In a Nutshell:

An excellent, top-end massage chair that offers several intriguing innovations. The Cozzia Qi Massage Chair is recommended for people who suffer from chronic back pain, can afford the high-end price and not taller than 6’2”.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • S-Track Design & Quad Rollers
  • 4D Roller Technology with 3D Body Scan
  • Heated Massage Rollers
  • Two advanced techniques
  • The Qi App


  • No Zero-G Seating Options
  • No Memory Slots
  • No Calf Heat
  • No Extension Module on the Ottoman

Are you looking for a great, top-end massage chair filled with attractive features and cutting-edge innovations?

If money is no object for you, and you’re looking for the best of the best, then you’re going to love our extended review of the Cozzia Qi massage chair.

Cozzia is not a particularly well-known brand, but they’ve got a reputation for quality, and have some very strong designs. The Qi is their flagship model, and after you’ve read this review, we think you’ll agree – this is an excellent chair by any reckoning.

Cozzia Qi Massage Chair Features

S-Track Design & Quad Rollers

Starting with the basics, the Cozzia Qi chair is built around an S-Track and utilizes quad rollers. Both are current industry standards, so it’s no surprise at all to see them featured in a chair of this quality and at this price range.

4D Roller Technology

Building on the bones of the chair, the Qi also incorporates 4D Technology. Some people feel that calling it “4D Tech” is just a marketing gimmick, but there’s more to it than that.

All massage chairs that utilize an S-Track or Hybrid S/L Track design already allow their rollers to move in three dimensions. They move up/down, left/right, and in/out as they follow the natural curve of your body’s spine.

Zero G Gravity Position of Cozzia Qi Massage Chair

The addition of 4D Technology allows them to do more than just this, though. By adding extension arms on the rollers, they can move an additional 3” away from the massage track, resulting in a deeper and more penetrating massage experience.

The Qi takes this a step further, however. Their extension arms allow for 5” of movement away from the track. Something we’ve never seen in any other model. A great innovation that notably enhances the massage experience.

3D Body Scan

Of course, no matter how far the rollers can extend away from the massage track, if they’re not hitting the sore spots on your back, then you’re not going to have a great massage experience.

The Cozzia Qi massage chair takes a two-pronged approach to making the sure the rollers end up exactly where you want and need them to be.

The first part of the solution revolves around their 3D Body Scanning Technology. Before each massage, the chair scans the body and adjusts the position of the rollers, aligning them with your pressure points.

The computer is usually pretty good at this, but every once in a while, it may get it wrong. When that happens, there’s a fix. Buttons on the remote allow you to manually tweak the position of the rollers, and even adjust the widthof the massage field, ensuring a world-class massage every time you use the chair.

3D Body Scan Report of Cozzia Qi Massage Chair

Chair Doctor

This is a feature we’ve never seen in any other chair. It, like the 5” roller extension module, is a genuine innovation, and a very exciting one.

While the chair conducts a body scan, gripping the sensor on the chair arm will tell the computer to take a “snapshot” of your vitals and assign you a “Tension Score”.

This score is tracked over time and plays a role in the Cozzia Qi app, which we’ll talk about in more detail below.

For now, just know that this is one of the “smartest” chairs on the market today, collecting a variety of information on you to create an even more satisfying massage experience. Based on the tension score, the chair will guide you toward the treatment option that will give you the biggest benefit.

Heated Massage Rollers

Heat Rollers of Cozzia Qi Massage Chair

This is another feature that enhances the overall massage experience.

Heat plus massage provides greater therapeutic benefit than massage alone. While the rollers don’t get outright hot, they get warm enough to provide real benefit and allow the Qi to render a more penetrating and ultimately more satisfying massage.

Note that there’s no way to control the temperature of the heat emanating from the massage rollers. But, that’s true of the very few chairs offering this feature.

Loaded With Options

Few companies offer more choices than Cozzia, and you’ll find plenty to like here. Let’s start with the massage techniques on offer, which include:

Two advanced techniques might not seem like much. But, bear in mind that these are just the options available in manual mode. The Qi actually offers more advanced massage styles than any other chair we’ve seen. However, it keeps the majority of them in the pre-programmed section of the menu.

Speaking of pre-programmed massages, there are a total of thirteen of them on offer. They are:

  • Relax
  • Gentle
  • Athletic
  • Vigorous
  • Stretch
  • Upper Back
  • Lower Back
  • Neck & Shoulders
  • Feet & Calves
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Thai
  • Balinese

All of the massage options available in either mode (manual or pre-programmed) can be personalized via the Qi App. There are five speed and intensity levels available. That’s a huge win and opens up a lot more massage combinations than other chairs, which typically only offer three speed and intensity levels.

Air Massage Mode

This is a feature that Cozzia often struggles with. Their implementation isn’t bad; it’s just not stellar.

Air Massage of Cozzia Qi Massage Chair

In this case, the Cozzia Qi offers 30 Second Generation Airbags, strategically located in the following locations:

  • Shoulder
  • Pelvis
  • Hands & Arms
  • Feet & Calves

Thirty is a significantly smaller number than we’d expect to see in a chair at the top end of the price range. The air massage the Qi is capable of is certainly acceptable, but there’s nothing remarkable about it.

