iJoy 2310 vs 2580 vs Active 2.0 Massage Chair Reviews

The iJoy line of massage chairs is made up of the 2310, 2580, and the Active 2.0. All three of these models are superb. But, which one is the best choice for you?

To answer that, we’ll start with a top-level view of all three chairs.

iJoy 2310 vs 2580 vs Active 2.0 Comparison Table

ijoy 2310 vs 2580 vs active 2.0 Black 2310 - Chair Institute

iJoy 2310

ijoy 2310 vs 2580 vs active 2.0 Black 2580 - Chair Institute

iJoy 2580

ijoy 2310 vs 2580 vs active 2.0 Bone - Chair Institute

iJoy Active 2.0









Track & Rollers

S-Track, Quad Rollers

S-Track, Quad Rollers

S-Track, Quad Rollers


Kneading, Percussion, Compression, and Rolling

Kneading, Percussion, Compression, and Rolling

Kneading and Rolling

Massage Programs




Zone Massage

Roller Adjustment

Required Clearance





Up to 160 Degrees via Recline-Release Handle

Up to 170 Degrees via Remote Control

Manual Recline via Recline Strap

Color Variants

Black & Espresso

Black & Espresso

Espresso & Bone


Removable Padding

Removable Padding, Wheels,
Head Pillow, and a Cup Holder!


Are you looking for a value-priced massage chair, made by one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry?

You're in luck! This detailed review is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Human Touch has a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Today, we’ll be taking you through a detailed comparison review of three of their value-priced offerings from the iJoy Series, so you’ve got everything you need, right at your fingertips, to make an informed purchase decision.

As you can see from our chart, our overall winner in this iJoy 2310 vs 2580 vs Active 2.0 matchup is the...  iJoy 2310!

This may come as a bit of a surprise because it’s only slightly more expensive than the Active 2.0, which is the least expensive of the three models in the lineup. As you will see, though, it provides a significant upgrade in terms of capability versus the Active 2.0 and is a much better value for the money than the more expensive 2580.

Since all three chairs share a number of features in common, we’ll start with the least expensive model and take a closer look at it, building on our review iteratively and highlighting the new features that both of the more expensive models add to the equation.

That said, let’s begin with an in-depth look at the iJoy Active 2.0 massage chair.

iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair

iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair

Bang for Buck

Therapeutic Value

Overall Massage Quality

Customization Options

Ease of Use

Brand Reliability*



The iJoy Active 2.0 is a fantastic choice for casual and hobbyist users looking for a good, basic massage chair. Not recommended if you're taller than 6’0”. 

ijoy 2310 vs 2580 vs active 2.0 Espresso - Chair Institute

iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair

Design Aesthetic

Of the three models we’re looking at here, the iJoy Active 2.0 comes the closest to looking like an ordinary living room recliner. It has a simple, understated look that belies its true functionality. Honestly, unless you tell your guests it’s a massage chair, the odds are good that they’ll have no idea until they sit down in it!

This is excellent in the sense that many of Human Touch’s designs, while attractive, appeal only to a narrow slice of the market. Their chairs tend to look so unique that they’d appear out of place unless your home has a design aesthetic similar to the one each model is designed around.

That’s not the case with the Active 2.0, which has a much more universal appeal owing to its “ordinary furniture” look and feel. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something with a bit of flash and daring, this model won’t’ do anything for you.

Track Design And Roller Array

The entire iJoy product lineup utilizes an S-Track and quad rollers, both industry standards.

ijoy 2310 vs 2580 vs active 2.0 Side - Chair Institute

The quad rollers are excellent because of how closely they mimic the feeling of human hands, and the S-Track is equally good because it allows those rollers to track along the natural curve of your body’s spine.

The two technologies combine to give you all the essential ingredients of a great massage.

No 3D Body Scan On This Model

On mid-range chairs and above, you can expect to see 3D Body Scanning Tech that automatically adjusts the position of the rollers and the width of the chair’s massage field.

Unfortunately, that’s a luxury that sellers of value-priced chairs can’t afford to offer, and the Active 2.0 is no exception.

It does provide a manual mechanism, however. You’ll find buttons on the remote that allow you to manually position the rollers and adjust the width of the field, which is about as good as you can expect in this price range.

