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An amazing massage chair with so many features that it boggles the mind and an unbelievable value for the money! The Human Touch Navitas Massage Chair is recommended for anyone looking for a mid-priced massage chair that offers superior therapeutic benefits.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Well thought-out combination of therapeutic features
  • Unique and excellent
  • Includes heated calf ports
  • Offers many customization options


  • No lumbar heat
  • No speakers or MP3 player support in headrest
  • Only one Zero-G seating option
Human Touch Navitas Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone looking for a mid-priced massage chair that offers superior therapeutic benefits.

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Are you looking for a massage chair loaded with top-tier features but don’t want to pay top-tier prices?

If so, then you’re going to love our extensive Human Touch Navitas review below.

In the sections that follow, we’re going to outline everything this chair has to offer in detail, and there’s a lot to cover because the company pulled out all the stops when they designed this amazing chair.

Human Touch Navitas Massage Chair Overview

The Human Touch Navitas Massage Chair is something of a departure for Human Touch because they designed this chair in coordination with Johnson Wellness, one of the largest fitness equipment manufacturers in the world. Thus, some of the aesthetic hallmarks of Human Touch are missing from this design.

In most Human Touch designs, great pains are taken to make the massage chair look like just another piece of furniture in a home. That’s not the case here, though. You can tell at a glance that it is indeed a massage chair because the design does not use Human Touch’s patented hide-away ottoman.

If you’re looking for a massage chair that blends in seamlessly with your existing décor, this is one of the few Human Touch designs that might not please you. Nevertheless, as you’ll see below, the Navitas has a lot to offer.

Human Touch Navitas Massage Chair Models

Human Touch Navitas Review Black - Chair InstituteHuman Touch Navitas Review Earth - Chair InstituteHuman Touch Navitas Review Stone - Chair Institute
BlackEarth (Dark Brown)Stone (Light Brown)

Human Touch Navitas Sleep Massage Chair Features


Let’s start with the basics. The Human Touch Navitas massage chair is designed with an S-Track, which guides the quad rollers to follow the natural curve of the spine, ensuring an accurate and high-quality massage, every time.

Quad rollers are an industry standard at this point, and the chief advantage that they offer is the fact that they closely mimic the feeling of human hands. It’s not the least bit surprising to see them as an integral part of this chair’s design, and as you’ll see, the Navitas puts them to excellent use!

Human Touch Navitas Review 4D Technology - Chair Institute

4D Rhythm Massage Technology

As we said earlier, this is a massage chair priced in the mid-range, but offering tons of top-tier features, including 4D Technology which features an amazing 104 micro-sculpting and acupressure massage techniques for the upper and lower body.

This new technology makes great synergy with the chair’s S-Track design because it enables the user to control the rhythm and intensity of the massage rollers, resulting in a massage experience similar to one that’s delivered by master masseurs.

Automatic Body Scan

Other Human Touch massage chairs steered clear of body scanning technology, offering manual, hands-on method of adjusting the rollers instead. However, the company pulled out all the stops for this chair, so this time, they incorporated precise body scanning into it.

Before a massage begins, the chair scans the back to locate all the user’s pressure points, then makes subtle, automatic adjustments to the position of the rollers based on the user’s body shape and type. This is another feature that results in a superior massage experience, and it works beautifully with both the S-Track frame and 4D Technology.

It gets even better because the company also included the manual roller adjustment feature!

Human Touch Navitas Review Body Scan - Chair Institute

This is great, especially during those times when the technology is wide of the mark, and when the massage just isn’t quite hitting the spots you want or need it to. You can take control, fine-tune the roller position, including the width of the massage field, using the remote.

In fact, the manual refinement offered by the Navitas is a step up from the methodology normally offered by the company, in that the position adjustments are much more precise. You can move the rollers in 2mm increments to get them exactly where you want them to be.

Zero-G Seating

Yes, the Navitas has zero-gravity recline positions, which is a wildly popular feature inspired by NASA. At the touch of a button, the chair will recline such that the knees are slightly above the heart before a massage starts off.

In addition to providing a feeling of near-weightlessness, it also allows the body weight to press more firmly against the rollers, resulting in a deeper, more intense massage.

Just by looking at the features we’ve talked about so far, you can see that Human Touch’s goal with the Navitas was to spare no expense and combine as many features as possible, all aimed to improve the overall quality of the massage the chair delivers. Impressively, all the features blend wonderfully and deliver exceptional results.

Air Massage Mode

Airbags are often left out of Human Touch chairs because they make it difficult to disguise the true function of the chair, and aesthetic is an important consideration in most Human Touch designs.

Human Touch Navitas Review Side - Chair Institute

In this case, though, they added airbags into the chair. In fact, twenty-one airbags are included to offer a comprehensive air massage, in addition to the superior massage delivered by the 3D rollers. Twenty-one airbags may not sound like a lot, but it’s important to remember that this chair was designed using second generation airbag technology.

In early iterations of air bag massage technology, the thinking was “More is Better.” But with the Second Generation Technology, we’ve seen that reversed. Now, it’s all about delivering a more effective massage with fewer airbags.

From a user’s perspective, this means two things. First, they have fewer components on the chair to worry about breaking down or having problems with over the course of time. Second, they get to experience finer massage! This is due to the fact the Navitas delivers an air massage that is on par with or even superior to massage chairs that have twice the number of airbags that use first generation technology.

Body Stretch

No Human Touch Navitas Review would be complete without talking about the Body Stretch feature. This is a great addition to the chair, not only because it is highly popular, but also because it offers such great therapeutic benefits.

