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The Osaki OS 7075R Massage Chair is a feature-rich and multi-function massage chair, capable of delivering an intense, professional grade massage.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Professional grade, high-intensity massage
  • Full-body heating pads
  • Reclines to 170 degrees
  • Zero Gravity seating


  • Heavy and difficult to move
  • Expensive
  • Relatively low heat from the heating pads
  • Intensity of the massage may be too high for some users
Osaki 7075R Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone. A feature-rich and multi-function massage chair, capable of delivering an intense, professional-grade massage.

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Are you looking for a massage chair that can do everything you want but will not cost you an arm and a leg?

Then, you should include the Osaki OS 7075R Massage Chair in your short list of possibilities.

Our Osaki OS 7075R review will cover all of the chair’s features in detail. And honestly, we think you’ll be absolutely blown away by everything it has to offer. Read on and prepare to be excited!

Osaki OS 7075R Massage Chair Basics

The first thing to understand is that there are actually four variants of the Osaki OS 7075R massage chair, as outlined in the handy chart below. Note that whenever Osaki breaks down a particular line of massage chairs into different models, they usually make subtle distinctions.

However, this is not the case with the OS 7075R. Literally, the only difference between each and every model is the color. Each color gets its designated model letter, but the chairs are identical in every other respect.

Osaki OS 7075R Massage Chair Models

Osaki OS 7075r Review Taupe - Chair Institute
Osaki OS 7075r Review Brown - Chair Institute
Osaki OS 7075r Review Cream - Chair Institute

Features of the Osaki OS 7075R


One of the hallmarks of the Osaki OS 7075R super deluxe zero-gravity massage chair is its Zero-G feature. And no discussion of this chair would be complete without it.

Osaki OS 7075r Review Zero Gravity - Chair Institute

While obviously, it isn’t actual zero gravity, it certainly gives off a similar effect. When used, the chair reclines the user in such a way that the knees are slightly bent and in a position higher than the heart.

In this position, the user makes use of his or her own body weight to experience a better, more intense massage as the body presses down more firmly against the rollers. The end result is an exquisite massage that’s easily on par with what you’d get at the day spa

Full Body Scan

Another defining feature of the chair that no Osaki 7075R massage chair review would be complete without is the computer body scan. Before a massage begins, sensors in the chair will scan the user’s body. Then, based on the results, the rollers will adjust accordingly to align with the user’s body’s pressure points. As a result, users get a superior overall massage experience.

S-Track Rollers

Before, massage chairs only use a simple straight track for its massage rollers. Due to recent developments in the massage chair industry, there are much more advanced track configurations available today, including the now-standard S-track extensively used by Osaki in its product line. 

Osaki OS 7075r Review S Track - Chair Institute

There’s a huge difference between an S-track and the old straight track. Rollers moving within the confines of a straight track can only move up, down, left and right. The S-track, on the other hand, is designed to follow the natural curves of the spine, which allows the rollers to move “in” and “out” as well.

This subtle change of allowing the rollers to move in three dimensions greatly enhances the quality of the massage experience delivered by the chair.

Even better, the Osaki 7075’s track has an impressive 31” roller stroke, which is longer than most other chairs in its price range. This allows for a full body massage for users ranging in height from 5’1” to 6’3”. If you’re taller, though, you’re unfortunately going to have a somewhat difficult time fitting into the chair properly.

Osaki OS 7075r Review Body Stretch - Chair Institute

Body Stretching Massage

This is another great feature of the OS 7075 not found on all massage chairs, and certainly not found on many others in this price range. It offers an intense stretch in four possible positions even as an intense massage is occurring.

Not only is it great for stretching the spine and leg muscles, but it also allows the back muscles to completely relax, delivering one of the best massages for relieving stress and tension.

Head to Toe Heating

It’s not uncommon for massage chairs in this price range to offer a heated backrest, but the Osaki OS 7075R massage chair takes it one step further. The entire chair is heated, giving an optional, low intensity warming sensation while delivering a massage. If this feature has a failing, it can be attributed to the many user comments that the chair doesn’t get hot enough.

Osaki OS 7075r Review Air Massage - Chair Institute

Air Massage

This feature is shared with many other massage chairs made by Osaki. Where the OS 7075R is concerned, a total of 46 airbags is strategically placed to provide air massage to the arms, legs, hands, thighs, feet, head, and shoulders.

The intensity of the massage can be adjusted to any of the five different intensity levels. Plus, the airbag massage system comes with a deep compression massage for the hips and thighs, which is a unique feature of the OS 7075R. 

Foot Rollers

There’s a separate track positioned at the bottom of the chair, with four-foot rollers to give even the soles of your feet a powerful, soothing massage. The OS 7075R leaves no stone unturned when it comes to delivering a complete, full body experience.

Customization Options

Osaki OS 7075r Review Presets - Chair Institute

With five different intensity settings and six pre-programmed massage styles, the Osaki OS 7075R massage chair is capable of delivering a wide range of massage experiences that cater to just about every taste and preference imaginable.

If it has one failing on this front, it is that the chair is powered by thirteen separate motors, and some users have complained that even on the lowest setting, the massage is simply too intense for their liking. Bear that in mind, as this massage chair is not for the faint of heart!

A Few Words on Price

Let’s discuss the price next, since that’s an important consideration for just about everyone—unless you’re independently wealthy, of course! Apparently, the Osaki 7075R massage chair doesn’t come cheap which makes it, by definition, is not for everyone.

Having said that, however, it’s by no means the most expensive chair in the market. In fact, it should be properly considered as being on the high side of massage chairs in the mid-range market.

In other words, there are much more expensive chairs out there, but what really sets the OS 7075R apart is that it is one of the least expensive professional-grade massage chairs on the market today.

Drawbacks of the Osaki OS 7075R

While there are an incredible number of things that this massage chair gets absolutely right, there are a few nits and negatives that bear mentioning to make our Osaki OS 7075R review complete.

Osaki OS 7075r Review Front - Chair Institute

First, the OS 7075R super deluxe zero gravity massage chair is fairly heavy. Getting it into your home is likely to be a two-person operation. More so, unless you’re pretty strong, moving it will not be an easy task on your own.

Price can also be considered as another (potential) downside. Priced at just a bit over $4000, it is clearly more expensive than some budgets will allow for. But, this is one of those instances where you get what you pay for. And if you’re looking for a professional-grade, high intensity massage, then the OS 7075R is worth every penny.

Thirdly, the relatively low heat offered by the full body heating pads plus the sheer intensity of the massage delivered by the chair—even on its lowest settings—have been seen as a problem by some users.

Lastly, note that this is not a chiropractic massage chair, because it does not recline a full 180 degrees and lay flat. It comes close, reclining to 170 degrees, but you will never be able to lay completely flat and stretch out on this chair.

Osaki OS 7075R Review Conclusion

If you’ve been searching for a feature-rich massage chair loaded with high-end features, but lacking the price of a truly high-end chair, the Osaki OS 7075R Massage Chair is an ideal pick. It’s not really designed for casual use, so fans of light or occasional massage would be better off gravitating to some other model.

If, on the other hand, you suffer from chronic back pain and need a more intense massage on a regular basis, this chair offers a tremendous set of features at a quite reasonable price.

The few negatives the chair possesses, while worth mentioning for the sake of making our Osaki OS 7075R review as all-inclusive as possible, do little to detract from its overall quality.

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