Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair Review

Before we can even begin to talk about the features of the different Osaki Japan Premium massage chairs, we’ve got to highlight some of the differences between the three variants, as shown in the table below.

Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair Comparison

Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair Models

OS 4.0 Models of Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair

Osaki OS 4.0


Memory Function

Heat Therapy

Shoulder, Foot

Touch Screen

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Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair Models

OS 4D Models of Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair

Osaki OS 4D


Memory Function

Heat Therapy


Touch Screen

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Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair Models

OS 4S Models of Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair

Osaki OS 4S


Memory Function

Heat Therapy

Lumbar, Foot

Touch Screen

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Osaki Japan Premium
Massage Chair Models

OS 4.0 Models of Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair

Osaki OS 4.0

OS 4D Models of Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair

Osaki OS 4D

OS 4S Models of Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair

Osaki OS 4S

Memory Function

Heat Therapy

Shoulder, Foot


Lumbar, Foot

Touch Screen

Number of Presets




Number of Airbags




Massage Techniques




Massage Balls






Are you the type of person who won’t settle for anything but the best?

If so, then the Osaki Japan premium massage chair should be on your short list of massage chairs to consider.

In the Osaki Japan Premium review below, we’ll break down every aspect of all three variants of this spectacular addition to the Osaki line in order to help you find the perfect massage chair for you.

Osaki Japan Premium 4D

Massage Ball System

No Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair review would be complete without talking about the unique massage ball system of this chair, which is in essence the defining feature of the Osaki JP Premium 4D model.

In the past, the most basic track configuration you can find in a massage chair is a straight roller track. This track configuration allowed rollers to move up and down, and left and right. However, the design did not follow the natural shape of the human spine; thus, delivering a very uneven massage experience.

The recent development of the S-Track system enabled massage rollers to now move in three dimensions. Designed to follow the natural curvature of the human spine, the S-track allowed for “in” and “out” movements not possible with a simple straight track.

So, where does the 4D come into play?

The Osaki Japan Premium 4D features the Kiwami Mecha 4D massage ball system. This system allows the speed of the massage balls to be adjusted besides the intensity, giving the chair a fourth operating dimension.

Despite lacking other advanced features found in the Osaki Japan Premium 4S model, the reality is that this innovative massage ball system delivers a massage of unparalleled quality. In fact, it comes the closest to feeling like getting massaged by actual human hands, which is the 4D’s core distinction.

Kiwami Mecha 4D Massage Ball System of Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair

This, combined with the chair’s impressive 40 rollers, delivers a massage experience beyond compare.

Variable Massage Intensity

Here, it’s important to note that massage intensity settings available on the Osaki Japan Premium 4D differ between its two modes of operation. When using pre-programmed settings, the chair offers 7 different massage intensity settings. On the other hand, when in manual mode, 12 different intensity settings are available.

Basic and Advanced Automatic Programs

The Osaki Japan Premium 4D is designed to cater to just about every taste and preference there is. The company mixes and matches their techniques with zone massages, but the following are some of the massages on offer:

In all, it offers a total of 28 different kneading techniques.

Massge Technique of Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair
Massge Technique of Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair
Massge Technique of Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair
Massge Technique of Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair

The massage presets are more clearly defined and broken into two groups: Basic and Advanced. The advanced programs are identical to the basic ones, but deploy the Kiwami Mecha balls in the massage rollers.

Basic Programs:

  • Shoulder Rejuvenate
  • Waist Rejuvenate
  • Whole Body Rejuvenate
  • Whole Body Relax
  • Whole Body Stretch

Advanced Programs:

  • Shoulder Kiwami Rejuvenate
  • Waist Kiwami Rejuvenate
  • Whole Body Kiwami Rejuvenate
  • Whole Body Kiwami Relax
  • Whole Body Kiwami Stretch

The amount of variability and the sheer number of massage customization options available in this chair means one could go weeks, and perhaps months trying new and different combinations, never experiencing exactly the same massage twice.

Zero Gravity

While both the 4D and 4S variants can rightfully be considered Osaki Japan Premium zero gravity massage chairs, the zero-gravity feature sees its best and most effective use in the 4D model thanks to the presence of the Kiwami Mecha massage balls and greater number of rollers it has than what the 4S model offers.

Zero Gravity Postion of Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair

The zero-gravity function is a chair setting that sees the user’s knees position above the heart, allowing one’s own natural body weight to press onto the rollers even as they press up and against the back, facilitating a firmer contact and a better overall massage.

While this feature is certainly a good addition to the 4S model, the 4D simply makes the most of it better, and is a real standout feature for this chair.

Also, note that the base model, the Osaki Japan Premium 4.0, does not offer Zero-G seating.

Air Massage

Featuring an impressive 46 airbags, strategically placed throughout the chair, the 4D model offers an exquisite air massage option, in addition to the already dazing options offered by the rollers and massage balls.

Using air massage mode, one can enjoy a full body, completely customizable massage experience.

Foot Massage

Like most other deluxe massage chairs, the 4D also comes with rollers for massaging the feet. These rollers can be activated either in tandem with, or independently of the air massage. Note that when used in tandem with the air massage mode, you can also get a soothing foot stretch massage.

Body Scan Technology

3D Body Scan Technology of Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair

In looking at all the features mentioned so far in this Osaki Japan Premium review, it’s easy to see that the 4D’s main purpose is to give a massage that’s simply unequaled by any other massage chair on the market today.

