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Types of Barber Chairs

Barber chairs are perfect for a cut or a shave. Find out what kinds of chairs are available in our full article!

Types of Electric Chairs

Electric chairs can refer to motorized wheelchairs, power recliners, or even massage chairs. Check out all the types of electric chairs!

The Healthiest Chairs in the World

Do you sit on your chair for long periods of time? Then, check out the top trending healthiest chairs in the world and start changing this unhealthy habit.

Modern Adirondack Chair Plans

If you’re a DIYer looking for a new project to sink your teeth into, check out our curated collection of free modern Adirondack chair plans!

Types of Lounge Chairs

There are many different kinds of lounge chairs available today. Not sure which one to get? Check out this article to compare and learn their history.

Types of Egg Chairs

Egg chairs are a beautiful design and comfortable too. Come find out what types of egg chairs are out there!