In a Nutshell:

This Serta Perfect Lift Recliner is your grandpa’s recliner – on steroids. It’s an awesome, exquisitely comfortable design. Recommended for anyone 375 pounds or under. It’s more stylish than our top pick but still unobtrusive enough that it will work beautifully with most home décor schemes.

Value for the Money
Aesthetic Flexibility**

Overall Rating

** While aesthetics is a matter of taste, Aesthetic Flexibility is a measure of how easily a given design would fit into a wide range of home or office décor schemes.


  • Very comfortable
  • Simple remote control
  • Optimized for seniors or those who are not tech-savvy
  • USB charging port
  • Excellent value for the money
  • A battery backup sys​tem


  • Does not lay flat
  • A bit bulky
Serta Perfect Lift Chair

Recommended for: Anyone 375 pounds or under. It’s more stylish than our top pick, but still unobtrusive enough that it will work beautifully with most home décor schemes.

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Are you having trouble moving around like you used to? If you’ve been sitting for a while, do you usually have to call for help to get your feet back under you again?

That’s a frustrating feeling, and the loss of your independence can be embarrassing and then some.

Fortunately, there’s something you can do about that!  While a power lift chair won’t solve all your mobility issues, it will give you the boost you need to get back to a standing position if your legs are less cooperative than they used to be.

There are dozens, perhaps even scores of great chairs on the market today, and finding the perfect fit for you can be intimidating.

Recently, we sought to remedy that by conducting a tour of the web and rounding up the best power li​​​​ft recliners on the market today. While the Serta Perfect Lift recliner didn’t win top honors, it did place a close second and is significantly less expensive than our top pick.

Given that many people who find themselves in need of a lift chair are also on a budget, price matters.

In the sections that follow here in our Serta Perfect Lift Chair review, we’ll go over everything this chair has to offer so you can decide for yourself if it’s the model you’ve been looking for. Sound good? Okay, let’s jump right in!

Overview of the Serta Perfect Wall Hugger Recliner

As we mentioned in the summary, this is your grandpa’s recliner – on steroids (and we’ll explain why below!)

It’s got the same classic, understated styling his favorite recliner had and is offered in four neutral colors (wine, ocean, forest, and chocolate) that blend easily with most any home décor scheme.

An Image Sample of Light Blue Variants of Serta Perfect Lift Chair
An Image Sample of Basil Variants of Serta Perfect Lift Chair
An Image Sample of Tan Variants of Serta Perfect Lift Chair

Bear in mind that this is a burly piece of furniture though, measuring 37” x 37” x 42,” weighing in at 123 pounds, and capable of supporting up to 375 pounds in user weight.  If you have a smaller home or apartment, it might be a struggle to find a home for this chair, unobtrusive or not.

The design of the chair will totally catch you off guard because while it looks like a stylish, if somewhat generic recliner at first glance, it is so much more than that!

Before we head into the next section though, you should also know that the seat width is 21” and the depth is 20.5” with a seat height of 20”.


Let’s talk about comfort.  This is easily one of the most comfortable recliners you’ll ever have the pleasure of sitting in.  Not only does it have a generous amount of padding, but that’s covered with gel-filled foam, which is functionally similar to memory foam. 

An Image Sample of Serta Perfect Lift Chair Comfortable Gel Foam

When you sit down, not only does the Serta Perfect Lift Chair recliner conform to the exact contours of your body, but in doing so, it makes you feel like you’re getting hugged by a warm marshmallow.  It’s almost mesmerizingly comfortable and will lull you to sleep in no time if you’re not careful!

Remember, Serta is first and foremost a mattress company, so this chair’s comfort system is put together a lot like that of a mattress.

On top of the regular padding and the gel foam, you’ll find a no-sag spring base, just like the company uses in their mattresses, along with individually wrapped coil springs (also like they use in their mattresses), and on the backrest, Pirelli webbing, which acts as a support system for the backrest, providing additional comfort as well.

We’ve reviewed a lot of chairs on this website, and we’ve never seen one that can equal to the Serta Perfect Lift Chair Wall Hugger Recliner in terms of the engineering effort spent on comfort.  It offers a simply exquisite seating experience.


Where adjustability is concerned, power lift recliners come in one of three basic flavors:

  • Those that offer preset recline positions
  • Those that don’t
  • Those that offer both preset positions and allow full user control

The Perfect Lift falls into the middle category, and we like that.

