Forcemech Voyager R2 Folding Power Wheelchair

Recommended For: Users who want a lightweight powerchair that can be used for extended periods.

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In a Nutshell:

The Voyager R2 Wheelchair is one of the best for travel and convenience. It is lightweight, easy to use, highly durable, and has long battery life, perfect for extended periods away from home.

Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Travel ready and foldable
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Can travel up to 16 miles


  • Slow speed and lack of power on slopes
  • Foot rest doesn’t collapse
  • Low weight capacity
Forcemech Voyager R2 Folding Power Wheelchair

Recommended For: Users who want a lightweight powerchair that can be used for extended periods.

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Traveling brings a host of unique challenges. Just thinking about lugging around all the things you need for a comfortable and relaxing trip can be…well, uncomfortable and not so relaxing.

Enter the Forcemech Voyager R2. Its lightweight and foldable design ensure it is perfect for loading on and off transportation without sacrificing durability or function.

Here in our Forcemech Voyager R2 review, we answer all your questions about its features, as well as the pros and cons of purchasing one.

Overview of the Forcemech Voyager R2 Wheelchair

The Voyager R2 is the new and improved version of the original Forcemech Voyager. It combines added safety features with the ability to travel a more extensive distance than its predecessor. Its sleek appearance engages a modern aesthetic with bright colors for increased visibility.

Our Forcemech Voyager R2 review highlights the many incredible enhancements the new design has to offer. Curious how it stacks up to the competition? How about against other Forcemech products of a similar class? We have you covered here, too!

If you’re unsure whether or not the Voyager R2 is the right fit for you, we have the answers. Plus, we’ll tell you all the tips and tricks you need to know to make the most of your experience with this model.

Voyager R2 Wheelchair Features

The most notable features associated with the Forcemech Voyager R2 folding power wheelchair pertain to travel and convenience. Though not necessarily the best option for regular use or on difficult terrain, the R2 offers a wealth of aspects that make this model worthwhile.

Image of Voyager R2 Front View


The Voyager Forcemech weighs only about 47 pounds, which includes the batteries. The lightweight design allows for an easier transition from the wheelchair to other forms of transportation, such as a car or loading on and off an airplane. Not to mention, it condenses within seconds for a smoother start to your journey!

Compared to other powered wheelchairs or electronic convenience vehicles, the weight is significantly lower and much easier to manage. However, some still find it difficult to lift or move a mobility assistance device that is heavier than traditional wheelchairs.If lifting 50 pounds or more is too challenging, then it is best to err on the side of caution and choose a different model.

Easy to Use

Another fantastic attribute of the R2 Voyager power wheelchair is how easy it is to operate and function. The joystick mounts to either the left or the right armrest and permits the user to move the chair in any direction he or she chooses. Its 32” turning radius is also a slight improvement from the original (which was 33”), allowing for sharper turns in tighter spaces.

This model is a little difficult to collapse at first. While it generally condenses within seconds, a little practice goes a long way in mastering the art of folding. So don’t get discouraged if it takes you a few minutes to break it down the first few times around.

If you’re still unsure about the best techniques to use when closing the chair quickly, the Forcemech Voyager R2 user manual offers some great advice. You may consult this for more answers and additional strategies.

There is also a kickstand available with this model, which makes it particularly easy to store. Without it, the chair starts to open up a little on its own. Doing this not only prevents the chair from sliding back open but also keeps it upright after folding.

Image of Voyager R2 Wheelchair Eas to Use


The aluminum alloy frame of the Voyager R2 model creates both a lightweight build and a durable one. In fact, it’s so sturdy that the company offers a five-year warranty on the frame. And honestly, who doesn’t love a warranty to fall back on every now and then?

The tires consist of polyurethane, which is a synthetic material that mimics rubber. The one difference is that the material is much stronger than rubber and lasts even longer. The biggest drawback is that they do not do well on outdoor terrain and operate best when used on hard surfaces.

