If that sounds good, let’s jump in and see what the beach wheelchair can do!

Key Features of the Beach Cruzr 4 2

The first thing you’ll notice about the Beach Cruzr 4 2 is that it looks like a loveseat on wheels. It’s the only powered wheelchair we’ve ever encountered that was explicitly designed and built for two.

The second thing you’ll notice is that the model has a relatively simplistic, homespun design. That’s because it is. Hotshot Products is a tiny company based in California that hand-builds every chair it makes. 

You’re not getting a factory-machined product but something built individually by a small group of dedicated employees who genuinely love what they do. As such, wheelchairs by Hot Shot Products are slightly different from every other, and the company encourages you to contact them with special requests if you want something “extra” added to your Cruzr (which we’ll talk about in more detail later on).

Some people may balk at this, preferring the high production values of mass-produced goods. We have a different view. In an age where just about everything is mass-produced and designed to look good but break down with serious use, we love that these guys are doing it old school. 

Granted, it’s not for everyone, but if you like handcrafted equipment, you’ll love this company because that’s all they do.

Beach Cruzr 4 Two Specifications

Let’s look closer at the chair to see what makes it tick. Here are its basic stats:

  • Dimensions: 48” deep by 55” comprehensive (can be custom-designed to be as comprehensive as 70”)
  • Total chair weight: 210 pounds (with batteries)
  • Individual seat widths: Custom, ranging from 16” to 35”, in any combination
  • Seat Height: 19” to 21” depending on the cushioning ordered
  • Seat Back Height: 20”
  • Top speed: 6-7 MPH
  • Max Range: 5-10 Miles (depending on the total weight of the occupants)
  • Maximum Angle of Incline: 15 degrees
  • Zero-point turning radius!!

In More Detail

There are a couple of things to note here. First, we were a bit underwhelmed by the maximum supported weight offered by the Beach Cruzr 4 Two. Granted, that’s an average of 225 pounds per person, which isn’t bad, but we’ve seen modestly priced bariatric wheelchairs that could support much higher weights for individual occupants.

We strongly suspect that the device’s aircraft-grade aluminum could withstand the challenges of extra weight but would not go against the company’s recommendation.

The other thing we were a bit disappointed with was the range, which tops out at a modest ten miles and could wind up being significantly less than that, depending on how much weight the chair is transporting.

Even so, given the chair’s dimensions and its design for use in the sun and sand, an enterprising DIYer could probably figure out a way to attach solar panels to it for recharging on the go. The company would probably be willing to work with you if you wanted something like that.

Adjustability & Comfort

The Cruzr 4 2 gets high marks here, not just because it has several adjustable features. Again, if you want adjustability beyond what you see here, the company encourages you to contact them with any custom requests you may have.

Even without doing that, though, you’ll find:

  • Independently operated, manually reclining seats.
  • Armrests that are both height adjustable and swing away for easier transfers into and out of the chair. You can even remove them entirely if you like.
  • Footrests whose length and angle can be independently set and which are also removable.

In addition, you can order your chair with a “Quick Change” tire kit, so if you want to swap out the big beach tires for something better suited to another type of terrain, you can do that!

 A Left View Image of Beach Cruzr 4 2 Two-Seater Electric Wheelchair

Note: Hotshot Products uses standard Wheeleez Beach Tires for its chairs, so finding tires that fit is simple if and when you need to replace them.

Given everything we’ve discussed so far, the fact that we gave this model relatively low marks for versatility might surprise some readers. After all, a motorized wheelchair with a zero-turning radius and quick-change wheels sounds pretty versatile, right?

That’s true, but we also considered its “two-seater” design. While one individual could undoubtedly make good use of the chair, its width and the fact that it was meant specifically for couples, at least in our view, make it somewhat less versatile unless you need it for that specific purpose.

On-Board Storage & Extras

There is both good and bad news here, which made scoring this product dimension somewhat tricky.

On the one hand, Hotshot Products does not offer any “extras” at all. When you place your order, you don’t get to pick from fun options like beach umbrellas, storage compartments, swapping out one kind of seat belt for another, and so on.

