Dental chairs are similar to recliners but are designed specifically for dental procedures ranging from simple examination to oral surgery.

You’ll find a surprising amount of variation in dental chairs on the market today:

  • Ceiling-mounted chairs
  • Mobile chairs, where the chair is completely separate from the various tools you’ll be using
  • Chair-mounted designs, where many of your most frequently used tools are mounted onto the chair itself
  • Oral surgery chairs
  • Orthodontic chairs
  • And simple examination chairs
Dental Chairs

If you run a dental practice and are in the market for one or more new dental chairs, you’ll find that this page contains a wealth of information designed to help you pick the right one for your practice.

Dental Chairs

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Types of Dental Chairs

In this article, get to learn about the origin and history of dentist chairs as well as its various styles and functions in modern dentistry.