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The Paris Double Bench is a basic, comfortable bench-style pedicure chair ideal for couple’s spa days. What makes it remarkable is each is handcrafted for you, so you can get exactly the aesthetic you’re looking for. Great for medium to large spas or salons with a very specific aesthetics.

Customization options
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  • Offers a unique customer experience
  • Provides unmatched customization options


  • Expensive for basic pedicure chair functionality
  • Limited market appeal
Gulfstream Paris Double Pedicure Chair

Recommended For: Medium to large spas or salons with very specific aesthetics. Ideal for couples' spa days.

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Do you want to incorporate couple’s spa treatments into your business?  There aren’t many couple’s benches on the market today, so your options are fairly limited. 

You may be tempted to buy just two single chairs and set them next to each other as close as you can get them, but that’s not at all the same thing. What you want are chairs that are designed to fit seamlessly together, like this one.

As you’ll see in the sections that follow, some sacrifices are inevitably made in the creation of a bench-style pedicure, but for the “right” spa, they’re a superb addition.

Let’s jump right in and see what this one has to offer.

An Overview of the Paris Day Spa Double Pedicure Bench

An Image Sample of Butterscotch Variants of Paris Double Bench Spa Pedicure Chair

Footprint and Aesthetic

The main strength of the Paris Double Spa Pedicure Bench is its aesthetic.  Each one is a work of art, hand-crafted just for you.  You can order yours with any fabric, pattern or color you want, so you can be 100% sure that you’re getting exactly what you want.

These are big units, measuring 72” x 48” x 60” but those dimensions are a little misleading because you are getting seating for two.

If you click on the product link in this article, you’ll see a fairly typical example of what you can expect.  The chairs themselves are rather traditional/conventional in their styling, and perhaps even a bit understated, although again, with unlimited choices where upholstery, color, and pattern are concerned, you can certainly add a dash of color and pizzazz to the design.

The two seats share a step to allow for easy, convenient seating, with each having their own foot bath and adjustable footrest.

Client-Centered Features

There aren’t many conventional client-centric creature comforts here.  The chairs are reasonably comfortable and feature padded armrests, but of course, the main client-centric feature is that you’re offering a shared spa experience, something single seat pedicure chairs just can’t give you.

Technician-Centered Features

The Paris Double Bench has a bit more to offer on the technician-side.  The footrests are adjustable, which makes life a bit easier for your employees, and you can order the footbath with either a pump driven drain or opt to use liners and have your technicians manually dump the bowl after each service.

An Image Sample of Truffle Variants of Paris Double Bench Spa Pedicure Chair

Perhaps the best technician-centric feature is the fact that the Paris Double Bench chair offers built-in storage under each footbath.  Few chairs (single or double) offer built-in storage.  It seems like a small thing, but it makes a huge difference to your techs, who don’t have to worry about toting their supplies to each chair for each client they serve.

Pros and Cons of the Paris Double Pedicure Bench

The Paris Double pedicure bench is a rarity on the market.  It’s very much a niche product because literally, the only people who would buy them are spa owners who want to serve couples together to create a unique customer experience.

There are some undeniable trade-offs here.  On the one hand, you’re spending a lot of money and getting bare bones pedicure chair functionality.  On the other hand, you’re gaining the ability to offer your clients a unique experience, and you get unmatched customization options.

Paris Double Bench Spa Pedicure Chair Review Conclusion

Clearly, the Paris Double Bench Spa Pedicure Chair isn’t going to be for everyone.  You’ve got to have a ton of space, and you’ve got to want to deliver a couples’ spa experience, something not every spa owner can, or even has the desire to do.

Despite the fact that you’re not getting a lot in the way of extras and creature comforts (no massage function for the client, not a lot in the way of extras to make the lives of your employees easier), you do get unparalleled flexibility when it comes to customizing the look and feel of the bench.  No other company comes close when it comes to offering as many options as you’ll find here.

Ultimately then, it comes down to what you want, and who your target clients are.  For the right spa or salon owner, the Paris Double Bench is amazing.  Everyone else is likely to be underwhelmed.

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