Are you the kind of person who only wants the best of the best?

Are you looking for a massage chair that pushes the envelope with bleeding-edge technology?

If so, then this extended review of the Fujimi product line will give you exactly what you want.

These chairs are masterpieces. There’s simply no other way to put it. Fujimi cuts no corners and leaves very few stones unturned where features are concerned, as you’ll see in the sections below.

There are three chairs in the company’s lineup: The EP 7000, the 8800, and the 9000. They share many features in common, with each chair building on the last. To that end, we’ll start our review with the Fujimi EP 7000 massage chair. Later, we’ll talk about the new and improved features that each successive model introduces in their own sections.

Fujimi Massage Chair Overview

Before we head to our comprehensive review, let’s start with a comparison chart outlining the three Fujimi massage chairs’ features and differences:

Fujimi Massage Chair Models

Fujimi Massage Chair Models

Fujimi Massage Chair EP 7000 - Chair Institute

Fujimi EP 7000 Massage Chair

Fujimi Massage Chair EP 8800 - Chair Institute

Fujimi EP 8000 Massage Chair

Fujimi Massage Chair EP 9000 - Chair Institute

Fujimi EP 9000 Massage Chair

Intelligent Rollers
Carbon Fiber Heating
Number of Airbags125353
Foot Massage
Memory Slots323
MP3 Support
Waist Stretch
Magnetic Therapy
Negative Oxygen Ions

Having sketched out the three models in broad terms, let’s now take a closer look at what’s under the hood of each model. Note that each chair offers far more features than those listed in the table. We simply used the table to highlight the major ones.

Fujimi EP 7000 Massage Chair

Hybrid Track Design

At the very beginning, we’ve said that the Fujimi line spared no expense in design; and it all starts with the track that their chairs are built around.

Using a hybrid L/S track that extends a staggering 53” in total length, the quad rollers not only follow the natural curvature of the body’s spine, but the track also allows them to extend down to the glutes and thighs.

Fujimi Massage Chair L Track - Chair Institute

As a result, the chair delivers much more than a simple back massage. What you get is a whole-body massage experience.

Intelligent Rollers

In addition to the massive track length, the massage rollers utilize “Intelligent Technology,” which, as far as we can tell, is what Fujimi calls their own 3D roller technology.

By themselves, quad rollers do an excellent job of mimicking the feeling of human hands, but when combined with 3D technology that allows the rollers to reach as far as 6.5 centimeters beyond the track itself, the result is nothing short of amazing.

Fujimi Massage Chair Rollers - Chair Institute

Adjustable Rollers

Most mid-range and top-end chairs have some means of adjusting the rollers, and the Fujimi EP 7000 massage chair is no different.

Where roller adjustments are concerned, there are two basic approaches: the fast and convenient way, implemented via the inclusion of 3D body scanning technology; or the slower but more precise way, accomplished via manual roller adjustment on the remote.

Fujimi has opted for the latter. So, if you’re a fan of the convenience of body scanning technology, then you won’t be pleased with their approach, although it will probably not be a deal-breaker.

If, on the other hand, you want the ability to take full control over the massage experience, you’ll be happy that you’re not just able to adjust the precise position of the rollers, but you also get to control the width of the massage field.

Zero-Gravity Seating

Fujimi Massage Chair Zero Gravity - Chair Institute

Zero-Gravity seating is a wildly popular feature in massage chairs today, so it’s no surprise to see that it has made an appearance in the Fujimi EP 7000 Massage Chair, and the others in the Fujimi lineup.

Inspired by NASA, Zero-Gravity seating sees the chair recline to a position that puts your knees above your heart. From this position, most of your body’s weight is pressing down against the rollers, increasing the intensity of the massage you get, and thus, boosts its therapeutic benefit.

All three Fujimi massage chairs offer only one Zero-G position, which can be activated via the remote.

Space-Saving Technology

This significant feature makes the chair appeal to a broader segment of the market. The chair only requires about two inches of space between it and the wall, because as it reclines, it pivots on its base, minimizing the space required.

Fujimi Massage Chair Space Saving - Chair Institute

Space is always a consideration for home users. Massage chairs tend to be fairly sizeable, and few people have virtually limited space to work with, making this an excellent addition to the Fujimi massage chairs’ feature set. Many massage chair makers take this into consideration nowadays.

