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If you’re a fan of the show “Happy Days” or “The Brady Bunch,” you need one of these LUCKYERMORE Leather fun dining chairs. Recommended for anyone who loves the aesthetic, and weighs 400 pounds or less.

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Brand Reliability*
Aesthetic Flexibility**

Overall Rating

* Brand Reliability is a measure of the strength and longevity of the brand, which by extension, is a measure of the level of support you can expect. ** While aesthetics is a matter of taste, Aesthetic Flexibility is a measure of how easily a given design would fit into a wide range of home or office décor schemes.


  • Impressive 400-pound weight limit
  • Block foam padding is five inches thick
  • Arrive fully assembled and ready to use
  • Well-proportioned for bigger, taller people


  • Aesthetic won’t appeal to everyone
  • May not be suitable for smaller or shorter people
  • If you don’t like the retro look, you may not find it impressive
LUCKYERMORE Leather Dining Chair

Recommended For: Anyone who loves the aesthetic and weighs 400 pounds or less.

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Do you weigh more than 300 pounds?

If so, you know what a challenge it can be to find good quality, interesting furniture that’s big and robust enough to support you properly. Three hundred pounds seems to be about the limit where most of the big-name brands are concerned. They’ll occasionally offer something for heavier people, but much of what they put out isn’t terribly attractive.

The good news is that since the big names have mostly stayed away from the big and tall furniture market (there are a few exceptions, of course), it has opened the door for a constellation of smaller brands to take up the slack, and they have done so!

A lot of the big and tall furniture you’ll find is offered by brands you may never have heard of, but it would be a mistake to discount them completely. Luckyermore is a case in point. They don’t have a huge footprint, but their fun, quirky dining chair is outstanding and not to be missed, especially if you’re a fan of the retro look.

Even if you’re not, by the time you reach the end of this review, we feel certain that you’ll be impressed by everything the Luckyermore Leather dining chair has to offer. If you’re intrigued, read on, and we’ll tell you all about it.

An Overview of Luckyermore Leather Side Chair

The first thing that’s likely to come to mind when you see the Luckyermore leather dining chair for the very first time is that it looks like it came right off of the set of Happy Days or the Brady Bunch. It’s got that retro vibe to it, and if you’re fond of that aesthetic, that alone is going to make you fall in love with this dining chair.

Chair Specifications

Dimensions Stats, LUCKYERMORE Leather Dining Chair, Right View

While the aesthetic might grab your attention, though, its design particulars will really reel you in. Before we get into the details on that front, let’s start by doing a quick survey of the basic stats that define the model. Here they are:

  • Overall Product Dimensions: 15” x 17.5” x 34”
  • Seat Height: 18”
  • Seat Depth: 18”
  • Seat Width: 16”
  • Chair Weight: 25 pounds
  • Maximum Supported Weight: 400 pounds

In the world of office chairs, a chair designed for the big and tall market typically has a seat height adjustment range that starts at 18” and goes to 22”. The 18” seat height of these chairs, then, paints it as being a good fit for taller folk, and its impressive 400-pound weight limit reinforces this point.

The seat dimensions are an excellent fit for bigger folk, too. So this chair is just an all-around good choice for most of the big and tall market.


LUCKYERMORE Leather Dining Chair
LUCKYERMORE Leather Dining Chair

In addition to being well sized, it comes in your choice of orange or beige upholstery (vinyl), and if you prefer bar height seating, you can order a variant of this chair with a 30” seat height.

We do feel it was something of a missed opportunity that the chair wasn’t also offered in avocado green, which would have been in keeping with the retro look, but we can certainly forgive the company for the oversight.

Adjustability and Comfort

Although it’s technically true that nothing about the Luckyermore leather side chair is adjustable, there is one “adjustment” you can make on the front end at the point of sale regarding the seat height. It’s a small thing, but we love the option to get this chair in bar height as well as table height. Kudos to Luckyermore for that.

Comfort-wise, this chair is next level, especially for a dining chair. No, seriously. The block foam padding is five inches thick, which is thicker than you’ll find on some office chairs. While you wouldn’t want to spend long periods of time sitting in most dining chairs, you could make an exception in this case in a pinch.

Even better, the seat is also ergonomically designed and provides decent back support while you’re sitting in it. We’ve seen better implementations, but honestly, you don’t find many ergonomic dining chairs, which is another thing that sets this model apart.


Normally, at this point in the review, we’d gripe about the vinyl upholstery, but in this case, it’s a good fit for two reasons. One, it’s totally in keeping with the retro aesthetic. If it had been anything but vinyl, we’d have been disappointed.

Product Details, LUCKYERMORE Leather Dining Chair, Orange Color
Features, LUCKYERMORE Leather Dining Chair, Front View

Two, most people don’t spend endless hours sitting in dining chairs. The problem with spending long periods on vinyl is that it isn’t breathable, and the longer you sit on it, the hotter you’ll get. Vinyl isn’t a terribly durable upholstery material that will start showing its age after about a years’ worth of moderate to heavy use.

Since dining chairs are occasional seating, though, you’ll wind up getting more longevity out of your vinyl upholstery than you otherwise would. Combine that with the fact that it’s inexpensive and helps keep the cost of the chair down, and it’s a perfect fit for the Luckyermore leather kitchen dining chair.

No Assembly Required

While most of the furniture sold online today arrives at your door in a box and in pieces, Luckyermore bucks that trend. If you order one (or more) of these, they’ll arrive fully assembled and ready to use. Just take them out of the box, put them where you want them to go, and have a seat.

Pros and Cons of LUCKYERMORE Leather Kitchen Dining Chair

We like everything about this quirky little chair. It’s well-proportioned for bigger, taller people, it supports a generous amount of user weight, and it looks amazing. Of course, the aesthetic won’t be for everyone, and if you’re not a fan of the retro look, then you’re going to be underwhelmed, which makes this chair largely self-selecting.

Luckyermore Leather Dining Chair Review Conclusion

We feel lucky to have found the Luckyermore Leather Dining Chair. It’s a great piece of furniture that’s just fun to own, look at, and sit in. It evokes a sense of nostalgia in us that you just don’t get from most furniture, including most “vintage” furniture. We’d love to see more from the company along these lines, and if you’re a fan of the styling, you’ll absolutely love it. Unfortunately, not everyone will be a fan, and because of that, we can only give this chair a provisional recommendation, but if you buy one, you won’t be disappointed.

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