Basic Options Covered

Human Touch’s user manuals are quite good. But in this instance, they don’t come right out and say what kinds of massage techniques the chair offers.

After a bit of digging, we discovered that this particular model offers both kneading and rolling, which is quite basic. But the chair admittedly puts those limited options to good use.

We’ve seen other iJoy Active 2.0 massage chair reviews that list the various options, but few explain what they mean. Given that the names are somewhat cryptic, we wanted to take the time to do so.

ijoy 2310 vs 2580 vs active 2.0 Front - Chair Institute

Massage Options

  • Stretch – Note that this is not a body stretch, but describes the action of the rollers. It’s a massage option designed to improve blood and lymph circulation.
  • Orbit – A medium-strength massage designed to relieve tension.
  • Glide – The deepest of the massage options, designed to relieve stress and loosen the tight back muscles.

Pre-programmed massages

  • Think – Designed for those who work office jobs and sit for several hours a day.
  • Perform Designed for athletes, and recommended after a good workout.
  • Recharge – A relaxing option designed to help you unwind at the end of a stressful day.

Of particular significance, note that there’s no option to adjust the intensity of your massage experience.

There’s just the one, default setting. And in the case of the Active 2.0, the massage you get is quite intense. It’s not a deep tissue experience, but it’s not many steps down from that, either, and may be too intense for some users.

No Foot And Calf Massage

Although there is a standard recliner-style ottoman, it does not have rollers in it. And since the chair has no airbags as well, there is no calf or foot massage available in this model; a fact which holds true through the entire iJoy line.

Some Notes About Maximum Height

The Active 2.0, and in fact, the entire iJoy line does have one limitation to be aware of. If you’re taller than 6’0” in height, your experience may be sub-optimal. It’s just not designed for taller users, unfortunately.

Very Simple Remote

Because there aren’t many options (which is not at all uncommon in value-priced chairs), the remote is straightforward and easy to understand. There’s no learning curve to speak of, and you’ll have the chair mastered in no time at all.

ijoy 2310 vs 2580 vs active 2.0 Remote - Chair Institute

Pros & Cons of the iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair

As you can see from our iJoy active 2.0 review, this model isn’t exactly feature-rich. It has the basics well-covered, though and certainly offers a high-quality massage experience for the price. If we could add any one feature to the chair, it would be some form of therapeutic heat.

In our view, a chair of this quality would stand out in its segment of the market, if it could offer heat, with adjustable temperature. 

Final Thoughts on the iJoy Active 2.0 

This is an excellent, basic massage chair that will fit seamlessly into most any home. As long as you’re no taller than 6’0”, we recommend it for casual and hobbyist users.

Regarding the iJoy 2310 vs 2580 vs Active 2.0 competition, it places last. But given that it’s the lowest price of the three, that doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Human Touch iJoy 2310 Robotic Massage Chair

iJoy 2310 Massage Chair

Bang for Buck

Therapeutic Value

Overall Massage Quality

Customization Options

Ease of Use

Brand Reliability*



The iJoy 2310 is an exceptional value-priced massage chair with enough basic massage features to leave you feeling satisfied. Recommended for those who wants a chair that will blend well with their home décor.

ijoy 2310 vs 2580 vs active 2.0 Espresso 2310 - Chair Institute

iJoy 2310 Massage Chair

Notes on Aesthetic & Design Improvements

The basic look of the 2310 is somewhat different from the Active 2.0. Where the latter is done in the style of a traditional recliner, this model has a more modern look and feel. As such, it may not fit as seamlessly into some people’s décor.

It’s an attractive chair, but the more modern look may be counted as a negative for some and is worth taking into consideration.

The iJoy 2310 offers some key upgrades in a few different areas as compared to the Active 2.0. We’ll highlight these in the sections that follow.

A More Generous Array of Options

All of the differences between the first model we covered and this one reside here. While the Active 2.0 only offered two massage techniques, the 2310 offers:

This is double what the Active 2.0 brings to the table, and has to be counted as a significant upgrade in capability.

Like the less expensive chair, this one offers three different pre-programmed massage options, though these have been renamed for clarity. They are:

ijoy 2310 vs 2580 vs active 2.0 Remote 2310 - Chair Institute

As you can see, these are functionally similar to the pre-programmed options that the Active 2.0 features, but the names make a lot more sense.