By fully reclining, the chair makes good use of the airbags located in the calf ports to grip and release your legs, resulting in a full body stretch similar to what you’d get at from a chiropractor.

Human Touch Navitas Review Stretch - Chair Institute

Not only does this improve your blood flow and circulation, but it also relieves the pressure on the discs in your spine, which in turn, alleviates pain. 

The bottom line is that if you suffer from chronic back pain, you would want a massage chair that can give you both a fantastic massage and a full body stretch. Just doing one or the other doesn’t really offer maximum therapeutic benefit.

Options Galore

The sheer number of massage options offered by the Navitas is simply mind-blowing. If there’s a chair out there that offers more options and a greater degree of control over the massage setting than the Navitas, then we haven’t seen it yet. This one beats them all, and by a wide margin. 

Here’s a summary of what the Human Touch Navitas Sleep Chair offers:

  • 36 pre-programmed massage routines, which is more than what other massage chairs in the market offer, at the time this review was written.
  • 5 intensity level adjustmentsfor the back massage.
  • Additional 3 levels of intensity when in air massage mode.
  •  4 intensity settings for the the foot and calf massager, which can be controlled independently.
  • 4D Rhythm Auto-Massage Programs, which are designed to help the user get a better night’s sleep. This is why the chair is sometimes referred to as the “Human Touch Navitas Sleep” chair.

Extendable Ottoman

In massage chairs that do not have an extendable ottoman, you’re just not going to get an optimal massage if you’re taller than 6’. This is somewhat limiting because there are plenty of people taller than that.

In the spirit of making the Navitas the ultimate in massage chairs, it includes an ottoman extension module, which allows the chair to cater people up to 6’3” in height, which is a big win for taller folks!

Foot & Calf Massage

Human Touch has departed from its own usual methodology where calf and foot massage is concerned. Normally, the company utilizes its patented Figure-8 paddle configuration, but in this case, they’ve opted for rollers.

Human Touch Navitas Review Foot and Calf Massage - Chair Institute

On the surface of it, this makes the Navitas not far from most other chairs on the market, until you realize that the calf rollers utilize 3D Technology, which is something you almost never see!

Of course, Human Touch has also included airbags in the calf ports, offering you more options for your foot or calf massage.

As for the bottoms of your feet, those get treated to rollers of their own that can be set to either “Rub” or “Roll” mode, resulting in a different experience, depending on the settings you pick.

Foot & Calf Heat

It is widely agreed that combining heat and massage delivers superior therapeutic benefits. With that in mind, the calf massage ports are heated, in yet another bid to deliver the perfect massage experience.

Few things feel better than slipping your legs into the calf massage ports of the Navitas and relaxing while getting a soothing massage with deep, penetrating heat included. If you suffer from chronic leg pain or spend most of each working day on your feet, this will probably wind up being your favorite feature.

Memory Function

Relatively few massage chairs offer a memory function that allows you to store your custom-designed massages in memory to recall later. Most commonly in chairs that provide such function, only three memory slots are provided, but the Human Touch Navitas massage chair offers eight!

Human Touch Navitas Review Memory - Chair Institute

Not only can you design more custom massages, but there’s plenty of room for other members of your family to create their custom massage routines and store them as well. Again, Human Touch pulling out all the stops.

Easy(ish) To Use Remote

With the staggering number of features that the Navitas offers, the company has done a pretty good job of making everything easy to access. There is some learning curve, however.

This is the trade-off. You can’t expect to get so many features and still have a very simple remote. Nevertheless, Human Touch has done a good job with the layout and design of the remote and made effective use of the LCD screen on it.

Even though this is something you may not master in just minutes, you can still enjoy your first basic massage in short order, and figure out the more intricate details over time.

Pros & Cons of Human Touch Navitas Sleep

In looking back at everything we’ve talked about so far, you can tell that the company has put a lot of thought into selecting a combination of features to include in the Human Touch Navitas Sleep chair that would offer maximum therapeutic benefit. The result is a chair that’s unlike anything else on the market today.

Clearly, the Navitas is a masterpiece, but we wouldn’t be doing our jobs unless we pointed out some of its shortcomings. Actually, they’re hard to find on this chair, but there are a couple of small things that bear mentioning.

  • First, the chair has no lumbar heat. This is a truly mystifying omission, given how much emphasis was placed on maximizing therapeutic benefit, even going so far as to include heated calf ports, which are almost never seen, except on high-end massage chairs.
  • Second, and this is a minor point, but given that the decision was made early on to not disguise the chair as just another recliner, it would have been easy to add speakers in the headrest and MP3 player support.
  • Third, it only offers one Zero-G seating position. Most chairs that offer the zero-gravity feature include at least two different seating options, and some even offer three. Again, it’s a bit of a mystery why the company opted to include just one, in light of adding so many customization options elsewhere.

Aside from these three points, we don’t see anything else bad or wrong with the chair. As a matter of fact, neither of the above is really a deal breaker by any stretch of the imagination.

Human Touch Navitas Review Conclusion

We’ve tried to be as comprehensive as possible in our Human Touch Navitas review, and we think you’ll agree. This is an excellent chair for anyone looking for top of the line features but unwilling to pay top-tier prices.

This is a superb chair that only missed getting a perfect score due to learning curve involved with using the remote.

The Human Touch Navitas massage chair is one of the best massage chairs being manufactured today and is highly recommended for everyone from the hobbyist looking for a fantastic massage without compromise to chronic pain sufferers looking for maximum therapeutic relief.

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