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Truly one of the best and most affordable entry-level massage chairs in the market today, the Osaki OS 1000 massage chair may not have all the latest massage technologies but still delivers a powerful and realistic full body, seat, and leg massage for the average user.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Affordable, high-quality entry-level massage chair
  • Extended neck massage
  • Lightweight and easy-to-move
  • Customizable features


  • Airbags only on lower portion of chair
  • No computer body scan
  • No arm massagers
  • No zero gravity recline
Osaki OS 1000 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Average users. It may not have all the latest massage technologies but still delivers a powerful and realistic full body, seat, and leg massage.

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Are you on the hunt for an entry-level massage chair with high-end features and superior feel?

Then look no further.

We bring to you our Osaki OS 1000 massage chair review to help you know more about this most raved-about massage chair.

Although considered an affordable option, the OS 1000, from popular massage chair brand Osaki, comes stocked with some of the most innovative massage technologies available.

In this Osaki OS 1000 review, we give you an in-depth look at the features that make this massage chair a stand-out budget-friendly option.

Osaki OS 1000 Massage Chair Features

Flexible Four-Roller System

You probably think that natural-feeling rollers can only be found on high-end, high-priced massage chairs. Well, Osaki has made them available in their well-designed four-roller system.

Whereas some massage chair rollers are tough and rigid, the intelligent four-roller system on the OS 1000 uses flexible rollers that adjust to the contour of the back. Plus, it has manual speed control for the roller heads. So instead of jarring pressure, you get a comfortable and customized roller massage.

Spine-Shaped S-Track

The OS 1000’s four-roller system works with Osaki’s innovative S-Track system that spans 29 inches from the top of the neck to the tailbone. 

The S-Track system is different from many of those found on lower-end massage chair models. This is because it is specially designed to work with the curvature of your spine, hence the name S-Track.

With the S-Track, the flexible four-roller system makes better contact with the back along the entire length of the track—without losing pressure. Together, the four-roller system and S-Track system on the Osaki OS 1000 provide a more comprehensive and natural-feeling massage.

Air Massage

While the kinks get worked out with the intelligent four rollers on your neck and back, 20 airbags located throughout the lower portion of the OS 1000 provide air massage from your hips to your feet.

Osaki OS 1000 Massage Chair Review Air Massage - Chair Institute

As the airbags fill up and release air, your body is squeezed to create a relaxing, circulation-promoting compression massage. To customize the intensity of the air massage, select from three intensity levels ranging from weak to strong.

High-Frequency Vibration Massage

To boost your massage experience, turn on the vibration massage. On the Osaki OS 1000, a high-frequency vibration massage plate located in the seat of the chair and near the calves produces gentle shaking movements to help release tension in the thighs and legs.

Neck Massage

Designed to target “Tsubo points,” points on the body which are typically targeted through practices like acupressure, massage rollers in the neck area of the Osaki OS 1000 provide relaxing relief of tension in the neck.

170 Degrees of Recline

When you’re ready to really relax, let the Osaki OS 1000 chair position your body to 170 degrees of recline. The reclined position not only helps you to relax and release tension on your neck and spine, but it also allows the massage rollers to provide an even deeper massage as the weight of your body presses your back against the rollers.

Osaki OS 1000 Massage Chair Review Recliner - Chair Institute

As a side note, to enjoy the 170-degree recline, there must be at least 24 inches of clearance in front of and behind the chair.

Adjustable Leg Ottoman

On the Osaki OS 1000, a spring-loaded ottoman can adjust the length of the chair by pushing the ottoman out with the legs.

Note that the ottoman and chair recline separately, giving you the option to adjust the leg length independently so that you can always have a good fit, no matter your position in the chair.

Plus, users of different heights can easily adjust the chair and ottoman to their liking.

Three Massage Roller Width Settings

A feature that’s usually reserved for the best massage chairs is the OS 1000’s adjustable massage rollers. This feature enables you to select from three different width lengths for the roller heads, making it possible to reach and target specific areas and muscle groups along your neck, shoulders, and back.

