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The Serta My Fit Executive Office Chair is a smallish, comfortable, ergonomic office chair with innovative features. Recommended for smaller users.

Value for the Money
Brand Reliability*
Aesthetic Flexibility**

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* Brand Reliability is a measure of the strength and longevity of the brand, which by extension, is a measure of the level of support you can expect. ** While aesthetics is a matter of taste, Aesthetic Flexibility is a measure of how easily a given design would fit into a wide range of home or office décor schemes.


  • Stylish and ergonomic design
  • Generously padded
  • Customizable
  • Waterfall-edge style seat
  • Head and neck support system


  • 250-pound weight limit
  • Upholstery is not breathable
  • Not durable for heavy daily use
Serta My Fit Executive Office Chair

Recommended For: Petite and smaller users who need a comfortable, ergonomic office chair with innovative features.

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Are you a shorter person? Have you been frustrated by your search for a good office chair that’s optimized for you?

If so, you’re not alone. Many office chairs on the market today look like they’ve been engineered for giants, but the simple reality is that shorter people just don’t fit comfortably in a chair like that.

Invariably, you suffer from one of two problems: 

Either you sit back in the seat so you can benefit from the chair’s lumbar and back support, in which case your feet barely touch the floor, even when the chair’s set to its lowest height setting (and even then, you may not be able to reach the floor at all!), or you sit forward in the seat so you can enjoy the benefits of the chair’s lumbar and back support.

Or, the other side of the coin is that you sit forward on the seat to keep your feet on the floor, but then, by the end of the day, your back is killing you because you’re missing out on the chair’s back support altogether.

It’s frustrating, to say the least, and it’s certainly not doing your back any favors. If you’ve been struggling with it, you’ll like what you read in this review because the Serta My Fit Executive Office Chair was designed with you in mind!

In the following sections, we’ll review everything this awesome chair offers and quickly point out the areas where it falls short (no pun intended!). That way, you’ll have all the information you need to decide if this answers your office chair struggles. If that sounds good to you, let’s jump in and see what My Fit offers!

Key Features of the Serta My Fit Office Chair

Aesthetics and Design

Right side of the Serta My Fit Office Chair

This stylish chair will look good in almost any room you put it in.

The Serta My Fit Executive Office Chair strays from conventional office chair design, looking more like a Captain’s bridge chair than an office chair. If you like the styling, you’ll love the chair. If you’re not a fan, that may be sufficient to cause you to pass on it, but it won’t be a deal-breaker for most people.

Unfortunately, although many office chairs by Serta are offered with a modest selection of colors, this one is not. You can have it in basic black or…basic black. That’s it.

That’s not generally a problem, as most office chairs sold today are black, and black is a color that works with just about any other.


The decision to upholster the chair in leather is an interesting one. On the one hand, its leather skin gives the Serta My Fit Office Chair a look of elegance; it simply wouldn’t have it if it were upholstered in anything else. If you’re a fan of leather, the upholstery choice gives you another reason to love it, and the double stitching found through the chair is a sign of quality.

On the other hand, leather upholstery isn’t breathable, so if you’re looking for a chair that you can use for six or eight hours or longer at a stretch, this one’s probably not the model you’re looking for. You’ll get too hot sitting in it for that long.

Bonded Leather

The other issue is that Serta used bonded leather to lower the chair’s cost.

We understand the reasoning behind the decision. While it’s true that bonded leather is real leather, it is created by fusing leather scraps, which makes it structurally weaker and less supple. It’s not designed to withstand the rigors of heavy daily use.

Front view of the Serta My Fit Chair in black leather

If you use this chair lightly to moderately every day and are careful with the upholstery, you can expect to get about two years of life out of it. If you use it heavily daily, that will drop to about a year, after which time you’ll start seeing it peeling and cracking.

Is that a deal-breaker for you? Ultimately, it will depend on what you’re looking for in an office chair, how you plan to use it (and how long each day), and how soon you plan on replacing it with something else.

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Chair Specifications

Before we get any deeper into a discussion of this model, this is a good time to pause briefly to review the core stats that define the Serta My Fit Chair. They are as follows:

  • Chair Dimensions: 30.8” x 27” x 47.2”
  • Chair Weight: 23.8 pounds
  • Maximum Supported Weight: 250 pounds
  • Seat Depth: 18”
  • Seat Width: 21”
  • Seat to Floor Height Adjustment Range: 16” to 19.25”

Check out that height adjustment range, and remember that big and tall chairs usually start at 18” and run to 22” or more.

Serta Works My Fit Chair in black bonded leather

While the My Fit strays partway into that territory, it can be set to just 16” high at its lowest setting. Granted, if you’re very short (4’11” or so), this chair will still be too big for you, but for most shorter to average-sized people, this chair is a splendid fit.

While the maximum supported weight limit would be problematic on a chair optimized for big and tall people, it hits the sweet spot. These numbers paint a picture of a chair with a lot of synergy behind it.

That’s why we’ve chosen it as one of the top office chairs for shorter persons.


