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This Mecor Heated Office Massage Chair model is a pleasant, unexpected surprise, offered by a brand you’ve probably never heard of. It’s an average office chair, but where heat is concerned, it’s simply sublime. Recommended for anyone, but this chair provides tremendous benefits to those who suffer from arthritis and/or chronic pain sufferers.

Value for the Money
Brand Reliability*
Aesthetic Flexibility**

Overall Rating

* Brand Reliability is a measure of the strength and longevity of the brand, which by extension, is a measure of the level of support you can expect. ** While aesthetics is a matter of taste, Aesthetic Flexibility is a measure of how easily a given design would fit into a wide range of home or office décor schemes.


  • Heat Everywhere
  • Decent Massage
  • Convenient
  • Inexpensive


  • Low quality materials
  • Upholstery is PU
  • PU is not breathable
  • Limited adjustability
Mecor Heated Office Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone, but this chair provides tremendous benefits to those who suffer from arthritis and/or chronic pain sufferers.

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Is your arthritis or chronic back, hip, or leg pain keeping you from being as productive as you once were?

Are you dissatisfied that your office chair isn’t helping you stay productive and manage your pain?

You’ll love this review if you answered yes to either of those questions.

If you’re like most people, you’ve never even heard of Mecor. They’re one of dozens of tiny off-brands operating in the office furniture market. They make decent, delightfully low-priced furniture built in China and imported to the US for sale.

As with most budget-priced furniture, the production quality isn’t high, but given the modest price, that’s seldom seen as a negative. As inexpensive as most of this furniture is, it’s easy to use until it starts wearing out, at which point you can simply buy a replacement.

While you do occasionally find exciting models in this sea of products, most of them are average, at best. Every once in a while, though, a real hidden gem presents itself, and in our view, the Mecor Heated Office Massage Chair is one of those hidden gems.

It’s not a perfect chair by any means, but as you’ll see in the following sections, this model exceeds expectations at just about every turn. Not only does it offer tremendous value for the money, but it also has tremendous therapeutic value.

Below, we’ll tell you everything this great little chair gets right and let you know about its shortcomings (and it has them) so you can decide for yourself if the Mecor is to be your next office chair and your new best friend.

Key Features of the Mecor Heated Office Chair


That’s the first word that’s likely to enter your mind when you see the Mecor Heated Office Massage Chair for the first time. Its designers took no chances with the chair’s aesthetic, building it along purely conventional lines. That’s not bad because the chair easily blends seamlessly into various home and office décor schemes.

Don’t let the chair’s mundane appearance fool you, though. Lurking beneath the surface is a surprisingly versatile, capable office chair.

Chair Specifications

Before we get to that, however, let’s review the core stats that define the model:

The Mecor Heated Office Chair with labels on its dimensions
  • Overall Product Dimensions: 26.1” x 31.1” x 43.3” to 47.2”
  • Chair Weight: 38.6 pounds
  • Maximum Supported Weight: 300 pounds
  • Seat Width: 21”
  • Seat Depth: 20”
  • Seat Height Adjustment Range: 19.6” to 23.5”

When reviewing these numbers, a couple of things jump out right away. First, with a 300-pound weight limit, the chair can support more than 90% of the market. That’s a good thing, but the seat height adjustment range is definitely in big and tall territory. 

If you’re shorter than 5’4”, this chair probably won’t fit you well. On the other hand, a 300-pound weight limit isn’t quite enough to support the biggest of the big and the tallest of the tall, so this chair is ideal for those right in the middle, size-wise, and tending toward the taller end of the spectrum.

Second, although it’s a sizeable piece of furniture, it’s delightfully lightweight. Unfortunately, that, combined with some other features we’ll discuss in the next section, marks it as a chair best suited to light or moderate daily use. It’s not burly enough to withstand the rigors of heavy daily usage.


This model offers little in terms of adjustability. Other than the height adjustment lever on the bottom of the chair, the only other adjustable feature is the seat recline button, which allows you to recline back by about 20 degrees or sit up straight

Recline Function

Using a button to control the recline function is interesting, but this feature is limited. Most office chairs that recline allow you to choose your recline angle between 90 and 120 degrees, with some going back to 135—or even 150 degrees.

We’re not sure why this chair’s maximum recline angle is so limited, but this won’t be a deal breaker for most people. It’s worth mentioning, nonetheless.


Comfort in the Mecor Heated Office Chair is driven by two things: A trio of reasonably well-implemented ergonomic features and a moderate amount of block foam padding. Let’s talk about the padding first. There’s not as much of it as on most other office chairs.

The Mecor Heated Office Massage Chair with block foam padding

The reason for that is simple: Too much padding will weaken the impact of the massage heads. The relative lack of padding in these chairs is a necessary tradeoff to incorporate massage heads so that the massage is useful, so it’s important to understand what you’re buying here. 

No one will get one of these chairs because it’s plush and amazingly comfortable. It’s reasonably comfortable and comes with heat and massage. Those two things are the headlines where the Mecor is concerned. Padding is a secondary consideration.

