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As a general-purpose massage chair, this chair somewhat falls off because it is designed for those who have therapeutic needs stemming from damage to their lower backs. That is, if you’re a casual user, there are better options available for you. But for those with chronic lower back pain, the Osaki OS 3701 Massage Chair delivers powerful performance at a reasonable price.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • L-Track massage chair
  • Zero Gravity position
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Total of 25 airbags
  • Lumbar Heat Therapy


  • Manual control partially works
  • Chair not built for people over 5.6″
Osaki OS 3700 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Those who have therapeutic needs stemming from damage to their lower backs

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Are you looking for a massage chair that’s specifically designed to focus on your lumbar region, buttocks, legs, and feet?

Then the Osaki OS 3701 massage chair is exactly what you’re looking for.

Let’s take a closer look at its features and see if it really is the right one for you.

Osaki OS 3701 Massage Chair Overview

Perhaps the best way to understand where and how the Osaki OS 3701 zero gravity massage chair fits into Osaki’s overall product lineup is to present a chart that highlights a few of the key differences between it and some of the company’s other massage chairs of the same price range.

Osaki Massage Chair Comparison Chart

Osaki Massage Chair ModelsOsaki OS 3701 Massage Chair vs OS 3000 - Chair InstituteOS 3000Osaki OS 3701 Massage Chair - Chair InstituteOS 3701Osaki OS 3701 Massage Chair vs OS 4000 - Chair InstituteOS 4000
FunctionChiropracticFoot / LumbarMulti
Track ConfigurationS-TrackL-TrackS-Track

Lumbar Heat

Foot Sole Rollers

The two main things that jump out at you are the fact that the Osaki OS 3701 uses the new L-track for the massage rollers, and that it focuses specifically on lumbar and foot massage, thus, it does a better and more complete job than even the more expensive OS 4000 model.

Absence of the chromotherapy lighting may be a minor point but certainly worth a mention, as these differences really get to the heart of identifying the people who will be most interested in this chair.

L-Track vs. S-Track

Osaki OS 3701 Massage Chair Brown - Chair Institute

Osaki’s decision to go with an L-Track for the Osaki OS 3701 instead of the S-Track is an interesting one because an L-track is usually intended for higher end massage chairs.

Basically, an L-track is an extended S-track. Just like an S-track, it allows the rollers to follow the natural curvature of the spine, delivering an accurate back massage. However, rollers on an S-track usually stop at the lower back.

With an L-track, the rollers can continue to massage the glutes and hamstrings—a huge plus if you’re suffering from lower back pain, piriformis syndrome, sacroiliac joint pain or tight buttock muscles.

In effect, the OS 3701 would make an excellent and affordable choice for people who can benefit from the added massage by the L-track.

Different Massage Functions

All that to say that if your primary interest is getting a superior back, shoulder and neck massage, the chair you should probably get is the Osaki OS 3000.

But if your lumbar area and feet are your main concerns, then the Osaki OS 3701 is ideally suited for you.

Observe that all three of the chairs listed above include features that allow them to give a decent ankle, leg, and foot massage, but they are just not quite as capable on that front as the OS 3701.

Then again, while the back massage delivered by the OS 3701 is certainly quite acceptable, the other models tend to do slightly better on that front. It all comes down to a matter of what you intend to use the massage chair primarily for and what specific problem you’re looking to resolve.

Key Features of the Osaki OS 3701 Massage Chair

So now that we’ve outlined the whys behind the chair, let’s move the Osaki OS 3701 zero gravity massage chair review into new territory, and take a deeper look at the key features that make it well worth your consideration.

Zero Gravity

The Osaki OS 3701 is a zero-gravity massage chair, like so many of the others in the Osaki line. Basically, this means that the chair is sufficiently adjustable to lift the user’s knees above the heart.

This position allows the user’s own body weight to press more firmly against the rollers, increasing pressure, and thus, increasing the intensity of the massage. The effect would be much better if the chair had an S-Track, but it would still be quite good even without.

Adjustable Armrests

Osaki OS 3701 Massage Chair Armrests - Chair Institute

A fairly unique feature in the Osaki lineup, OS 3701’s armrests are designed in such a way that the massagers can move forward and backward by about four inches, which allows for a more complete arm massage.


The OS 3701 massage chair comes equipped with a total of 25 airbags, including airbags that cover the feet and calves, delivering an air massage comparable to the capabilities of most of the Osaki product line.

The intensity of the air massage can be increased up to five levels allowing for a customized massage experience.

Head Rollers

Osaki OS 3701 Massage Chair Recliner - Chair Institute

The headrest cushion of the OS 3701 has a total of four rollers in it in order to deliver a head massage that does a surprisingly good job at replicating the feeling of human fingers.

Foot Sole Roller Massage

No Osaki OS 3701 review would be complete without a mention of its foot sole rollers. Yes, even the soles of your feet get pampered when resting comfortably in this chair. Prepare to sink into pure luxury—thanks to the reflexology foot massage rollers included in this model.

Lumbar Heat Therapy

Heating pads are placed in the lumbar area of the OS 3701 massage chair to work with the L-track rollers, delivering an exquisite heated massage to your lower back.

Remote Control

Osaki OS 3701 Massage Chair Remote - Chair Institute

The included remote allows you to make adjustments mid massage allowing you to completely customize your experience. Note that while this does give you a lot of customization options, the number is significantly reduced compared to other chairs in the Osaki lineup.

Six Massage Presets

The Osaki OS 3701 is pre-programmed with six different massage settings. These are:

  • Calm
  • Full Air
  • Calves Air
  • Arms Air

Seat Vibration

In addition to the massage rollers and airbags, the seat of the OS 3701 also vibrates, which again, focuses attention on your lower back, thighs and legs.

A Few Words On Price

The Osaki OS 3701 massage chair is available on Amazon for $2395, which makes it exactly the same price as the OS 3000, and marginally cheaper than the more robust OS 4000. Some features had to be traded off in order to keep the price the same, but the company did very well on that front, offering two highly distinct chairs with very different functionalities.

Osaki OS 3701 Massage Chair Conclusion

As you can see, the array of features offered in the Osaki OS 3701 zero gravity massage chair allow for a robust massage, but one that tends to be much more focused on the lumbar area, legs, and feet, especially as compared to its sister model, the OS 3000, which is considered to be a chiropractic massage chair, capable of reclining a full 180 degrees and delivering a more robust massage to the whole body.

So, which one is right for you?

Ultimately, it comes down to why you’re interested in a massage chair in the first place. If you suffer from chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain, then the OS 3000 is probably a better choice.

If, on the other hand, you suffer from chronic leg pain, or have problems with swelling on your legs, then the Osaki OS 3701 massage chair is the perfect choice for you.

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