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If you’re bargain hunting, the Noooshi Portable Folding Massage Chair is worth a look. Recommended for anyone new to the business who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend, or anyone looking for an inexpensive backup or secondary chair.

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Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Good value for money when on sale
  • Affordable for those on a budget
  • Decent quality for the price


  • Noooshi is an off-brand, making customer service difficult to obtain
  • May not age well and show signs of wear and tear quickly
  • Limited adjustability compared to more expensive chairs
Noooshi Portable Folding Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone new to the business who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend, or anyone looking for an inexpensive backup or secondary chair.

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Are you a newly minted massage therapist? If you’re not, are you training to become one and looking forward to the day you can go into business for yourself? If either of those is true, then congratulations! It’s an exciting career opportunity with virtually unlimited potential!

Of course, the first thing you’ll need once you have completed your training is some equipment, and if you’ve already been looking at the possibilities, then you know how expensive top-of-the-line equipment can be.

Recently, we did an exhaustive search for the best portable massage chairs for sale today, and the Noooshi massage chair placed a respectable third in the budget segment of that article.

Our Noooshi Portable Folding Massage Chair review is a direct outgrowth of that, and in the sections that follow, we’ll outline what this little chair can do, and tell you about its shortcomings, so you’ll have all the information you need to decide if it’s a good “fit” for you and your business.

If that sounds good to you, then let’s jump right in!

An Overview of the Noooshi Portable Folding Massage Chair

Noooshi professional massage chair with chair dimensions and measurements

The first thing you’ll notice about the Noooshi massage chair is that it’s very similar to top-of-the-line portable massage equipment design-wise.  It’s got the same look and feel, so if you trained on something different and more upscale, this one would feel very familiar.

Size & Portability

It measures 30” x 18.9” x 44.9” and weighs in at just under 21 pounds (20.7, to be precise), so it’s heavier than top-grade equipment but not by a wide margin, which means it’s still reasonably portable.  As is generally the case with budget-priced equipment, no color options are available. It comes in basic black, and that’s that.

Features and Extras of the Noooshi Portable Massage Chair

Adjustment Options

Our Noooshi massage chair review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention what is perhaps the biggest drawback of this chair and other bargain-priced portable massage chairs.  While their more expensive cousins can be reconfigured five or six different ways, the Noooshi portable folding massage chair has relatively few adjustment options. You can:

  • Set the height of the face pillow
  • Set the seat height
  • Adjust the armrest height
  • Slide the chest pad up and down the center rail
Black Face Pillow of the Noooshi portable massage chair
Zoomed view of the Steel Frame and Joints of the Noooshi Portable Folding Massage Chair
Black Chest Pad and adjustment knob of the Noooshi Portable Folding Massage Chair

That’s it.  Granted, those options allow you to accommodate clients of all shapes and sizes, but they don’t come close to matching the possibilities that a more expensive model opens up. Click here to uncover additional reviews.


Comfort-wise, it’s about what you’d expect. Standard foam padding, covered over with black PU upholstery. This is not a chair that’s going to stand up well after years of daily use. On the other hand, if you can find it on sale, you won’t have a lot invested in it, so when it starts showing its age, it’s easy enough to relegate it to a backup chair or just ditch it and buy another one (or something better and more long-lasting).

Max Supported Weight

We’ll say this, though: it’s a pretty sturdy little chair. Our top picks are only rated to hold 300 pounds of user weight, and this one clocks in at a maximum supported weight of 350. It’s not a huge difference, but it does paint the Noooshi massage chair as being a pretty rugged little chair, which is a definite selling point.

A smaller image of the Black Noooshi Massage Chair

No Carrying Case

Unfortunately, the Noooshi portable folding massage chair doesn’t come with a carrying case, so you’ll have to pick one up separately.  That’s certainly not a deal breaker. If you find this model on sale, you can buy a decent carrying case and still wind up with great value for the money, but given what these chairs are primarily used for, it would have been awfully nice of the company to provide a means of toting the chair around.

Pros and Cons of the Noooshi Massage Chair

An Illustration of the adjustable parts of the Noooshi Portable Folding Massage Chair

Okay, so where does that leave us? As you can see, there are some good points to the chair and some not-so-good points. It’s a bit of a mixed bag. In our view, these are the reasons you’re likely to decide to buy the Noooshi massage chair:

  • You find it on sale.  At full price, it only offers about an average value, but it can regularly be found on sale and at a good discount to boot. On sale, it offers solid value for the money and is correspondingly more attractive.
  • You don’t have a lot of money to play with (ties into the first point).
  • You’re looking for a decent chair, but don’t mind if it’s not top-of-the-line.

Here are the reasons you’ll be inclined to keep looking:

  • It’s an off-brand.  Good luck getting customer service on the phone. Although given the price, there’s limited value to trying to source replacement parts anyway.  You’re better off saving yourself a headache and just buying a new chair.
  • It won’t age well and will start showing its age more quickly than you’d like.
  • It’s not nearly as adjustable as more expensive chairs.

While this last point isn’t the kiss of death, it is true that the limited adjustability can hurt the overall growth of your massage business and is something to consider carefully. 

After all, ultimately, what’s going to keep your clients coming back is the quality of your massage.  If you don’t have a chair that can be reconfigured to put them into the optimal position for the massage you’re giving, you’re essentially battling your own equipment, and that’s never a good thing.

Noooshi Portable Folding Massage Chair Review Conclusion

And that concludes our Noooshi Portable Folding Massage Chair review.  As you can see, we have decidedly mixed feelings about it.  For the right user, it is (or can be) a decent choice though.

So, who is that “right user?”  Someone who:

  • Can find the chair on sale
  • Don’t have a ton of money to play with
  • Are looking for something to get you started NOW, with a plan to upgrade to a better chair using profits from your business as it grows

If that’s you, the Noooshi portable massage chair has much to offer. If that’s not you, other models from our roundup review will undoubtedly be better. On that basis, we provisionally recommend it.

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