Zone Massage

Perhaps the most significant upgrade, however, is the presence of the “Zone Massage Button.”

This enables you to interrupt any currently running massage program and focus the rollers onto a given spot, roughly six inches in diameter from their position when the button was pressed. Pressing the button again deactivates Zone-Massage Mode.

This is a fantastic feature that allows you to spend as much time as you need to on areas where your back hurts the most.

Although this model still doesn’t offer any way to adjust the intensity of the massage from the remote, it does provide an indirect way of increasing it.

ijoy 2310 vs 2580 vs active 2.0 Recline 2310 - Chair Institute

Removable Backpads

The chair's backrest contains a zippered compartment with an extra layer of padding. If you want a stronger massage than you’re getting, just unzip this compartment and remove the additional padding, then sit back down.

It’s a bit inelegant, but it gets the job done. That’s important because the 2310’s default massage strength is slightly weaker than the one offered by the Active 2.0.

Pros & Cons of the iJoy Massage Chair 2310

We like what Human Touch did here, but if we could convince them to make any changes or additions, we’d add the following:

  • Therapeutic Heat (as suggested for the Active 2.0).
  • Massage Intensity Adjustment Button on the remote, rather than the manual implementation the chair utilizes now.

This latter is mostly a matter of convenience. It’s annoying to have to get up, make the necessary adjustments, then sit back down to enjoy your massage. If your back is hurting after a long day, that’s just something you’re not going to be too interested in doing.

Final Thoughts on the iJoy 2310

In comparing the iJoy 2310 vs active 2.0, this model represents a significant upgrade in capability, which handily catapults it into the second spot in our review.

As you’ll see, the last of the three models (and the most expensive one) adds optional features, but costs significantly more, which is why it did not win overall.

Human Touch iJoy 2580 Massage Chair

iJoy 2580 Massage Chair

Bang for Buck

Therapeutic Value

Overall Massage Quality

Customization Options

Ease of Use

Brand Reliability*



The iJoy 2580 is the most expensive in the iJoy series, though it does not offer much difference from the iJoy 2310. Still a good massage chair for hobbyist and casual users who have a few more bucks to spare. 

iJoy 2580 Massage Chair

ijoy 2310 vs 2580 vs active 2.0 Recliner 2580 - Chair Institute

We’ve saved the iJoy 2580 for last because it’s the most expensive of the three models in the iJoy lineup, and it serves as a small upgrade to the iJoy 2310. Some of the upgrades implemented in the 2580 were sort of minimal for an additional $200 price tag. 

Similar to the 2310, the 2589 also has 3 auto-programs, but have been renamed as follows:

Added Features of the iJoy 2580

  • Wheels for Easy Mobility - If you feel like moving the chair from one spot to another then this can be really helpful as the chair weighs around 100 pounds.
  • Contoured Head Pillow. For added comfort!
  • Power Recline Button on the Remote - Compared to the 2310 which reclines up to 160 degrees by using pulling the Recline-Release handle, the 2580 allows you to recline the chair up to a 170 degrees at the press of the button via the remote. 
  • Built-in Cup Holder. That's right! They've installed a cup holder to one of the chair arms. 

Those are the only changes of note. Otherwise, it is almost identical to the 2310, which is why we’re skipping the pros and cons section for this model because everything we said in that section of the 2310 applies here.

iJoy 2310 vs 2580 vs Active 2.0 Review Final Thoughts

Since the renamed pre-programmed massage options in the 2580 are functionally similar to the ones offered by the 2310, and the addition of the cup holder, wheels, head pillow as well as a recline button on the remote is somewhat optional, the increase in the price of the 2580 against the 2310 doesn't seem to be worth it

Think about it. You could place a table near the massage chair to hold your cup. If you needed to move the chair, you could use affordable furniture sliders, or maybe ask a friend to help you. As for the head pillow, we bet you can buy one in just a few dollars. Lastly, although it's easier to recline by just pressing a button, is it really worth $200 more?

The iJoy 2580, just like the 2310, is undeniably better than the Active 2.0. But in terms of value for money, the iJoy 2310 is still the better deal and is our final recommendation


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