Plenty of Options

The Fujimi EP 7000 massage chair features the following massage techniques:

  • Twisting

In addition to this, the rollers can conduct pushing, holding, and squeezing motions. While not proper techniques themselves, these modify the basic techniques and further the illusion of human hands on your back.

Buttons on the remote allow easy access to a total of five pre-programmed massages, which are:

  • Comfort
  • Relax
  • Ache Relief
  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body

Of course, you can also forego the automatic options and simply build your own, totally custom massage.

Note that all massages (i.e., back roller, air, and calf/foot massages) can be adjusted through three levels of intensity, allowing you to further customize the massage experience you get from the chair.

Air Massage Mode

Utilizing 12 Second Generation airbags, the Fujimi EP 7000 Massage Chair delivers a top-notch massage that encompasses your arms, legs, and shoulders.

Don’t let the relatively small number of airbags fool you. Remember that these are second-generation airbags, which means that the Fujimi EP 7000 is capable of delivering the same (or better) quality massage as a chair with twice the number of first-generation airbags.

Fujimi Massage Chair Air Massage - Chair Institute
Fujimi Massage Chair Heat Therapy - Chair Institute

Carbon Fiber Heating

Rather than limiting therapeutic heat to just the lumbar region, the carbon fibers in the back of the chair conduct soothing heat across your entire back. The temperature can be adjusted to taste within a ten-degree range that runs between 40-50 degrees Celsius (104-122 degrees Fahrenheit).

The combination of a deep massage plus penetrating heat provides much greater therapeutic benefit than massage alone. The fact that the Fujimi EP 7000 provides heat over so much of the surface of your back is a nice addition found in almost no other chair on the market today.

MP3 Support

With a USB connector and phone charging port built into the arm of the chair, it’s easy to connect your phone to the chair’s built-in speakers and enjoy your favorite music while you’re getting a world-class massage.

Fujimi Massage Chair USB MP3 - Chair Institute

Foot & Calf Massage

Fujimi Massage Chair Leg Massage - Chair Institute

The leg ports of the chair contain airbags, providing a top-quality leg massage, while rollers at the bottom of the ottoman deliver a Guasha-style rolling massage to the soles of your feet.

This makes the chair ideal for those who suffer from chronic leg pain. Even if you don’t, but you spend several hours of each day on your feet, this will probably wind up being your favorite feature of the chair.

Adjustable & Extendable Ottoman

In addition to offering a world-class leg and foot massage, the ottoman is also adjustable, allowing the positions of the airbags to be adjusted so that people with different leg lengths can get an optimal massage.

Fujimi Massage Chair Ottoman - Chair Institute

The ottoman is also extendable, allowing people from 5’ to 6’3” in height to enjoy the perfect leg and foot massage experience.

Fujimi Massage Chair Remote - Chair Institute

(Fairly) Easy To Use Remote

As ever, any massage chair that offers so many features is bound to have a bit of a learning curve, and the Fujimi EP 7000 is no different. Having said that, you can tell that great care was taken in the design and layout of the remote, so the learning curve isn’t nearly as steep as you might expect. A job very well done by Fujimi in this regard!

Adjustable Timer

The massage programs are set by default to run for 30 minutes, but this can be controlled via the remote to customize the duration of your experience. This is true of both the pre-programmed and manual massage routines you create.

Memory Slots

This feature is quite rare, even among top-end chairs; the Fujimi EP 7000 Massage Chair offers three memory slots where you can store your custom massage routines for immediate reuse via the remote.

As mentioned earlier, since we’re looking at three different massage chairs, we’re approaching this review iteratively. Except as noted, all the features mentioned above are also found in the Fujimi EP 8800 massage chair and the EP 9000. Those sections will only cover additional features not found in the EP 7000.

Fujimi EP 8800 Massage Chair

Upgrades To The Air Massage System

Where the Fujimi EP 7000 utilizes a dozen airbags to deliver its air massage, the Fujimi 8800 massage chair takes it to a whole new level, using a staggering 53 Second Generation Airbags.

