Human Touch is a legendary company. For more than four decades, they’ve been setting the standard of award-winning massage chair design, and they’re constantly pushing the envelope and taking the market in new directions.

Beige Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair

The company takes a unique approach to massage chair design. Not only do they employ world-class design and engineering talent, they also bring healthcare professionals, chiropractors, massage therapists, world-class athletes, and artists together under their umbrella to produce products that are more than just massage chairs; they’re indispensable healthcare aids and in many cases, genuine works of art.

Best of all, they don’t just focus on the high-end market; there’s something for just about everyone in their expansive product line. 

Whether you’re looking for a top-end, deluxe massage chair with just about every cutting-edge feature you can imagine, something that can blend seamlessly with your existing home décor when not in use giving you or a member of your family a massage, or a modestly priced basic massage chair, Human Touch has you covered.

Below, you’ll find in-depth reviews of many of the chairs that make up their product line. Feel free to explore, and be prepared to be impressed!

Bone/Gray variant of the Human Touch iJoy 4.0 in an indoor setting

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