Ergonomic Features

Side view of the Mecor Heated Office Massage Chair showing its pocket, armrests and waterfall-edge style seat

The chair’s modest padding is augmented by the following ergonomic features:

  • Decent lumbar support
  • A waterfall-edge style seat
  • Good head and neck support with a double-padded headrest

None of these features are superbly implemented, but given the modest price of the chair, that’s not a surprise. Even so, they offer a reasonable level of ergonomic support and work well with the chair’s padding to enhance the overall comfort level.

Note that although the armrests are not ergonomically sculpted, they are well-padded and comfortable. However, neither they nor any of the chair’s ergonomic features are adjustable in any way.

As to extras, the only thing on offer here is a small but handy pocket that’s big enough to hold the wired remote when you’re not using it. It’s a small thing, but given the price of the chair, we hadn’t expected to see any extras. Another kudos for tiny Mecor!

The Massage Function

The Mecor office chair’s massage function is rendered via six stationary massage heads placed throughout the chair. Four are in the seatback and two are in the seat itself, so when activated, you’ll get a massage that runs from your shoulders to the backs of your thighs.

Although the heads merely vibrate in place, the company has taken some steps to improve the overall massage quality, and on the wired remote, you’ll find the following different massage modes:

  • Pulse
  • Press
  • Wave
  • Auto
  • And Normal

There’s not much difference between auto and normal, and although you’ll detect some difference between the others, it’s slight; they’re all just variations on a theme, and at the end of the day, they’re all simply a vibration-style massage. Even so, experimenting with them is worth seeing if you like one slightly better.

If you don’t want the chair’s version of a whole-body massage, you also have the ability to activate the massage heads selectively. You can choose from:

  • Back
  • Lumbar
  • Thigh
  • Or, if you don’t make a selection to refine the massage, all of them will activate by default.

If your back is troubling you, you may want to check out our roundup of the best office chairs for back pain relief. We also have another review on office chairs for hip and lower back pain.

The Mecor Heated Office Massage Chair with its six stationary massage heads

All of that is pretty standard fare, but here are the best features of the Mecor chair’s massage function:

  • You can choose between high or low intensity, giving you at least some ability to customize your massage experience.
  • It has a massage timer that allows you to program a 15-minute, 30-minute, or 1-hour massage.
  • And you can set the temperature of the heat, choosing between 60 or 70 degrees (Celsius)

Some proper massage chairs don’t feature a massage timer and very few offer temperature-controlled heat. Some of the most expensive massage chairs on the market today (ones costing as much as a used car!) don’t offer that feature! 

The fact that this feature exists on a little, low-priced chair like this, offered by an off-brand, is a bit like finding a jumbo jet in Ancient Greece. It’s nothing short of amazing, and we’d buy one based on that feature alone; it’s such a rarity.

Amazingly, This Chair Comes Mostly Assembled

More than 90% of the office furniture sold today arrives at your doorstep in a big box and several pieces. Mecor bucks this trend. You’ll get a big box, yes, and there are a couple of pieces, but most of the work has already been done. Getting it ready for first use takes less than five minutes. The convenience factor alone is almost enough to make this chair worth the bargain price they’re asking for it. Kudos to Mecor on this front; great job!

Pros and Cons of the Mecor Heated Office Massage Chair

We really like this chair. No, it’s not perfect, but it’s an amazing value for the money. In our view, here are the model’s best and worst features:

Best Features

  • Heat Everywhere –This is the design’s standout feature and the reason most people will strongly consider trying this model.
  • Decent Massage – The massage is limited, but it’s not awful by any means, and it does provide some benefits to people with arthritis and chronic pain.
  • Convenient – Not much to put together, easy to set up.
  • Inexpensive – Given its capabilities, this chair is a steal at the price offered.

Worst Features

  • Low production quality/low-quality materials.
  • Upholstery is PU, which means it will start showing its age after a year or two, peeling and cracking.
  • PU is not breathable, and the chair’s lightweight construction makes it unsuitable for heavy daily use.
  • Limited adjustability.

Overall, we think the pros far outweigh the cons, but we understand that everyone’s tastes, preferences, and needs will vary. Still, this is a triumph for a small, off-brand like Mecor. The company did a great job here, and we were impressed.

Mecor Heated Office Massage Chair Review Conclusion

The ideal user for the Mecor Heated Office Massage Chair will be someone who:

  • Is average-sized or tall.
  • Weighs 300 pounds or less.
  • Isn’t looking for a chair for heavy daily usage.
  • Suffers from arthritis and/or chronic pain and wants the therapeutic benefits of “everywhere heat” to help them stay productive.

If that describes you, then you owe it to yourself to pick up one of these today. Given its modest price and how much it could potentially help you, there’s almost nothing to lose and a lot to gain. 

We love it, and we hope that Mecor continues to tweak and improve this model over time. It can potentially be one of the best chairs in the industry. Honestly, if some big, nationally respected brand purchased Mecor, they could turn this model into a powerhouse. That might be beyond Mecor’s capabilities, but it’s still a remarkable little chair.

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