While preset recline positions are great on paper, the reality is that everyone’s “ideal” recline position is different. The presets are ultimately determined by some random guy in a factory you’ll never meet, and what are the odds that his preferences are the same as yours?

For that reason, we much prefer chairs that just hand us the remote and let us do our thing. That’s exactly what Serta does, and it means you’ve essentially got an infinite number of recline positions, so play and experiment to your heart’s content!

An Image Sample of Serta Perfect Lift Chair Recliner Position

​​​​While the chair doesn’t recline to the point of laying you completely flat, it does come pretty close. Given the comfort of the chair and its similarity to Serta’s mattresses, it should come as no great surprise that this is a great chair for napping!

Footrest, Recline & Lift Functions

Also of interest, the footrest and recline function are independent of each other. That means you can raise your feet without reclining, or if you wanted to for some reason, you could recline without engaging the footrest.

Many lower-end chairs see these two operating in tandem, but it gives you even greater flexibility if they operate independently, and we regard this as being the superior implementation.

Where the lift action is concerned, it’s one of the smoothest and quietest we’ve ever seen. The motors that control both the recline and lift functions are smooth, powerful, and whisper quiet so you won’t make a huge racket when you change positions, and the chair won’t jolt you unexpectedly when you activate the motors for any reason (recline or lift). Well done, Serta!

Extra Features

An Image Sample of Serta Perfect Lift Chair Left View

Serta put almost all their effort into engineering a great chair.  As such, there aren’t a lot of extras on offer here, but the ones that are present are quite good.  Let’s take a look, starting with….

  • Two storage pouches – generously sized, there’s plenty of room for your favorite books, magazines you’re reading, the remote, and any other collection of small items you might need (including snacks you hide from the rest of the family).
  • A USB charging port – built into the remote.  Very handy if you’re tech-savvy, as it allows you to recharge your favorite device while you’re enjoying it!
  • A battery backup sys​tem

This last item deserves special attention because it’s unexpectedly important.

Backup Battery

Think about it: You’re buying a lift chai​​​​r because you have trouble standing on your own.

And lift chairs use electricity. No electricity, no lift, and you get to sit in your chair until someone finds you there, or until you call someone to give you a rescue. So, if the power goes out, you’re in trouble – unless you had the foresight to buy a chair with a battery backup system.

In that case, the power goes out, and from your perspective, it’s no big deal. The battery backup kicks in, you activate the lift function, and carry on as you would normally. Done.

Not all lift chairs come with battery backups and granted, 99% of the time you won’t need one. That 1% of the time when you do though, makes all the difference in the world. In our view, it’s one of the most critical features a power lift chair can have.

Minimal Assembly Required

Okay, so there’s some assembly required here. You won’t be able to unbox your chair and start enjoying it immediately.

On the other hand, setup is a snap, courtesy of the excellent design of the chair and the clarity of the instructions. You’ll probably spend more time getting the chair out of the box it comes in than you will actually put the pieces together, and you’ll have to put them together, too. Unfortunately, Serta doesn’t offer “White Glove” service.

Pros & Cons of the Serta Perfect Lift Chair Recliner

We love everything about this chair. It’s amazingly comfortable, quiet and easy to use.

Overall, we’d say that it’s optimized toward seniors, despite the presence of the USB charging port. The remote is as simple as they come, having just two buttons, so even if you’re allergic to technology (and many older folks are), mastering this chair’s use will be a trivial challenge.

Sample of Serta Perfect Lift Chair Right Recliner View

If we had to pick one feature as this chair’s strongest, it would, without a doubt, be the overall level of comfort. If you value comfort more than anything else, this is, without question, the chair you want.

The Serta Perfect Lift Chair Plush Comfort Recliner has no weaknesses to write about. It’s awesome.

Serta Perfect Lift Chair Reviews Conclusion

We highly recommend the Serta Perfect Lift Recliner to anyone, but especially to the following groups:

  • Seniors or anyone who is not tech savvy and is looking for a chair that’s simple to operate
  • Anyone who places a premium on comfort
  • Anyone with serious, long-term mobility issues (the ability to get a good night’s sleep in this chair is a godsend)

If any of those apply to you, this chair is going to blow you away. Even if those don’t apply to you, it’s an amazing chair and well worth your time and consideration. An excellent value for the money.

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