There is one noteworthy detail worth mentioning: you can selectively activate airbags by body region if you don’t want a full body air massage. By itself, that’s not enough to compensate for the relatively few number of airbags. This is why we feel this feature implementation is somewhat weak.

As with roller-based massages, you can customize your air massage experience via the App through five intensity levels.

Body Stretch

When you select “Stretch” from the custom massage menu, you’ll be presented with four different stretch options. These are minor variations on the same theme. At the end of the day, they all result in the same outcome.

The chair holds you in place via the airbags. Then, bends you backward slowly but firmly, which takes pressure off the discs in your spine. From a therapeutic standpoint, this has the same effect as a spinal “adjustment” you get at your chiropractor’s office.

Compressed spinal discs are the leading cause of back pain. If that’s a problem you suffer from, this is almost certain to be your favorite aspect of the chair. It offers tremendous therapeutic benefit and almost immediate pain relief.

Calf & Foot Massage

Foot Rollers of Cozzia Qi Massage Chair

Most Cozzia models don’t implement this feature very well because most of their chairs don’t include foot rollers for the soles of the feet.

Happily, the Qi is the exception to this rule. The combination of foot rollers and airbags makes the calf and foot massage quite good.

Given that this is a top-end chair, we’d also like to have seen calf heat. This would have added to the therapeutic value of the feature. But, the fact that they included foot rollers when they usually don’t has to be counted as a win.

Full Back Heat

Only about a quarter of the massage chairs on the market today offer back heat. Of these, the overwhelming majority feature heat in the lumbar area only. Cozzia has made a significant departure on this front, providing full back heat, which makes it a true rarity.

Back Heat Massage of Cozzia Qi Massage Chair

Again, given that this is a top-end chair, we would have expected this feature to have been implemented with precise temperature controls. But this is a minor gripe. The fact that your whole back gets the benefit of heat from two sources (the heating elements themselves and the heated massage rollers) is a huge win.

If you suffer from chronic back pain, you’ll be hard-pressed to pick between this and the body stretch function.

Adjustable Timer

All massage times default to twenty minutes. It can be adjusted downward in five-minute increments (to a minimum of five minutes or to a maximum of sixty minutes).

This is fine, but the industry standard is massage durations of thirty minutes. It’s not a big deal, given that you can manually adjust the durations to suit your individual tastes. Nevertheless, it is interesting that they deviated from the standard on this front.

Right View with Blutooth Speakers of Cozzia Qi Massage Chair

Bluetooth Speakers

The Qi has Bluetooth speakers located in the headrest. You can connect your phone to these wirelessly, and enjoy all your favorite music. A very nice touch, and exactly the kind of detail you’d expect to see in a top-end chair.


Unlike most other Cozzia models, this one has LED lights built into it. Plus, the App allows you to change their color. If you’re sitting in a darkened room and activate the light function, the soft glow will help you relax, enhancing your overall experience. It’s a small feature, but some users swear by it.

The Qi App (Surprisingly Easy To Use!)

Here’s an interesting fact that our Cozzia Qi review would not be complete without mentioning. This model doesn’t come with a remote. In its place, they’ve designed a smartphone app that controls all aspects of the chair. (Note: There are also easy access buttons for major features, located on the chair arms.)

As to the app itself, it’s well-designed and easy to navigate.

While there is a learning curve involved because of all the features this model offers, we did not find it overwhelming in the least. It will probably take you longer to download and install the app than it will to find your way to your first massage. A job very well done on this front!

Pros & Cons of the Cozzia Qi Chair

As you can see then, the Cozzia Qi is an amazing chair with a lot to offer.

As with anything, there’s always room for improvement. Here are a few things we felt the design was lacking:

  • Zero-G Seating Options – Given the price, we would have expected not only to see Zero-Gravity seating but three different seating positions. Its conspicuous absence is a real loss, and we regard it is a glaring weakness in the design.
  • Memory Slots – Given the fact that Cozzia is so good at offering more massage combinations than comparably priced chairs, we’ve commented on the lack of memory slots in reviews of other models.

    Given that this is their flagship model, we absolutely would have expected to see memory slots here, even if they left them off of all their other models. Sadly, they’re absent here too, and the design is weaker for it.
  • Calf Heat – The addition of foot rollers represented a solid improvement in this design over most other Cozzia models. But again, since we’re talking about their flagship product, we would have expected to see more. The addition of the rollers merely brought Cozzia up to par with current industry standards. They needed to do more to hit the mark here.
  • More Airbags – This is probably the single biggest weakness in the Qi’s design. There’s just nothing noteworthy about the feature implementation here, and for the price, there should be.
  • Extension Module on the Ottoman – As it stands, the Cozzia Qi will only accommodate users up to 6’2” in height. Given its price, the market for the model is already going to be fairly small. This would have been an easy way to expand the number of people who might consider purchasing it.

Cozzia Qi Review Conclusion

Even considering the weaknesses and limitations we mentioned above, there’s no denying that this is a fantastic massage chair. It’s expensive, and the price puts it out of reach of many users. However, if you can afford it, it’s certainly worth the asking price.

We recommend the Cozzia Qi massage chair to anyone who suffers from chronic back pain and can afford its high-end price. It’s a solid design with some exciting innovations​.

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