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If you’re looking to maximize the number of clients you can serve and provide basic pedicure services, the Collins 62478 Cielo Triple-Basin Bench is worth a look. An ideal choice for large spa or salons.

Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Compact design saves space
  • Efficient for serving a large number of clients
  • Provides basic functionality for both clients and technicians


  • Limited in terms of additional features and functionalities
  • Not suitable for businesses looking for a more luxurious experience for their clients
Collins 62478 Cielo Triple-Basin Bench

Recommended For: Anyone looking to maximize the number of clients they can serve. An ideal choice for large spas or salons.

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There aren’t many bench style pedicure chairs on the market today, because it’s an extraordinarily narrow niche.  Only a tiny percentage of the spas and salons in business today have the space to do a bench-style seating arrangement like this justice.

If that’s what you want and are looking to build a large business based on volume, then the Collins 62478 Cielo Triple-Basin bench can help get you where you want to go.  For just about everybody else in the market for a pedicure chair, there are better options available.

There’s a lot this design can’t do, but it’s got the basics well covered, and we’ll go into all of that in detail in the sections below.  With this design, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting because if it doesn’t mesh with your business plan, it will wind up setting you back a ton of money.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look.

An Overview of the Collins 62478 Cielo Triple-Basin Bench

Footprint and Aesthetic

These bench-style seats place much more emphasis on basic functionality than form.  That’s not to say they’re unattractive, it’s just that we’re talking about bench-style seating and there’s only so much you can do with that.

Given the inherent limitations of the core design, the company does go to great lengths to provide a wide range of finishing options, and you can choose from more than a hundred fabric colors and styles, and a generous selection of laminate colors for the base.

This gives you enormous flexibility in shaping the look and feel of the product that gets delivered to your door and makes it possible for the triple bench to blend seamlessly with whatever aesthetic you have in mind for your place of business.

The main strength of using bench style seating like this lies in the fact that it makes use of space more efficiently.  The overall dimensions of this product are huge, measuring 117.25”  x 49.5” x 44”. But remember, this is a seating for three, which means that when you look at it on a per person basis, each seat is only 39” wide, with no gap between client seats like you’d get if each pedicure chair had its dedicated bases. As a result, they wind up saving you a tremendous amount of space.

Client-Centered Features

There aren’t many client-side features on offer here.  The bench is moderately comfortable.  It’s not something your clients would want to spend hours sitting on, but then, this style of seating is designed with volume in mind.  The idea is to get clients in and out as quickly as possible, so putting too much emphasis on comfort would be counterproductive.

An Image Sample of Left View of Collins 62478 Cielo Triple-Basin Bench

Each of the three seats comes with its own foot bath , with jets to give a decent foot massage, but note that there’s no footrest and that the center seat has no armrests, and the two positions on either end only have one (unpadded) armrest.  Again, volume is the big consideration here, not comfort.

Technician-Centered Features

In a similar vein, there’s not much to offer your technicians either.  No footrest, so nothing to adjust, which makes giving a pedicure a bit of a challenge.

An Image Sample of Brown Variants of Collins 62478 Cielo Triple-Basin Bench

The chair is a pipeless design, which keeps long-term maintenance simple, and the bench can be ordered with a pump for the foot bowl, or you can use liners, at your preference.

Again though, the design philosophy here is all about volume, so creature comforts for both clients and technicians take a backseat.

Pros and Cons of Collins 62478 Cielo Triple-Basin Pipeless Pedicure Bench

An Image Sample of Collins Logo for Collins 62478 Cielo Triple-Basin Bench Review

The major drawback of the Collins 62478 Cielo Triple-Basin Bench is that this design offers little beyond basic functionality to either clients or technicians.

On the other hand, given the overarching design philosophy of the bench, it could be argued that this is a feature, not a bug.  The designers intentionally took a pass on building too many rich features into their product, choosing to focus instead on covering the basics and making sure that the product would allow business owners to serve the highest number of clients with the smallest possible footprint.

In other words, it’s an extremely narrowly focused design.  It’s very good at what it was designed for, and about average at everything else.

Conclusion on the Collins 62478 Cielo Triple-Basin Bench Review

So where does that leave us?

Simply put, if you’re planning on running a pure volume operation, then you’re going to love the Collins 62478 Cielo Triple-Basin Bench.  If you’re planning to open a shop geared toward providing extras, creature comforts and more personalized experience to a smaller number of clients, this is exactly the wrong product for you.

If you fall into the former category, we recommend it highly.  It will serve you very well.

If you fall into the latter category, take a pass on this one.  There are better options available for you.

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