Ootori is a relatively new player in the massage chair market, having burst onto the scene in 2013. Don’t let, however, the fact that they’re a relatively young company fool you as they have assembled some serious design talent and offer a variety of well-priced, full-featured chairs.

Ootori N900 Massage Chair

Their design team is based in Japan, and the company outsources the manufacture of their chairs to China. In recent years, the quality of Chinese manufacturing has been increasing by leaps and bounds. Although the overall quality is still slightly inferior to what you typically find in products manufactured in the West, the gap is closing, and Ootori holds its manufacturer to the highest production standards.

This is reflected by the fact that they offer a three-year warranty on every product they sell. While that’s not an industry-leading warranty, it is far better than the standard 1-year (or less) offered by many other brands in the industry. In addition to selling quality products, Ootori has built a sterling reputation for exceptional customer service and support.

They sell directly from their manufacturer, so you don’t have to pay a middleman markup, which keeps the prices of the massage chairs they offer incredibly attractive.

Below, you’ll find a number of Ootori massage chair reviews, and we think you’ll agree that Ootori is a company to watch with an outstanding product line. Feel free to explore below and see for yourself!

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