Oversized Adirondack Chair Plans

Sometimes, bigger really is better. If you’re interested in trying your hand at building your own Adirondack furniture but you want to take things to the next level, then this collection is going to thrill you!

We’ll be quick to point out that there aren’t a ton of free oversized Adirondack chair plans out there; there’s just not a big demand for that sort of thing. Having said that, we found a few that we think you’ll really enjoy sinking your teeth into.

Free Oversized Adirondack Chair Plans

Let’s begin with what we feel is the best and most exciting of the bunch. This gorgeous loveseat, offered by Popular Woodworking, is an oversized take on the classic Adirondack chair. The build is a bit more complex than a traditional single-seater, but the format is good, and the instructions are clear.

Oversized Adirondack Chair Plans
Image via Popular Woodworking

The plan comes complete with build notes, cut sheets, and a parts list, so you’ll know exactly what you need and how to see the project through to completion. Grab the free plans here:

The Jackman Works Giant Adirondack Chair

If you’re literally looking to build a gigantic Adirondack chair, then the plans offered by Jackman Works are spectacular. In addition to printable plans, the site also includes a video tutorial so you can watch the big chair come to life right before your eyes. You can tell these guys had a lot of fun with this project! Grab the oversized Adirondack chairs plans below and enjoy the video.


Oversized Adirondack Chair Plan
Image by Nathan via HahaBird

We’re actually including two links here because although this gigantic Adirondack chair was featured on the Makezine.com website, it was built by a guy named Nathan. Nathan has his own website and posted detailed plans associated with his build on it.

You can read the Makezine article about the chair here:

This page provides a general overview and some background, and for the actual plans, head to Nathan’s website here:

Nathan’s plan is easy to follow and includes a complete materials list and clearly written instructions.

Don’t let the fact that it’s a big project daunt you. It’s easier than you might think!


We’ve mentioned this site before. Although there are a few navigational issues with the site’s design, it consistently delivers, and we have found it to be an exceptional source for a wide variety of high-quality plans for DIY projects. You can find the site’s plans for their large Adirondack chair right here:


In addition to pointing out sources of individual plans, we also wanted to take a moment to draw your attention to some of the collections we found online because some of them contain plans for oversized Adirondack chairs mixed in with more conventional designs.

Adirondack Chair Factory

The Adirondack Chair Factory offers one such collection, which can be found here.

In the collection, you’ll find a couple of oversized and bench-style Adirondack seats that may be just what you’re looking for, like this one from Instructables Workshop:

Morning Chores

Similarly, Morning Chores’s collection offers some designs that will definitely be of interest if you’re looking to “upsize” your chair. You can access their collection here:

The Spruce Crafts

Finally, the collection offered by The Spruce Crafts will definitely get your attention. Although this collection is smaller than the others we referenced, we counted three different oversized Adirondack chair plans in the collection’s current incarnation. It’s well worth a look!

Oversized Adirondack Chairs Plans Conclusion

Why settle for a regular-sized Adirondack chair when you can have a gigantic one? If that’s your mindset, then we hope you’ve enjoyed and been inspired by the collection of free oversized Adirondack chair plans we’ve been able to assemble.

If you know of a source for free plans that we didn’t cover here, please leave us a comment below and let us know about it. Our goal is to make this the best repository for free plans on the web, and we’ll be happy to evaluate it for possible inclusion. Happy building!

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