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A beautifully designed chair capable of supporting a generous amount of user weight.The Moe’s Home Greer Club Chair is recommended for anyone weighing up to 400-pounds, looking for an accent chair that makes a bold statement.

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* Brand Reliability is a measure of the strength and longevity of the brand, which by extension, is a measure of the level of support you can expect. ** While aesthetics is a matter of taste, Aesthetic Flexibility is a measure of how easily a given design would fit into a wide range of home or office décor schemes.


  • High-quality top-grain leather upholstery
  • Contemporary design that looks great in almost any setting
  • Top-notch materials used in its construction


  • Premium price point that may be out of reach for some buyers
  • Seat height may be a bit underwhelming for some people
Moe’s Home Collection Greer Club Chair

Recommended For: Anyone weighing up to 400-pounds, looking for an accent chair that makes a bold statement.

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Do you have an eye for décor and an artistic flair? Are you heavier than the average person?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, you’ve almost certainly been frustrated by the relative lack of high-quality, high weight capacity furniture on the market today. It’s a common problem. After all, most of the furniture sold today only supports about 300-pounds of user weight. If you weigh more than that, the number of options available to you drop off markedly.

The good news is that there are some companies out there selling to the bigger, taller, and heavier end of the market and Moe’s is one of them.

The Club Chair we’ll be talking about in this review is an excellent example of their work. In the sections that follow, we’ll tell you all about the Moe’s Home Collection Greer Club chair and why it belongs on your shortlist for consideration. It’s a beautiful piece that makes a statement. Let’s take a closer look.

An Overview of the Moe’s Home Greer Club Chair

Moe’s has been around since the mid-’80s, and they know a lot about making good furniture. While they’re not one of the industry’s Titans, they have a solid reputation, the quality of the furniture they sell is consistently high-quality, and take customer service seriously, making buying from them a safe choice.

Their furniture is a bit on the expensive side because they use top-quality materials, so this is definitely a case of getting what you pay for. Before we say anything further, let’s take a closer look at the core stats that define the Moe’s Home Collection Greer Club Chair. Here they are:

Contemporary Style, Top Grain Leather Cushion, Moe's Home Greer Club Chair
  • Overall Product Dimensions: 29” W x 33.5” D x 31.5” H
  • Seat Height: 16”
  • Seat Width: 22”
  • Seat Depth: 22”
  • Chair Weight: 41.8 pounds
  • Maximum Supported Weight: 400 pounds

These are mostly good numbers. We like the seat dimensions, which are a good pairing with the chair’s generous maximum supported weight limit. The only potential point of concern is the seat height. While the rest of the numbers paint a picture of this chair being optimized for bigger, taller, and heavier people, the seat height comes up a bit short.

Typically, big and tall chairs have seat heights that start at 18” and go up from there. This chair doesn’t miss the mark by much, but it does miss it. So, the taller you are, especially if you suffer from some type of mobility issue, the more difficulty you’ll have getting into and out of this chair.

It’s important to keep in mind that accent chairs like these are designed for occasional seating, not all day lounging. As such, unless you have a serious mobility issue, the slight miss on the seat height shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Adjustability and Comfort

There’s nothing adjustable about this chair, so nothing to say on that front. In terms of comfort, the Moe’s Home Greer Club Chair utilizes conventional block foam, clad in top-grain leather.

A Closeup Image Showing Top Grain Leather Cushion of Moe's Greer Club Chair

There’s certainly nothing wrong with block foam. It’s the padding you find in most of the furniture on the market today, and there’s enough of it here to provide a delightfully comfortable seating experience. Again though, this chair isn’t designed for all-day lounging, and the chair isn’t sufficiently padded for that.

Minor Assembly Required

As is the case with most of the furniture you can buy online these days, if you decide you want one of these, it will arrive unassembled, so you’ll have to do a bit of work before you can actually start enjoying it.

Green Color, Black Iron Frame Moe's Greer Leather Club Chair

The good news here is that the Moe’s Greer Club chair is partially assembled, so the number of pieces you have to contend with are few in number. That, combined with world-class production quality and clear instructions, make getting it ready for first use a simple proposition.

Note that Moe’s doesn’t offer an expert assembly option here, and even if they did, we wouldn’t recommend it. It will probably take you longer to get the chair out of the box it comes in than it will to get it ready for first use, so expert assembly offered at any price simply wouldn’t be worth the money.

Pros and Cons of Moe’s Home Collection Greer Club Chair

We like almost everything about the Moe’s Greer Leather Club chair. The materials used in its construction is top-notch, the upholstery is fabulous, being high-quality top-grain leather, and it boasts a contemporary design that looks great in almost any setting.

The only major drawback here is the price. You pay a premium for quality, and this is a quality piece of furniture. Unfortunately, that’s going to put it out of the reach of some potential buyers.

The other potential downside is the seat height, which is a bit underwhelming. As we said earlier, though, given that this chair is designed for occasional seating, that’s unlikely to be a deal-breaker in the majority of cases.

Made in China, Modern Design Moe's Home Greer Club Chair

Moe’s Home Collection Greer Club Chair Review Conclusion

The Moe’s Home Collection Greer Club chair is a great chair that would make a fantastic addition to any home. It’s gorgeous, more comfortable than you might think, and constructed using only the finest materials.

While the seat height is a bit disappointing, the real issue where this model is concerned is the fact that it’s an expensive piece of furniture. We think it’s worth every penny, though, and we recommend it. If you get one of these, you won’t be disappointed.

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