Utilizing body scan technology is really the icing on the cake here. By allowing the rollers to adjust to the specific dimensions of the body, it ensures that the rollers hit the pressure points just right. When combined with the massive number of massage options and intensity settings, it only makes the 4D, an already exquisite chair, so much better.

Removable Pad

As if all of the above weren’t enough, if you found that the massage the 4D gives you isn’t intense enough, even on the highest setting, the back pad is removable, and taking it out will increase the intensity further still.

Lumbar Heat

Massage plus heat offers more therapeutic value than just getting a massage alone. So any time heating elements are included, we consider it a huge plus.

In this case, the feature implementation is average because heat is limited to the lumbar region and has no precise temperature control. Even so, the fact that it’s present in any form has to be counted as a plus.

Adjustable Timer

Massage times on both the 4D and 4S default to a twenty-minute duration. They can be modified in five-minute increments to a minimum duration of five and a maximum of thirty minutes, so you can enjoy quick and longer massages according to your preference.

Front View of Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair

Osaki Japan Premium 4S

With all the fabulous features of the Osaki Japan Premium 4D, you may be wondering what the 4S model could possibly add to this already magnificent massage chair. The answer to that question may surprise you. To better understand, let’s take a closer look at some of their differences as outlined in the comparison chart earlier.

Undeniably, the 4D and the 4S share many similarities. However, the differences are also noticeable.

First, the Osaki Japan Premium 4S gives up the Kiwami Mecha balls but retains the spirit of 4D massage movement, so that the speed of the rollers can still be adjusted. Secondly, the 4S has 8 rollers less than the 40 rollers found in the 4D model. It also has only 34 airbags compared to the 4D model's impressive 46 airbags. Taken together then, we have to give the nod to the 4D model in terms of delivering the best basic massage experience.

This is not to say that the 4S doesn’t bring anything to the table. In fact, it does quite a lot, too!

What the 4S lacks in the number of rollers and airbags, it makes up for in two key areas.

Expanded Heat Function

Unlike the 4D model, which only offers heat in the lumbar region, the Osaki Japan Premium 4S expands this feature to also include the soles of the feet, which really enhances the experience.

In fact, if you spend several hours a day on your feet, this could easily be the make or break decision for you and make up for the fewer number of airbags and massage rollers.

User Friendliness

It would be a stretch to say that the 4D model appeals more to gearheads, while the 4S model appeals to less technical people, but the essence of that statement is true. The 4D allows the user incredibly fine-grained control over their massage experience, while the 4S model is designed to be one-touch simplicity.

This is the reason why the Osaki Japan Premium 4S offers more preset programs (16 against 10) and massage techniques (41 against 28) than the 4D model.

The thinking here is simple. With a 4D, you can take direct control of the massage and program it exactly how you want it to operate. With a 4S however, you can just simply choose from the immense number of presets installed, lie back, and enjoy. The two models are appealing to two very different segments of the market.

Touch Screen of Osaki Japan Premium Massage Chair 4S

Touch Screen

This simplicity and general user friendliness manifest in other ways, too. The 4S has a handy, full colored, intuitive touch screen that makes operating the chair a snap.

Note that this user friendliness is carried even a step further than this by allowing different users of the chair to save their preferred presets, accessing them again at the touch of a button. A very handy, very convenient feature.

Aside from the differences noted above, the two models are identical in every other respect such as zero-gravity function, foot rollers, computer body scan, and so on.

Osaki Japan Premium 4.0

We put the base model, the Osaki Japan Premium 4.0, at the end of this review because in many ways it strikes a middle ground between the 4D and 4S variants.

In particular, the base model 4.0 offers:

  • More presets than the 4D (12 versus 10)
  • More airbags than the 4S (36 versus 34)
  • 9 levels of intensity adjustment, which is still far more than the industry average of 3
  • The least total number of massage techniques available (16  versus 28 (4D) and 41 (4S))
  • No zero-gravity seating option
  • Maximum of fifteen minutes on the massage timer

Given the above, you might be wondering why one would still consider the base model over the two other variants. Well, the base model has a secret weapon that neither of the other two offer.

Shoulder Heat Function

The base model provides heat on both the foot wells and on the shoulders. We have seen very few chairs with shoulder heat, which makes this a rare find indeed. So, if you suffer from chronic pain on the upper back and shoulders, heat therapy offered on these areas more than makes up for some of the feature losses mentioned above, making the Osaki Japan Premium 4.0 a no-brainer of a choice. 

Osaki Japan Premium Review Final Thoughts

So which one is right for you?

The answer, ultimately, is, “it depends on you.”

If you spend several hours a day on your feet, then the heat offered by either the base model or the 4S will cause you to lean in that direction, with the Osaki Japan Premium 4S to come out as the clear winner if you prefer simplicity and an abundance of pre-programmed options.

The base model, Osaki Japan Premium 4.0, on the other hand, is the obvious pick for anyone who suffers from chronic upper back and shoulder pain.

Finally, if you’re looking for the ultimate massage experience and all the fine-grained control that goes into that, then the Osaki Japan Premium 4D will be the chair to gravitate to.

No matter which version of the Osaki Japan Premium massage chair you personally choose in the end, you absolutely won’t be disappointed. The three variants cater to very different tastes, and ultimately, your selection will be driven by your preferences. All three designs are absolute masterpieces.



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