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A surprisingly good budget-priced massage chair with a (kind of!) therapeutic feature! The BestMassage curved video gaming shiatsu massage chair is recommended for hobbyist users and gamers.

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  • Performs surprisingly well
  • Has therapeutic feature
  • Has bluetooth speakers


  • Has only two airbags
  • No roller positioning function
BestMassage Video Gaming Shiatsu Massage Chair

Recommended For: Hobbyist users and gamers.

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Are you on a super tight budget but want a massage chair that can give a decent, if not basic, massage?

Are you also a gamer?

If so, then you’re in luck, and the Bestmassage curved video gaming shiatsu massage chair might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Granted, given this model’s rock-bottom price, it has some serious limitations like other massage chairs by BestMassage. But suppose you’re a gamer (specifically a console gamer) looking for a great chair that can also pull double duty as a decent massage chair to complement your gaming system. In that case, this one will probably be on your shortlist.

In the following sections, we’ll discuss everything this chair offers and the numerous things it can’t do so that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Before we discuss its massage-oriented features, let’s briefly discuss its status as a gaming chair.

Given its low-slung design, this is not a PC Gaming chair… not even close. It leans way too far back and sits too low to the ground for you to sit comfortably at your desk and manipulate the keyboard.

For console gamers, though, with a control pad in your lap, it’s perfect! You’ll find it very much to your liking. The massage rollers will serve as a secret weapon, allowing you to game for longer periods of time in comfort as they go to work on your back, glutes, and thighs.

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BestMassage Curved Video Gaming Shiatsu Massage Chair Key Features

Track Design And Rollers

Shockingly, this model is built around a Hybrid S/L track. That’s practically unheard of for a massage chair in this price range, making this the standout feature of the design. You don’t expect to see a roller-based massage chair with a long track like this for such a modest price.

Yes, it’s true that the track only utilizes dual rollers instead of quad rollers. This is a cost-saving move, to be sure, but not one that detracts horribly from the overall quality of the experience. Given that this market segment is overrun with fixed-frame chairs utilizing stationary massage heads, we were impressed.

BestMassage Curved Video Gaming Shiatsu Massage S Curve - Chair Institute

No Roller Positioning Tech

This is the gotcha—the equalizer. Remember before, when we mentioned the limitations of chairs in this price range? Well, here’s the first of them.

Most massage chairs utilize either 3D Body Scanning Tech or buttons on the remote that allow you to position the rollers to hit where you need them manually.

That’s not the case here. The rollers follow the track, and their position cannot be modified. The width of the massage field cannot be changed. If your body shape doesn’t align with where the rollers are, tough. The only thing you can do about it is wiggle around in the chair and hope for the best.

That’s not the worst thing in the world, but it is a limitation to be aware of.

More Options Than You Might Expect

Again, we were pleasantly surprised with the number of options available. Where techniques are concerned, you get:

  • Tapping
  • Kneading
  • Kneading & Tapping
  • Shiatsu

In addition, you can select from three different intensities and two different speed settings. That’s honestly not bad for such a modestly priced chair.

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Hip Twist!

Here’s the only therapeutic feature the BestMassage chair offers. Hip Twist is a milder, less aggressive substitute for body stretching.

It’s useful for people who suffer from chronic pain because it has the same basic benefits as a chiropractic adjustment. Pain relief is almost immediate as the twisting action takes the pressure off compressed discs in your spine.

BestMassage Curved Video Gaming Shiatsu Massage Front - Chair Institute

However, the implementation is weak, as the chair only has two airbags. Though it offers a firm grip, the two airbags can only provide a relatively modest twist. So, this may or may not offer much therapeutic value. It’s something you’ll want to try before you buy.

It’s not that therapeutic benefit will make you purchase this particular model, but if you suffer from chronic pain, this feature can be a nice, unexpected perk.

Semi-Adjustable Massage Timer

We were genuinely surprised to see a time-adjustment feature on such a low-priced model. All massage options default to a 20-minute, which you can adjust to 15 or 30 minutes, at your preference. This very nice touch gives the model a feeling of polish and refinement.

Bluetooth Compatible

As you’d expect from a gaming chair, the headrest has built-in speakers that are Bluetooth compatible, another unexpected feature at this price point.

No Remote, But A Simple Control Panel

Although this model doesn’t come with a remote, the few buttons you need to control are built into one of the chair arms. Everything is well positioned, making it a snap to use. You won’t have any difficulty at all in that department.

BestMassage Curved Video Gaming Shiatsu Massage Music - Chair Institute

Pros & Cons of the BestMassage Shiatsu Massage Chair

We didn’t have high hopes when we started looking at this chair. Almost every model in this price range disappoints, so we have to admit that we were pleasantly surprised at its capabilities.

Sure, there are severe limitations. The biggest one is the lack of body scanning tech or some ability to position the rollers manually. Plus, the speakers could stand an upgrade to give them a bit more bass. But all things considered, this chair performs surprisingly well and has more features than you’d expect.

Other than shoring up these areas, we can’t say we’d want to see anything added. Anything we’d recommend would take it out of its current price range. If anything, we’d recommend getting rid of the two airbags and using the savings to pay for the upgrades mentioned above.

BestMassage Gaming Shiatsu Massage Chair Review Conclusion

Low-end chairs like this are hard to rate fairly. You’d get a much better massage chair if you could spend just a little more money. But for what this is, we were impressed, and you will be, too.

Don’t think this is a therapeutic chair, even with the Waist Twist feature. It isn’t. At best, it is a hobbyist/gamer chair with a therapeutic-like feature that may be helpful to some users.

Given the price, though, you won’t be disappointed in its performance.

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