Ficmax Swivel Ergonomic Office Chair Review

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Office Chair
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The Ficmax Swivel Ergonomic Office Chair may be too cutting-edge for a traditional office setting, but for those who work from home or sit in front of the computer for long hours, it could be an excellent fit.

Ficmax is a brand known for their computer office chairs, but their latest model is an ergonomic treat. Our Ficmax Swivel Ergonomic Office Chair review will show you how this modern office chair could be a great fit for your needs.

Join us as we look at the Ficmax brand, the features that it offers, and the pros and cons of this particular model. This will give you a keen look at what the chair offers so you can decide if it’s a good fit for your office.

Ficmax Ergonomic Office Chair Overview

The Ficmax brand is present in seven countries around the globe, and it’s constantly growing. While they focus on gaming chairs and equipment, the ergonomic features that gamers need to sit for marathon sessions comfortably are the same features that workers need in their office.

As a result, these ergonomic office chairs are an excellent fit for people working in a home office, or in a contemporary office setting. Ficmax is dedicated to continuously improving their designs, which is why the latest model of their chair is an improvement over many other chairs in this price bracket.

The company’s overall rating on Amazon is extremely positive. Customers love the products they receive and are always impressed with the quality. The Ficmax Ergonomic Swivel Chair is one of the best ergonomic chairs you can find for under 200.

The combination of eye-catching design, with durable quality, and unique ergonomic features make this chair stand out from the rest. Read on to learn about all the features you can expect from this office chair.

An image highlighting features of Ficmax Swivel Ergonomic .

Top Ficmax Ergonomic Chair Features

When we look for great ergonomic chairs, there’s a strong focus on design and features. If a chair can offer all the basic features, along with some unique elements, it deserves recognition. Here are the features you can expect from the Ficmax Ergonomic Office Chair:

An image of Ficmax Swivel Ergonomic massage lumbar cushion.

Electronic Lumbar Massage

There are two cushion pads on the chair: one for lumbar support, and one for a headrest. The lumbar support cushion also features a USB cord that can connect to your computer for power. Once plugged in, the lumbar support offers a vibration massage.

This is the only office chair of its kind to offer this innovative feature. A vibration massage in your lumbar region can easily relieve back tension and enhance the comfort of the chair.

Strong Framework

The chair uses an integrated metal frame to support up to 300 pounds safely. The base is a heavy-duty design with strong casters. The gas spring used for height adjustment is explosion-proof for additional safety.

Durable Material

The exterior of the chair is covered with a high-quality PU leather that retains its color and is easy to clean. The padding on the chair is made from high-density sponge that holds its elasticity and doesn’t deform over time.

Swivel and Tilt

The Ficmax Swivel Ergonomic Chair includes 360-degree swivel, along with a 180-degree tilt and lock mechanic.

Adjustable Armrests

The armrests on this model of the Ficmax Gaming Computer Chair includes wider armrests with a shape that better suits your arms. The armrests can be adjusted up and down, but not left or right.

Retractable Footrest

In conjunction with the 180-degree tilt option, there is also a retractable footrest on this office chair that you can use to easily recline and relax for breaks away from the screen.

Ficmax Ergonomic Office Chair Specifications

Product Dimensions

12.6 x 33.8 x 25.2 inches

Item Weight

55 pounds

Weight Capacity

300 pounds


Pu Leather, high-density sponge padding


30-day money back guarantee. Lifetime warranty on the framework, 1 year for parts

Colors Options and Variations

The Ficmax Swivel Office Chair comes in several color combinations:

The options with multiple colors utilize a pattern with the secondary color, while the majority of the chair is is the primary color.

Pros and Cons of Ficmax Swivel Office Chairs

The Ficmax Swivel Office Chair is a wonderful design with unique features, but it isn’t quite perfect. That being said, it is easily one of the best ergonomic office chairs you can find for under $200.

Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons:


  • High-quality framework and materials for longevity
  • Detachable footrest is a nice feature
  • Vibration massage for the lumbar support is a unique and welcome option
  • Adjustable armrests for various heights


  • The Footrest needs to be manually pulled out before it can be used
  • The general design may not work well for a major office setting
An image of Ficmax Swivel Ergonomic showing different recline angles.

For the price, we are shocked to see features like vibration massage in the lumbar support, and the inclusion of a footrest. The integrated framework, combined with the high-density sponge padding is an amazing combo for comfort and safety.

While the adjustable armrests can’t be moved in or out, the choice to change their height allows more people to enjoy this chair. Key features like swivel and tilt are present and accounted for, with an impressive recline of up to 180 degrees.

The only downsides to a chair like this are small. The gaming design isn’t what you would normally see or expect in a modern office, so this could turn away larger businesses. However, the chair would be a perfect fit in a small or home office setting.

Our Final Verdict: Ficmax Swivel Ergonomic Office Chair Review

We’ve proudly placed our Ficmax Swivel Ergonomic Office Chair review on the list of top ergonomic seats for under 200 dollars. These kinds of cutting-edge chairs usually fetch a much higher price, but Ficmax is offering a high-quality and budget-friendly option.

We recommend this chair to anyone who enjoys the look and feel of racing-inspired gaming chairs. If you like the design, the features speak for themselves. If you’re looking for a more traditional or professional design, this may not be an ideal fit.

In either case, we highly recommend this affordable ergonomic office chair. 


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Francis de la cruz - November 1, 2019 Reply

Hi I would like to know the limited height that this chair can support, I 1.90 (6.4/6.3) and my weight 115 pounds/225 lbs

    Chair Institute - November 9, 2019 Reply

    Hi Francis, and thank you for the question! According to the specifications of the chair, it supports up to 300 pounds of user weight, so in that regard it will support you without difficulty. The seat height adjustment range begins at 18.8” (lowest setting) and extends to 22” (highest setting).

    That range paints this as a big and tall chair, and is suitable for people up to 6’3” or 6’4,” but understand that at that height, you’re probably at the upper end of the height range that this model can comfortably support.

    That matters because this chair also has a leg rest and if you’re near the top end of the height range AND you have long legs (as opposed to a longish torso), the leg rest may not provide an optimal fit. If you don’t especially care about that feature, the chair itself will be fine at your height but bear the note about the leg rest in mind.

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