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Though it looks more like a lounging lawn chair than a camp chair, this Guide Gear Oversized Zero-G Camp Chair is a rugged, versatile design that’s both comfortable and good for your back! Recommended for anyone weighing up to 500 pounds who wants to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.

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  • Zero-G seating options
  • Comfortable
  • Provides tons of value


  • Heavy compared to others
  • Lacks a cup holder or storage
  • Not very portable
Guide Gear Oversized Zero-G Camp Chair

Recommended For: Anyone weighing up to 500 pounds who wants to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.

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Are you a heavier person who enjoys the great outdoors? Do you prioritize comfort or suffer from chronic back pain?

Suppose you answered yes to either of those questions. In that case, you’ve probably been frustrated in your quest to find camp chairs that are robust enough to support you properly and pay at least some attention to ergonomic design, which is something that very few camp chairs do.

Most camp chairs on the market today support a Zero-G maximum user weight of 300 pounds. Beyond that, the number of products on the market drops markedly, leaving heavier people with few options.

The Guide Gear Oversized Zero-G camp chair is interesting on several levels. It supports an impressive 500 pounds of user weight and is one of the only camp chairs on the market that pays attention to ergonomic design. That fact puts it in a class by itself and makes it a lot more comfortable than you might think.

Camo Color, Guide Gear Oversized Zero-G Camp Chair, Left View
Blue/Black, Guide Gear Oversized Zero-G Camp Chair, Left View

If you prioritize comfort and are looking for a chair that will soothe your aching back while still allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors, you’ll like what you read in this review.

In the following sections, we’ll tell you everything it has to offer and discuss its design shortcomings so you can decide if this is the high-weight capacity camp chair you’ve been looking for. Let’s jump right in and see what this model can do.

Key Features of Oversized Zero-G Camp Chair by Guide Gear

Except for the fact that the Guide Gear Oversized Zero-G camp chair is upholstered in camo and black, it looks at first glance like it would be more comfortable beside the pool in your backyard than in the wilderness. Don’t let its outward appearance fool you, though; this is a rugged chair that’s all business.

Chair Specifications

Let’s start by doing an overview of the basic stats that define the model. Here they are:

Camo Color, Guide Gear Oversized Zero-G Camp Chair, Front
  • Chair Dimensions: 28” x 23” x 47”
  • Headrest Pillow: 15” x 8”
  • Seat Height: 27”
  • Seat Width: 25”
  • Length When Fully Reclined: 68”
  • Chair Weight: 32 pounds
  • Maximum Supported Weight: 500 pounds

There are a few things to say about these numbers. First, this is a big chair that’s incredibly heavy when it comes to camp furniture. If you have to hike quite a distance to reach your campsite, adding a 32-pound chair to the rest of the gear you’re packing in might be problematic. This isn’t usually an issue if you’re only facing a short hike. Still, the chair’s weight is definitely something to consider and factor into the equation.

Second, check out the seat height. If you don’t like the idea of sitting or sleeping on the ground because it puts you a bit too close to where all the creepy crawlies live, then you’re going to love how high the seat is.

Third, the seat width is a good pairing with the maximum supported weight, and this chair definitely paints itself as a great choice for bigger, heavier people.

Camo Color, Guide Gear Oversized Zero-G Camp Chair, Right View

Zero-Gravity Seating

The Oversized Zero-G camp chair by Guide Gear is amazingly adjustable. You can lay it flat and use it as a makeshift cot if you like. Of course, as the name indicates, you can put this chair in a variety of Zero-G seating positions.

Typically, Zero-G seating options are found in massage chairs and occasionally in high-end recliners. You almost never see them in camp furniture. This matters because Zero-G seating is incredibly comfortable and good for your back. Inspired by NASA, these seating positions recline your back so that your knees are elevated slightly above your heart, which is incredibly comfortable and relaxing. 

Even better, sitting in that position will alleviate back pain and improve blood flow and circulation. 

This makes it ideal for people who suffer from chronic back pain or who have recently had and are recovering from some type of surgery, as Zero-G seating has been documented to help promote faster healing. It’s rare to find a camp chair that’s actually good for you, but in this case, that’s exactly what you’re getting.

Armrests, Guide Gear Oversized Zero-G Camp Chair, Hard Plastic

Breathable Material

While the chair doesn’t offer any padding, the material is breathable and comfortable. That, combined with the detachable headrest pillow and the Zero-G seating options, means that you can lounge in this chair for extended periods without issue.

Durable Armrests

The armrests are unpadded hard plastic. We would have preferred to see at least some type of padding here, but its absence is by no means a deal-breaker. Even better, the plastic is thick and durable, so it’s unlikely to crack or break when changing the chair’s position.

We mention that because some of Guide Gear’s other adjustable chairs, including their Rocking Camp Chair, have that problem. It is absent here, and that’s a very good thing.

No Extras

Finally, note that this chair does not come with a cupholder or onboard storage. That’s a genuine weakness in the design, but it’s not the end of the world, as there are simple DIY fixes for both issues.

No Assembly Required

Most camp chairs you can buy online will arrive at your door collapsed but fully assembled, and that’s the case with this one as well. When it hits your front porch, all you’ll have to do is take it out of the box, put it where you want it, unfold it, and have a seat.

Pros and Cons of Oversized Zero-G Camp Chair

This is an unquestionably great chair, and we were thrilled to discover a camp chair that paid attention to ergonomic design. For the right user, the Zero-G seating options will be invaluable. The chair is comfortable and provides tons of value.

Having said that, there are a few issues to bear in mind before committing to a purchase. First, it’s heavy as camp chairs go. That won’t be much of a problem if you don’t have to carry it a great distance. Still, if you’re in the habit of venturing quite far into the wilds, adding a chair this heavy to the rest of the gear you plan to take with you could complicate things.

The other two issues are much smaller. As we mentioned, the lack of a cupholder or any onboard storage is a legitimate problem but not a major one. Overall, we feel this chair’s advantages far outweigh its disadvantages, and we suspect that most people would agree with that assessment.

Guide Gear Oversized Zero-G Camp Chair Review Conclusion

Despite its weight and a couple of other minor issues, the Guide Gear Oversized Zero-G Camp Chair is a superb camp chair you’ll be proud to own. It’s also one of the few camp chairs that’s actually good for you and your aching back, which puts it in a class by itself. While it won’t be for everyone, this chair could be a game-changer for the right user. We recommend it.

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