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The Amadon Rocking Lounge Chair is a modern, stylish comfortable design that looks great almost anywhere. Recommended for anyone weighing up to 600 pounds who is looking for a stylish comfortable rocking lounge.

Value for the Money
Brand Reliability*
Aesthetic Flexibility**

Overall Rating

* Brand Reliability is a measure of the strength and longevity of the brand, which by extension, is a measure of the level of support you can expect. ** While aesthetics is a matter of taste, Aesthetic Flexibility is a measure of how easily a given design would fit into a wide range of home or office décor schemes.


  • Stylish design
  • Supports a lot of user weight
  • Rubberwood frame is durable


  • Pricey
  • Sold by a company with no history of post-sales support
Amadon Rocking Chaise Lounge Chair

Recommended For: Anyone weighing up to 600 pounds who is looking for a stylish comfortable rocking lounge.

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Do you have an eye for stylish design and a love of modern, comfortable furniture?

Are you heavier than average, and because of that, found yourself frustrated on your quest to find great-looking furniture that’s also robust enough to support you properly?

If you answered yes to those questions, then this review is going to make you smile.

We’ll be quick to admit that the Amadon Rocking Chaise Lounge Chair has one flaw that may or may not be a big deal to you. It’s offered by a totally unknown company that has no track record for post-sales support. If you don’t care about that, then you’ll find this chair to be absolutely amazing. If you’re more brand conscious, you’ll probably give this chair a pass without a second thought.

In the sections that follow, we’ll give you full details on this model so you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips to decide for yourself if this is the perfect addition to your living room. If that sounds good to you, let’s jump right in and take a closer look!

An Overview of the Amadon Rocking Chaise Lounge Chair

Stylish and inviting. Those are the first words that are likely to enter your mind when you see the chair for the first time. It is both of those things. Offered in a neutral linen fabric, stretched over generous amounts of block foam padding, the chair blends in easily with most home décor schemes and delightfully comfortable.

We’ll have more to say about the comfort in just a moment. Before we do that though, let’s take a look at some of this model’s basic stats:

Specification Stats, Amadon Rocking Chaise Lounge Chair, White Color
  • Overall Product Dimensions: 26” x 32.5 x 28”
  • Seat Height: 19”
  • Seat Width: 23”
  • Seat Depth: 23”
  • Chair Weight: 34 pounds
  • Maximum Supported Weight: 600 pounds

For such a lightweight chair, it supports an amazing amount of user weight, which we love. Even better, it’s got a relatively wide and deep seat, though we will note that if you’re close to the upper end of the chair’s weight limit, 23” may not be wide enough for you.

Just be sure to take careful measurements before committing to a purchase, but these dimensions should work well for most people.

The 19” seat height works well here too because every statistic on this chair supports the idea that this is a chair designed specifically for bigger, taller people. In the world of office chairs, most big and tall offerings have seats ranging in height from 18” to 22” or more, so this is a well-chosen number that compliments the rest of the stats.

Adjustability and Comfort

Nothing about this chair is adjustable, but that’s not much of a surprise. It’s rare indeed that you find a rocker of any kind that offers adjustable features, and this one is no exception.

Where comfort is concerned, you’ll be impressed but not blown away. As we mentioned, the padding is conventional block foam. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the industry standard, and most major brands rely on it heavily to pad their furniture. Even better, there’s a generous amount of it, but you won’t find any type of advanced comfort materials here.

Breathable Micropores, Amadon Rocking Chaise Lounge Chair, White Color

No comfort coils. No spiffy air pockets. No memory foam. If this chair had any of those, it would probably have been one of our favorite models, but the designers opted to stick to the basics where comfort was concerned.

Note: This chair also comes with a lumbar support pillow. We’re on the fence about it. On the one hand, it’s a nice touch, and it adds an ergonomic feature to the design where we weren’t expecting to find one.

On the other hand, the pillow is perhaps a bit too well padded to be a good fit for use as a lumbar pillow. Plus, the seatback isn’t quite high enough to use it as a head and neck pillow, so your mileage may vary. If nothing else, you could take the padding out of the pillow and stuff it with poly fiber fill, filling it to taste and have a viable lumbar support system. We rate it as a good try, but a bit of a disappointment. Still, the company definitely had the right idea here.

Home Decoration, Amadon Rocking Chaise Lounge Chair, White Color

No Assembly Required

Here’s something we love. This chair comes in a giant box, fully assembled and ready to use. Take it out of the box, put it where you want it, sit down, and rock your troubles away. That’s pretty awesome.

Pros and Cons of Amadon Modern Rocking Lounge Chair

The company claims that the foam padding will hold up for ten years without losing its shape. It’s block foam padding, so we highly doubt that. And the company doesn’t offer a ten-year warranty on the chair, which makes us even more skeptical. It’s also on the pricey side, given that it’s being sold by a company we’ve never even heard of.

On the other hand, it’s an amazing looking piece of furniture that rocks and supports a lot of user weight. If you’re even a moderately experienced do-it-yourselfer, you won’t have any problems reupholstering and re-padding the chair should it ever need it. Also, the rubberwood frame will certainly stand the test of time. So in our view, even though it’s offered by a company with no history of post-sales support, it’s a pretty safe investment.

Final Thoughts on the Amadon Rocking Lounge Chair

If you’re not brand conscious at all and are confident in your ability to reupholster and re-pad the chair as needed, disregard the low score for Brand Reliability. When you do that, this chair clocks in at an impressive 4.7 stars out of five, and we stand by that number and highly recommend the chair.

If you are brand conscious, we don’t recommend it at all, even though we personally like it. On that basis, and with those two facts in mind, we’ll give the Amadon Rocking Chaise Lounge Chair a provisional recommendation. It’s potentially a great chair…for the right user.

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