We don’t know of any other chair on the market using so many Second Generation Airbags to deliver this type of massage and to say that it delivers an unmatched air massage experience would be an understatement. It feels like you’re floating on, and being gently wrapped up in air. There’s nothing else quite like it.

More Massage Options

The EP 8800 offers eight groups of pre-programmed massage routines, vastly increasing the number of choices available to you as compared to the 7000, which offers a total of five auto-programs. 

  • Auto Rush Group
  • Memo – Campaign Group
  • Neck and Shoulder – Student Group
  • Waist Stretch – Computer User Group
  • Full – Labour Group
  • Back and Waist – House Group
  • Swing Hip – Beauty Love Group
  • Whole Body Airbag – Old Age Group
Fujimi Massage Chair EP 8800 Air Massage - Chair Institute

These names, although somewhat cryptic, offer massages targeted to different groups of people based on broad lifestyle characteristics and needs, and each group has a collection of at least two different massage programs nested with it, utilizing the various massage techniques the EP 8800 offers, which are:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Knocking
  • Shiatsu
  • Combination (Kneading + Tapping)

An Improved Foot Massage

The Fujimi EP 8800 massage chair replaces the EP 7000’s Guasha-style foot massage for a Thai-style massage. Though isn’t necessarily better, it caters to a slightly different segment of the market, featuring more scraping than rolling.

Fujimi Massage Chair Thai Leg Massage - Chair Institute

Combine this with the greater number of airbags in the EP 8800, even if your preference is for the Guasha-style massage, you’ll find the overall calf and foot massage experience to be superior in this model.

Waist Stretch Function

If you’ve read other Fujimi EP-8800 reviews online, they’ve probably made special mention of this. It’s a great feature, no doubt, but we feel the massive increase in the number of airbags outshines it, which is why it did not get top billing.

Fujimi Massage Chair Waist Stretch - Chair Institute

Utilizing the chair’s tremendous number of Second Generation Airbags, it can grip you quite firmly, then gently twist your body by deflating first one side, then the other while in a reclined position.

The result is similar to getting a spinal “adjustment” from a chiropractor, but with the advantage that you’re getting it in the comfort of your home.

The chair’s “Waist Stretch” and “Swing Hip” functions both serve a common purpose. They relieve pressure on discs that may be compressed in your spine, which is one of the leading causes of chronic back pain, so, this feature adds a powerful new therapeutic benefit.

Magnetic Therapy

This is an intriguing addition. If you’re a fan of magnetic therapy, you’ll be thrilled to see it in use as a new option in the calf and foot section of the chair.

Fujimi Massage Chair Magnetic Therapy - Chair Institute

If you don’t think there’s anything to magnetic therapy, you probably won’t use the feature at all. It’s an interesting addition, but has a large niche appeal, and won’t be used by everyone.

Remote User Friendliness Suffers

Adding more features and airbags increases the complexity of the chair, and by extension, increases the learning curve you’ll face before mastering the chair.

Fujimi Massage Chair EP 8800 Remote - Chair Institute

The Fujimi EP 8800 massage chair has too many features for a standard remote to handle, so the company (wisely, in this case) moved away from it, and to a touch screen controller built into the chair.

It is well designed, and all functions are easy to access, but again, there are so many features and options to choose from that it can be a little intimidating and overwhelming to new users.

Two Notable Absences

There are two things featured in the Fujimi EP 7000 model that are curiously and notably absent in the Fujimi EP 8800 massage chair. The first is the lack of MP3 support, and the second is that the EP 8800 only features two memory slots for storing custom massages, where the EP 7000 had three.

It’s very strange to see a later model strip popular features out when upgrading their design, and no particular reason was given for these changes. If we had to guess, it might have been a cost control measure, given the massive number of Second Generation Airbags added.

Fujimi EP 9000 Massage Chair

There are four major changes and improvements to make note of between the EP-8800 and EP-9000 models.

Sound Is Back!

MP3 support, which was offered in the EP-7000, then mysteriously stripped out of the EP-8800, is back in the flagship of the Fujimi massage chair line.

Its re-inclusion comes with an upgrade to the digital speakers, which now allow you to connect your phone directly to them, so there’s no need to download your favorite music onto a flash drive. You can just pull them straight from your phone. A fantastic change that almost every user will love.

Fujimi Massage Chair 3D Sound - Chair Institute

Third Memory Slot Is Also Back!