Safety Features and Design

The newest Forcemech model brought with it a wealth of safety features. Reflective lights on the rear and the bright yellow color of the wheelchair allow for better visibility during both the day and evening. It also includes a beeping noise that alerts others when you are backing up the powered wheelchair to prevent accidents.

The new design also incorporated added comfort for its users. Better shock-absorption springs added to the design generate a smoother ride with fewer bumps and challenges when traveling over outdoor surfaces. The adjustable armrests and footrests, as well as the removable cushions, offer extra peace of mind for those seeking an easy, enjoyable ride.

Image of Voyager R2 Battery

Incredible Battery Life, Limited Power

The R2 model uses two batteries, which explains how it can travel for such a long distance. This little tidbit isn’t always communicated very well to users, so you may not realize you have to swap the connector to reach the full potential of distance.

At first, it seems like the chair only lasts about half the advertised mileage, which can definitely be frustrating if you’re expecting a much longer trip.

The primary battery resides on the left side and permits the powered wheelchair to travel up to 10 miles at one time. To travel the full 16-mile distance, swap the connector to the battery on the right side of the vehicle after using all the energy in the first one.

So if your Voyager R2 isn’t operating for as long as you would like, don’t count it off just yet! It doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with it. It just might need a little switch with the batteries.

We talked about the travel distance, but I bet there’s one lingering question on your mind about the battery we haven’t discussed. What kind of power is this bad boy packing? If you’re looking for a powerful motor so strong it propels you backward, I’m sorry to say you’ll be disappointed.

Image of Voyager R2 Wheelchair Back View

While the R2’s battery allows it to travel a considerable distance, this model’s power is seriously lacking. The speed tops out at about 4 mph. Many have voiced their concerns with the vehicle’s ability to maintain higher speeds in the necessary circumstances.

And inclines? Forget it! The lack of power and speed presents a challenge on steeper slopes, making it difficult to traverse surfaces efficiently unless they’re virtually flat.

Warranty and Customer Support

Based out of Texas, Forcemech operates solely as a mobility assistance company. As a result, they claim to pour all of their resources into creating the best experiences for their customers. Not only do they offer 24-hour customer service, but they also boast a 60-day money-back guarantee with every purchase.

Their promise to provide excellent service and experiences with their devices means that there is a little less risk with getting started than with other companies. If you don’t like the product, simply return it or exchange it for a different model.

As mentioned before, there is also a 5-year warranty on the frame and a two-year warranty on the motor. Note that other aspects of the wheelchair come with a limited warranty after purchasing. Certainly, it is an advantage to look out for when selecting the right option for yourself.

Image of Voyager R2 Left View

Specifications of the Forcemech Voyager R2 Folding Power Wheelchair

One of the most crucial pieces of information to consult before purchasing any product is the specifications. Below are the size and weight descriptions of the R2 version of the Voyager Forcemech, as well as other critical details to help you determine whether this particular model is right for you.

  • Seat Depth: 17”
  • Seat Height (Measured from the ground): 20”
  • Seat Width: 17”
  • Dimensions (When Folded): 26”L x 13”W x 30”H
  • Dimensions (When Unfolded): 35”L x 23”W x 35”H
  • Total Weight (Including Batteries): 47 lbs
  • Rear Reflective Lights
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Climbing Slope of 10 degrees
  • Motor: 200W
  • 7” Front Wheels
  • 9” Rear Wheels
  • Top Speed: 4 mph
  • Travel Distance: 16 miles
  • Maximum Supported Weight: 265 lbs

Pros & Cons of the Voyager Forcemech

The Voyager R2 wheelchair comes with many intriguing qualities, but it is by no means perfect. The question is whether the advantages mean more to you than the drawbacks or if this particular model suits your individual needs. Below is a run-down of some of the best and worst features of the Forcemech product.


