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The Vivora Luno Ball Chair is a stylish choice for modern tastes that combines several handy features into a reliable and sturdy ball chair. It may lack some of the bells and whistles seen in other chairs, but it makes up for this with a unique design.

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  • Stylish design
  • Active sitting promotes health and posture
  • Multiple uses
  • Anti-burst ball


  • No back or armrests
  • Manual inflation is required
Vivora Luno Exercise Ball Chair

Recommended For: Modern tastes that combine several handy features into a reliable and sturdy ball chair.

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Exercise ball chairs are great for sitting in an active posture that engages your muscles, but they often come in bright plastic colors that don’t fit well in a modern room or office. All of that changes with the Vivora Luno Exercise Ball chair.

This unique design combines the benefits of a ball chair with an artisanal cover that lends it a softer look overall. Read on to find out if this stylish ball chair is right for you!

Vivora Luno Exercise Ball Chair Overview

Exercise ball chairs have sparked a revolution in how we think about sitting. Gone are the days when we slouch in chairs and experience long-term health problems with our posture and legs. Ball chairs encourage our bodies to remain active, even while sitting down.

By aligning the spine and engaging core muscles, you can sit still while stimulating the parts of your body that often go unused while sitting. This can help you improve your posture, relieve muscle pain, and even burn a few calories while you’re at it!

Its unique design and helpful features make the Vivora Luno ball different from most. The modern exterior leaves a great first impression. It makes this ball chair resemble furniture you would see in any part of the house.

It’s a nice change of pace from the bright colors and plastic exteriors that we usually see from exercise ball chairs.

Let’s find out what features help this interesting ball chair stand out!

Vivora Luno Ball Chair: Top Features

The Vivora Luno is a chair that demands attention. From the moment you first lay eyes on it, you’ll notice that it looks far more artisanal than your typical exercise ball. A closer look also reveals some compelling features:

Vivora Luno Exercise Ball Worn Hazel Variants - Chair Institute

Premium Artisanal Designs

The exterior cover for Vivora Luno ball chairs comes in four distinct types: felt, suede leatherette, olefin, and even chenille.

Patented Self-Standing Base

It all starts with the base of the ball. This patented self-standing design with a non-slip grip ensures the ball remains stationary on any surface.

Whether you’re on tile or carpet, you can rest assured the ball won’t roll out from under you.

Multi-Purpose Functionality

The simple and elegant style of the Luno ball chair lets you use it just about anywhere. The sitting height is 22-24 inches, so it will fit at almost any desk if you want to use it in an office.

An Image of Vivora Lacuno Exercise Ball Worn Hazel Sitting Height

The design doesn’t incorporate a base or wheels, so it can also be used for exercise or yoga. This versatility makes it a great option for someone on the go.

Healthy Sitting

Enjoy all the benefits of sitting on a ball chair with this option. Better posture, increased core muscle strength, and less muscle soreness are just some of the things you can expect.

Handle For Easy Transport

An exterior handle gives you the ability to pick up the chair and move it without any trouble.

An Image of Vivora Luno Exercise Ball Marble Variants

Simple and Easy Storage

The ability to quickly deflate and store the ball makes this a piece of furniture that can tailor itself to your spatial needs at any time.

Vivora Luno Ball Chair Specifications

  • Item Weight: 4.1 pounds.
  • Weight Capacity: 250 pounds.
  • Ball Size: 24-inches.

Variants and Color Options

The exterior cover of the Luno exercise ball chair comes in four types: felt, chenille, suede leatherette, and olefin. Depending on the materials used, the exterior cover can also be different colors.

These include:

An Image of Vivora Luno Exercise Ball Barley Variants and Color Options
An Image of Vivora Luno Exercise Ball Charcoal Variants and Color Options
An Image of Vivora Luno Exercise Ball Pacific Variants and Color Options
An Image of Vivora Luno Exercise Ball Platinum Grey Variants and Color Options
Platinum Grey
An Image of Vivora Luno Exercise Ball Worn Hazel Variants and Color Options
Worn Hazel
An Image of Vivora Luno Exercise Ball Anthracite Variants and Color Options
An Image of Vivora Luno Exercise Ball Clay Variants and Color Options
An Image of Vivora Luno Exercise Ball Marble Variants and Color Options

Pros and Cons of the Vivora Luno Exercise Ball Chair

While the Luno Ball Chair doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles we’ve seen in other options, it does earn points for a classy design. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons:


  • Stylish design
  • Active sitting promotes health and posture
  • Multiple uses
  • Anti-burst Ball


  • No back or armrests
  • Manual inflation is required

The elegant exterior of the chair makes it a great addition to any interior design. The self-standing base works very well, but it can wobble if you are someone who tends to move a lot while sitting.

This is the ideal chair for someone who wants to try the benefits of an exercise ball but doesn’t want the bright colors of a typical design to clash with the rest of a room’s look and feel.

An Image of a Man Who Is Sitting Vivora Luno Exercise Ball Chair

For example, office workers probably don’t want a bright pink or green ball under their desks. The Vivora Luno’s design offers a softer and more textured look than any other ball chair.

The only downside is the lack of back or armrests, but this arguably places you into better posture. Some customers have reported that the size is a little too small for standard work desks, but this will vary based on the height of your desk.

Final Thoughts – Vivora Luno Ball Chair Review

The Vivora Luno Exercise Ball is an excellent chair for those who want to try out the benefits of a ball chair while still retaining the style of modern furniture design. With several colors and materials to choose from, this is one ball chair that can fit into any room’s design.

The patented self-standing base ensures stability and comfort even while sitting for long periods of time. This is a great option if you want a chair that combines style and functionality.

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