Although some of Serta’s chairs offer highly advanced comfort systems, the Serta Works My Fit Chair is not one of them. It utilizes generous amounts of conventional block foam. While we’ve certainly seen chairs with more padding, it’s got enough to offer a delightful seating experience, given that the chair does seem optimized for light to moderate daily use. 

As long as you won’t spend all day in the chair without interruption, you won’t have any complaints about comfort.


Adjustability-wise, the My Fit sticks to the basics, offering swivel, tilt and lock, and seat height adjustment. Since the padded armrests attach to both the seat and the seatback, they’re not adjustable in any way, so at first glance, this model appears to be a little underwhelming.

However, we’d rate it as one of the model’s strong points because when you place your order, you can choose one of three advanced ergonomic features. Technically, that means there are three variants of the My Fit, which are defined by which advanced feature you order.

Left side of the Serta Works My Fit Executive Office Chair

Advanced Ergonomic Features

The features are 360 Motion Support, Tailored Reach, and Active Lumbar. We’ll describe all three in more detail below.

360 Motion Support

This is the least expensive of the advanced features. It offers a dynamic back panel for lumbar support, regardless of how you’re sitting in the chair. It’s the best option for people with fairly active jobs who see them scooting around in the chair or moving about regularly to reach peripherals.

Tailored Reach

Moving seatback of the Serta My Fit Chair

This is a middle-of-the-road option about which people tend to have strong opinions. The seatback “follows you” as you move in the chair, so if you lean forward, the seat will lean forward with you so that you’ve always got lumbar support when sitting in the chair.

Some people swear by this feature, saying they’ll never buy another chair without it, while others can’t stand it and say they regret purchasing the chair because of the feature.

Active Lumbar

The active lumbar support feature is the most expensive of the three options. If you order this option, the lumbar support moves out of the way when you’re reclining back in the chair, offering a more comfortable reclined seating position.

This is the best option for people who use the chair for longer periods, take frequent breaks in their chair, or for anyone who prefer working in a slightly reclined position.

Moving lumbar support of the Serta My Fit Executive Office Chair

If you’re wondering what ergonomic features other office chairs have for back pain, check this roundup review.

Additional Features

In addition, My Fit features a waterfall-edge style seat, a well-implemented ergonomic head and neck support system, and ergonomic armrests that enhance the chair’s comfort.

Granted, none of these are adjustable features. Still, the fact that the centerpiece of the chair’s design allows you to choose your lumbar support implementation makes this a delightfully customizable chair, which we count as a type of adjustability.

Assembly Required

Unsurprisingly, the Serta Works My Fit Executive Office Chair will not arrive at your door fully assembled and ready to use if you decide to order one. It’s going to come in pieces and a hefty box.

The good news is that the assembly instructions are clear, and the chair’s production quality is high, so all the holes line up like they should, both of which simplify the process of putting it together. There is one potential snag, though.

Since the chair’s arms are connected to both the seat and the seatback, you’ll reach a point in the assembly process where you’re trying to hold all three pieces (arms, seat, and seatback) in place while you insert the first fastener. You’ll wish you had extra hands when you get to that point.

Waterfall-edge style seat design of the Serta My Fit Office Chair
Layered cushion of the seat and seatback of Serta Works My Fit Chair

If you assemble it solo, expect the process to take more than an hour. If you have help, you can cut that to 25-30 minutes.

There is a third option. This chair comes with expert assembly for an additional fee. The additional fee is quite steep, amounting to about a third of the total price of the chair. We don’t recommend buying that service unless you cannot put the chair together.

However, we are glad that the option is available because it’s something that some people might struggle with.

Pros and Cons of the Serta My Fit Chair

This chair only has two drawbacks. Unfortunately, they’re significant enough that they could be deal-breakers for you.

First is the modest maximum supported weight. If you weigh over 250 pounds, this chair is a non-starter, full stop. 

Second, it’s upholstered in bonded leather. That makes it very pretty, but it also makes it hard to sit in for extended periods. If you need a chair for light to moderate daily use, it’s not that big an issue, but if you’re looking for something for heavy daily use, you will run into two issues with this model.

One, you’ll sweat—a lot—because the bonded leather isn’t breathable. Second, bonded leather isn’t durable enough to withstand long-term heavy daily use. If you insist on using the chair for 8+ hours daily, don’t be surprised if the bonded leather starts peeling and cracking after only about a year.

If you can live with those two limitations, this is an amazing chair, though the presence of those two factors marks it as a chair that is optimized for:

  • light to moderate daily use and
  • shorter to average-sized people with light to medium builds.

Serta My Fit Executive Office Chair Review Conclusion

The Serta My Fit Executive Office Chair has an incredibly strong design and offers tremendous value for the money. Even better, you can order it with your choice of advanced ergonomic features, which allows you to get exactly the chair you want and need based on how you plan on using it.

However, its modest weight limit makes it a bit of a narrowly focused chair. It’s optimized for shorter users, so this is not the chair you’re looking for if you’re taller or heavier. We recommend taking careful measurements to ensure this model is a good fit before committing to a purchase. Assuming it’s a good fit, we absolutely recommend it.

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