  • Travel Ready: Foldable and Easy to Store
  • Lightweight: Approximately 47 lbs
  • Travels 16 Miles Between Charges
  • Maneuverability: Great in Tight Spaces

It’s no surprise that many of the advantages surrounding this model relate to its ease of use and lightweight design. If you’re looking for something to take on vacation with you or something to move in and out of the car easily, this is the best option. Not only is it extremely portable due to its foldability and weight, but it also comes in a smaller, more compact form than most models.

The wheelchair’s ability to last a long time in between charges increases its usefulness as well. Especially if you need the Voyager R2 for an extended period of time, the last thing you want to do in the middle of your day is to stop and recharge. This model is the obvious choice if you’re traveling over long distances or can’t stop for a recurring charge.

The R2’s ability to maneuver through tight spaces is another advantage to its design. Some models require a ton of space to turn around in which not many users have. The turning radius is so phenomenal you can even do circles in the elevator. It’s that good!


  • Slow Speed: 4 mph
  • Lack of Power and Slope
  • Foot Rest Doesn’t Collapse
  • Low Weight Capacity: Maximum of 265 lbs

While high in convenience, this is not a model focused on power and speed. The Forcemech Voyager R2 tops out at only 4 miles per hour and has a climbing slope of 10 degrees. For reference, the original possessed a climbing slope of 12 degrees. So you’re basically relegated to flat terrain only.

The weight capacity is another major drawback. It is set at a much lower level than traditional models and sometimes doesn’t even accommodate those well below the maximum capacity. If this is a deal-breaker for you, then a different Forcemech model like the Navigator or Navigator XL may be more suited to your needs.

Perhaps the most frequently remarked upon disadvantage was the inability of the footrest to collapse. Instead of folding out of the way, the footrest remains in place and forces users to step around it instead. This extra step provides a serious challenge for users who have trouble balancing or don’t have someone to steady them while transferring.

How Does the Voyager R2 Compare to the Original Forcemech Voyager and Other Models?

Now that you know some of the best and worst features of the new Voyager R2 model, how does all that information stack up against the other members in the Forcemech lineup? It’s important to use more familiar products as a reference to better understand how the new features compare.

The fabulous part about the newer model is that it carries many of the same features users loved about the original. These characteristics include a lightweight and foldable design, as well as the chair’s impressive turning radius. Not only does it maintain the qualities that made it perfect for travel and mobility, but it also employs the same structures for increased durability.

The R2 is the second version of the Forcemech Voyager model and includes improved features at a slightly elevated cost. Overall, it’s still a fantastic value for the money spent and combines the best features of the old model with all the perks of a new design.

Both consist of an aluminum alloy frame with polyurethane wheels and the same battery. They maintain the same top speed of 4 mph, have the same seating capacity, and are relatively the same weight. Though that is where their similarities end.

The newer model includes slightly larger wheels in the rear and more power in the motor. It also travels a longer distance than the original, 16 miles versus 12, with higher adjustments for seating also available. The original Voyager beats the newer version only in its climbing slope, which is 12 degrees versus the R2’s 10 degrees.

Compared to other Forcemech models, the R2 seems to sacrifice power in exchange for its lightweight and more compact size. Over 10 pounds heavier than the Voyager models and a few inches larger, the Navigator and Navigator XL have a 250W battery versus the R2’s 200W and travel up to 5 mph. They also accommodate users up to 400 lbs in weight.

Forcemech Voyager R2 Review Conclusion

The Forcemech Voyager R2 lands on the higher end of the pricing scale, not ranking among the most expensive but still a little higher than the average. Compared to cheaper products, it brings the added distance to its mileage, a higher weight capacity in most cases, and a significantly lighter frame. So with these improvements, we’d say here in our Forcemech Voyager R2 review that the higher price tag feels appropriate.

For those expecting more power and speed from their ride, a higher weight limit, or a need to climb up steep inclines, this isn’t going to be the powered wheelchair for you.

But suppose you’re looking for a portable, lightweight option that’s ideal for long distances and offers easy transfers when traveling. In that case, there is no better option than the Forcemech Voyager R2 for your next adventure.

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