We were never sure why Fujimi decided to remove one of the three memory slots they offered in the 7000 model when they introduced the EP-8800, but we’re very pleased to see the third slot reappear in the Fujimi 9000 massage chair. Another excellent move by the company.

Negative Oxygen Ions

This is another niche feature much like the magnetic therapy in the EP-8800, which is also present in this model.

Basically, it’s like an air purification system built into the chair, gently blowing clean, fresh, negative oxygen ions on your face while you’re enjoying your massage.

Fujimi Massage Chair Negative Ion - Chair Institute

Does it help to enhance the experience?

We personally don’t think so, but there’s a small subset of people who do, and for them, this, plus the magnetic therapy feature will make the chair even more desirable. For the rest of us, well…we get a free air filtration system, which is cool, but may not make your massage better in any discernible way.

An Even Better Foot Massage

It feels like the designers really went out of their way to maximize the therapeutic benefit where your feet are concerned.

In some ways, it could be argued that the foot massage function is almost over-engineered, now featuring three separate rows of rollers that gently massage the soles of your feet, while the airbags (still 53 in total, the same number present in the EP 8800) work their magic on your calves.

Fujimi Massage Chair EP 9000 Leg Massage - Chair Institute

Slightly over-engineered or not, one thing is for certain: the foot massage you get from the Fujimi EP 9000 massage chair will blow you away. It will literally knock your socks off (pun intended)! There’s nothing else like it on the market today, and we can’t help but love the new feature!

Pros & Cons of the Fujimi Massage Chairs

As you can see from our extended review of the full line of Fujimi massage chairs, there’s a lot to like here. The company seems to have gone out of its way to design top-end chairs that are loaded with powerful therapeutic features and benefits, which is a very good thing.

As with anything though, there’s always room for improvement, and these chairs are no different.

For ALL three Fujimi massage chairs:

The fact that all three Fujimi massage chairs offer only a single zero-gravity seating position is somewhat surprising. At the upper end of the price range, offering at least two positions is common, though there are few that offers three. It just seemed strange and a bit jarring that only one was on offer here.

For the Fujimi EP 7000 Massage Chair:

Our chief complaint where the EP 7000 is concerned was the relatively small number of airbags. It’s true that these are Second Generation Airbags, but the fact remains that when comparing this model to its competitors, most have significantly more, and thus, offer a better air massage experience for the money.

For the Fujimi EP 8800 Massage Chair:

Where the Fujimi EP 8800 is concerned, we found it completely mystifying that MP3 player support was removed, given that it is a well-loved and wildly popular feature, and even more perplexing that they removed one of the three memory slots featured in the EP 7000 model.

To remove those things, and replace them with a purely niche feature like magnetic therapy is, in our view, a mistake. Not a deal-breaking one, to be sure, but it did leave us scratching our heads.

For the Fujimi EP 9000 Massage Chair:

The Fujimi EP 9000 massage chair is one of the most expensive massage chairs we’ve reviewed to date, and to Fujimi’s credit, they really delivered on this one. Really the only quibble here is the price itself, but if you’re looking at top-end chairs, you’re already prepared to spend a bundle, so this will probably not put many off.

Fujimi Massage Chair Reviews Conclusion

Our final assessment is probably not that different from other Fujimi massage chair reviews you may have read online. By any reckoning, these are exquisitely designed and well-crafted chairs.

They’re filled with hard-hitting features offering vast therapeutic benefits, and given that massage chairs normally aren’t all that attractive to begin with, these actually look pretty nice too, which is an unexpected treat.

It almost goes without saying that any time you’re talking about chairs near the top end of the pricing spectrum, these chairs aren’t for everyone. They’re simply priced out of the reach of large segments of the market.

Most hobbyist-level users will give these a pass too, because they do much more than giving a great massage.

For those with genuine therapeutic needs, however, these chairs are worth their weight in gold (and they are quite heavy, by the way!). The features offered and the benefits they bring to the table are too significant to be ignored.

Yes, you’ll pay a hefty premium for them, but for the kind of pain relief these models can provide, we judge them to be well worth the cost. All three are highly recommended, although of the three, the EP 8800 was our least favorite for the reasons already mentioned.

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