 A Right View Image of Beach Cruzr 4 Two  Electric Wheelchair

On the other hand, though, this is a tiny company with passionate, committed employees who love what they do. They’ll bend backward to incorporate your wish list into the design and hand-build all their chairs. 

If you want something custom, just be sure to call before you order to discuss your wants and needs. They’ll be able to tell you if they can accommodate you and, if so, what your request will add to the final price.

We’ve seen photos of all sorts of fun things, like a shaded canopy on just one side, a full-fledged luggage rack behind the seats, cup holders, attendant controls, and so forth, so don’t be afraid to inquire!

Color Options

  • Silver
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Magenta
  • Teal
  • Black

But when it comes to color and upholstery options, the sky’s the limit. Again, it’s simply a matter of calling ahead and telling them what you want on both fronts.

Overall, we felt it appropriate to give the company high marks here, even in the absence of any “official” extras and add-ons.

Doesn’t Get High Marks for Portability

While we’re quick to give Hotshot Products high marks for their innovative designs and customization, here’s an area where the company’s not so good. None of their products are collapsible, making them hard to transport unless you’ve got a full-sized van or pickup truck. That holds doubly true (literally) for this model. 

Unless you have one of the vehicles mentioned above, you’ll need some kind of lift on the back of whatever vehicle you do have to get the Cruzr 4 Two from your home to the surf and sand, which increases the total cost of ownership. It’s not necessarily a deal breaker, but it’s something to keep in mind.

 A Left View Image of Beach Cruzr 4 2 Two-Seater Electric Wheelchair

A Slight Learning Curve

Although the controls are relatively intuitive and straightforward, expect to spend a few minutes getting the hang of steering, handling, and the independently adjusting chair features. The biggest challenge you’ll have is turning. Although it’s got a zero-point turning radius, it’s still a wide chair, and as such, it’ll take a bit of getting used to.

Fortunately, if you stick to the great outdoors, you won’t have any problem, as there’s plenty of vast open space.

Not an Indoor Chair

While you could get away with riding through a shopping mall corridor in this chariot, it’s impractical for most other indoor use despite its zero-turning radius. It’s just too wide for practical indoor use. It’s a great outdoor chair and a superb couples beach chair, but it’s highly optimized. Move away from that even nominally, and its utility falls off sharply.

Pros & Cons of the Beach Cruzr 4 Two

 A Right View Image of Beach Cruzr 4 Two  Electric Wheelchair

Small companies tend to work hard to innovate because it gives them an edge over their larger, more established competitors. Hotshot Products’ Cruzr 4 2 is a perfect example of this phenomenon in action. We haven’t run across anything quite like it.

That said, this model is targeting a very specific (and very tiny) segment of the market, so most people will not want or need it, even if they agree it’s an exciting design.

A Couple of Issues

It’s a cool product, and there’s a lot to like about it. However, two issues might cause you to give it a pass.

  • First, although it’s built for two, it’s not as comprehensive as you’d think, and it only has a combined weight limit of 450 pounds. If you and the person you want to ride with weigh more than that, collectively, that will be a deal breaker.
  • Second, although we haven’t heard of any complaints regarding post-sales support, understand that Hotshot Products is a tiny company based in California, and it may struggle to adequately support its products sold in far-flung locations.

    That’s not a knock against the company per se; it’s just facing the reality that no matter how passionate and committed their employees are, there just aren’t many.

As long as the weight limit isn’t an issue for you and your partner, and you’re okay with the company’s small size and limited resources, we think you’ll love the wheelchair.

Beach Cruzr 4 2 Conclusion

We’ve used two terms repeatedly throughout this Beach Cruzr 4 2 review: “Innovative” and “niche.”  Both are correct. 

The simple truth is that not many people will want or need a mobility device like this. 

Unless you’re specifically looking for a motorized beach wheelchair you can ride around in as a couple, we don’t recommend this model. You’ll probably agree that it’s a cool product, but it won’t hold your attention beyond the time it takes you to read this review.

On the other hand, if you fall into that category, you won’t find anything else like it on the market, and we recommend it.

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