In addition to the adjustable ottoman, the adjustable roller heads make the Osaki OS 1000 a great option for households or businesses that want a massage chair that can accommodate users of different shapes and sizes.

Handheld Remote

Located on a stand on the side of the chair, a handheld remote offers total control over all of the OS 1000’s features, allowing you to select and adjust your massage experience at the touch of a button. 

Osaki OS 1000 Massage Chair Review Remote - Chair Institute

This easy-to-use remote features a bright screen that displays the active functions, so you always know what settings are on.

To access the manual operation controls, flip open the cover on the remote and select from a variety of options, including roller head speed and width, massage style, air massage intensity, and massage location, among others.

Easy-Roll Caster Wheels

Even though it’s considered one of Osaki’s most lightweight massage chairs, the Osaki OS 1000 takes it one step further with its easy-roll caster wheels that make moving the chair easy.

Osaki OS 1000 Massage Chair Models

Osaki OS 1000 Massage Chair Review Black - Chair Institute
Osaki OS 1000 Massage Chair Review Brown - Chair Institute
Osaki OS 1000 Massage Chair Review Cream - Chair Institute

Massage Programs and Styles

5 Preset Auto Massage Programs

The Osaki OS 1000 comes loaded with preset massage programs delivering a wide range of therapeutic offerings, including:

There’s also vibration massage located in the seat and calves.

4 Massage Styles

All the massages offered on the Osaki OS 1000 can be carried out in a particular massage style. The massage styles offered include:

What’s Missing from the Osaki OS 1000

What the Osaki OS 1000 lacks in other high-end features, it makes up for in affordability. But even so, it’s good to know what features it’s missing compared to some of Osaki’s other models. Here’s a look at what comes standard on some the higher-end models in Osaki’s lineup.

Body Scan Technology

Standard on many of Osaki’s massage chair models is a computer body scan feature that scans the user’s back with the massage rollers and then self-adjusts to provide a more customized massage experience.

Osaki OS 1000 Massage Chair Review Body Scan - Chair Institute

Automatic Leg Scan

Whereas the OS 1000 has a spring-loaded ottoman that requires users to push with their legs in order to adjust, some of Osaki’s higher-end models feature an auto leg scan system to automatically adjust the ottoman.

Osaki OS 1000 Massage Chair Review Leg Scan - Chair Institute

Zero-Gravity Recline

One of the most highlighted features of Osaki’s higher-end models is the NASA-inspired two-stage zero-gravity recline function which reclines the chair until the legs are positioned in line with or slightly above the heart.

Osaki OS 1000 Massage Chair Review Zero Gravity - Chair Institute

Arm Air Massage

Arm air massagers come standard on many of Osaki’s other chair models; however, there are no air massagers on the OS 1000.

Osaki OS 1000 Massage Chair Review Arm Air Massage - Chair Institute

Pros and Cons of the OS 1000


  • Affordable, high-quality entry-level massage chair
  • Lower back massage–thanks to the extensive range of 29-inch S-Track system
  • Extended neck massage
  • Lightweight and easy-to-move
  • Customizable features: roller speed, massage intensity, roller width and ottoman length


  • Airbags are only on the lower portion of chair
  • No computer body scan
  • Does not include arm air massagers
  • Reclines to 170 degrees only, which is not completely a zero-gravity recline

Osaki OS 1000 Massage Chair Review Conclusion

The high-end features and feel of the Osaki OS 1000 combined with its affordable price, make it a not-to-miss entry-level model. It might not have all the bells and whistles found on some of Osaki’s higher-end models, the Osaki OS 1000 delivers a well-rounded, natural-feeling massage experience anyone can benefit from.

We sure hope our Osaki OS 1000 Massage Chair Review gave you a good look at what to expect from this popular chair and made your search for the perfect massage chair a tad bit easier.

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