There are few types of furniture more ubiquitous than the office chair. This page is our central hub of all our information on the topic, so you’ll find a lot here.

Office chairs are a must-have in any workspace – home office, commercial or corporate. They provide comfort and posture support and are super important for your overall health and productivity.

There’s a whole range of office chairs out there, with specs like lumbar and adjustable armrests support and swivel bases. All these elements are key for keeping you comfortable and ensuring your spine stays in check, preventing back pain or discomfort.

At The Chair Institute, we offer loads of insight on selecting the right chair for you based on design and other features. Whether you need info on ergonomics or adjustability options, we got it all covered!

Brown leather swivel office chair in a home office setting

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Best Office Chairs

With so many different types of office chairs on the market, finding the best one for you can be challenging. We’ve analyzed dozens of different models and broken them into segments based on the types outlined above to help guide your search. You can see the results of our research and our top picks here.

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