Adirondack furniture is wildly popular because it’s so delightfully comfortable and sports a classic, timeless design that has only become more beloved with time. Originally designed by Thomas Lee all the way back in 1903, the basic design hasn’t changed much in the intervening decades. Today’s chair still sports the same high back, slanted, flat seat and wide armrests that made the original so distinctive.

Unfortunately, Adirondack furniture of any kind can be a bit on the pricey side, which is why there’s been a recent surge of interest in DIY Adirondack swing plans. After all, why pay a premium for something from a furniture store when you can make it yourself for a fraction of the cost?

If that’s your mindset, you’re going to love this post! We’ve scoured the internet to find the best sources of free Adirondack porch swing plans out there, so they’re all in one convenient place. Read on and prepare to be delighted.

The Best Sources For Free DIY Adirondack Swing Plans

One – Jack Armstrong (Jack Daddy Outdoors)

When most people think of Adirondack swing bench plans, they think in terms of a PDF they can download, print out, and follow along. That works for a lot of people, but in this day and age, there’s a better approach: The tutorial video. And nobody does woodworking videos better than Jack Armstrong (aka “Jack Daddy”).

If you’re a woodworker of any skill level, you’re going to absolutely love his YouTube channel.

And if you’re looking for Adirondack porch swing plans, for free, then this pair of videos will go you one better, giving you a step by step video tutorial you can follow along with.

You can find the tutorial for the four-foot swing bench here:

If you’re looking for something a bit roomier, he’s got a tutorial for a five-foot swing bench here:

Whichever works best for you, and whatever your needs and desires where DIY woodworking projects are concerned, Jack Daddy’s got you covered.

Two –

Morning Chores is a fantastic site all around, and if you’re interested in DIY projects, homesteading, gardening, and the like, it definitely belongs on your list of bookmarked sites. Their DIY section is quite extensive, and the site has a great collection of quality Adirondack chair swing plans.

We’ve gotten lots of requests for sources of double Adirondack swing with cooler plans. Although you won’t find anything quite so advanced in this collection, there are a number of plans with built-in cupholders. If you’re willing to go off-script a bit and do some improvising, it would not be difficult to mod one of these based on Pinterest pictures of Adirondack swings with coolers to make something work.

Note, however, that we don’t recommend anything like that for novice woodworkers. If that describes you, then your best bet is to follow the build plans exactly and don’t try any on the fly modifications until you’ve got some build experience under your belt!

If you are a more experienced woodworker, and you really want an Adirondack porch swing with a cooler built-in, the closest thing we could find was this fabulous DIY Adirondack bench with a cooler. With some modifications, it could easily be converted into a swing. Here’s the link to the video that will walk you through it, step by step.

Three – MyMyDIY!

Although this website doesn’t rank quite as highly as our top two picks, we have to give these guys props – they’ve assembled a huge collection of freebies, including some free Adirondack wooden swing set design plans.

There’s a lot to like here, with more than fifty plans in all, and the site has an extensive collection of DIY projects that cover just about any and everything you could ever want to build. Again, even though we like the sites we mentioned earlier a bit better, this one is well worth checking out. You can find the page with the free swing plans here.

Four –

The Spruce is a great little site if you’re interested in home repairs, home décor, and DIY projects. While their collection of free porch swing plans isn’t as extensive as some of the others we’ve mentioned, if the others haven’t revealed to you exactly the plan or style you’re looking for, this one’s well worth a look, and you’ll find a couple of Adirondack-inspired porch swing plans that might be a perfect fit for you.

One thing we really like about this curated collection is that they’ve got plans for using shipping pallets! Although the pallet-based design isn’t Adirondack-inspired, it’s a great option and a good showcase of what’s possible using even the humblest of building materials.

Five – Woodworking Projects Plan

Finally, we wanted to give a shout-out to Woodworking Projects Plan. It’s a small, independently owned website that’s clearly more of a passion or hobby project than most of the other sites we’ve mentioned thus far, but what it lacks in professionalism and polish, it makes up for in heart.

Here, you’ll find a number of interesting designs, including several good Adirondack chair porch swing plans, offered for free. You can check out the possibilities for yourself right here.

Surprises Abound

One thing we were rather surprised to see when we were putting this list together was the fact that the big names: Lowe’s, Home Depot, and the like, didn’t offer free Adirondack swing plans.

Both of those companies and a variety of other big-name, recognizable brands offer a wide range of free plans for other types of projects, but we were genuinely surprised at the lack of options from what we consider to be some of the biggest names in the DIY world. Chalk up a win for the little guys!

Final Thoughts: Best Sources For Free Adirondack Chair Swing Plans

Despite the fact that there were fewer sources for free Adirondack swing plans available online than we were hoping and had expected to see, and despite the fact that some of the biggest names in the DIY world have opted to steer clear of these types of projects, we were impressed with the options we found, and we think you will be too.

Whatever your skill level is, you’re sure to find something that will speak to you among the collections of plans we’ve curated for you in this piece. We’re also very interested in making this the best and most complete collection of free Adirondack swing plans available anywhere, so if you know of a source not mentioned here, we invite you to leave a comment below and let us know. We’ll evaluate it and work it into the list. Happy building!

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