Giantex Executive Office Chair Review

Giantex Executive Office Chair
  • Ergonomic Features
  • Comfort
  • Durability


While the Giantex Executive Office Chair has a great mesh design and detached headrest, it is missing a few ergonomic features. The lack of adjustable features also hurts the score. Despite these things, this is a stylish and comfortable office chair.

When you think of an ergonomic office chair, you probably assume that the price is going to be high as well. Finding a chair with some level of ergonomic value under $100 may seem like an impossibility, but it’s actually not. Our Giantex Executive Office Chair review is one such chair.

Join us as we look at the brand behind this chair, the features it offers, and the pros and cons of this sub-100 dollar office chair.

Giantex Executive Office Chair Overview

Giantex is a well-known brand that sells a wide variety of products on Amazon. Their catalog includes all manner of appliances, office chairs, and outdoor furniture as well. Their prices are very affordable as well.

This particular office chair takes an approach that includes a detached headrest and mesh back. These are modern twists on a traditional design that many people are choosing over dated styled office chairs.

The mesh back in particular is very popular for its breathability. The detached headrest also offers additional support for your head and neck, especially if you are a taller user. Let’s take a look at this affordable office chair in more detail.

An Image Sample of Giantex Executive Office Chair Side View

Features & Benefits: Giantex Office Chairs

For a price under $100, you would be forgiven for thinking that this chair probably doesn’t offer a lot of features or comfort. That’s actually not the case here. This Giantex office chair actually provides a decent amount of ergonomic value, despite the budget-friendly price tag.

Mesh Back With Curved Shape

The back of the Giantex Executive Computer Chair is made with a ventilated mesh that keeps air flowing through it. This material is popular, especially in offices where the temperature can get hot in the summer months.

The curved shape of the chair’s back also offers support for your spine. While it’s not traditional lumbar support, it does provide some form of support that other chairs may lack.

Adjustable Headrest

The detached headrest on the Giantex Executive Mesh Chair can be adjusted to your liking and provides a place to rest your head when you’re not working, or when you need support for your neck.

An Image Sample of Giantex Executive Office Chair Adjustable Headrest

Adjustable Headrest

An Image Sample of Giantex Executive Office Chair Height Adjustment​

Height Adjustment

360-degree Swivel and Height Adjustment

Mobility is crucial in an office chair. This Giantex ergonomic office chair has a 360-degree swivel, along with an adjustable height. The range is between 43.3 and 47.2 inches.

5 Caster Wheel Base

A sturdy 5-wheel caster base allows you to move around without resistance. The arrangement of five wheels also provides stability and support.

Durable Material

The chair’s mesh, iron support, and sponge cushioning are all durable choices for a chair that will stand the test of time. It’s impressive to see such high-quality materials in a chair under $100.

Simple Assembly

An Image Sample of Giantex Executive Office Chair Swivel Range

The included instructions for the Giantex Executive Swivel Gaming Chair are detailed, with all the parts labeled and numbered. Pictures are also shown to help walk you through the process.

Giantex Executive Office Chair Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 25.2 x 33.1 x 43.3 inches.
  • Seat Size: 19.7 x 19.7 inches.
  • Backrest Size: 20.1 x 19.7 inches.
  • Weight Capacity: 260 pounds.
  • Materials: Iron, Plastic, Sponge.

Pros and Cons of Giantex Office Chairs

This Giantex Executive Office chair has a lot of positive reviews from customers online, many of whom are very happy with the price point. While it is one of our favorite ergonomic chairs in this bracket, it does have a few flaws


  • Breathable mesh
  • Swivel and height adjustment
  • Easy assembly
  • Detached headrest


  • No adjustable lumbar support
  • Armrests are not adjustable
  • Tilt tension isn’t very high

The first thing you will notice when you look at this office chair is the mesh. In recent years there has been a surge of new designs that employ a mesh on the back of the chair instead of solid padding.

A major benefit of this material is its breathability. The airflow is superior in this design, which keeps you from getting too hot, as is the case with standard office chairs. A combination of swivel and height adjustment ensures that you can move around freely and tailor the chair’s height to meet your needs.

The included instructions are very detailed and include illustrations as well. This makes the assembly much more manageable. Everything is labeled and numbered as well for ease of use. Finally, the detached headrest is a great addition that offers extra comfort, especially for taller users.

The lack of adjustable lumbar support means that the chair’s support is relegated to the shape of the back only. The armrests are at a fixed height as well, limiting your options in this regard. Customers have also reported that the tension of the chair is too low, resulting in unwanted tilting.

Our Verdict: Giantex Executive Office Chair Review

The ultimate verdict of this Giantex Executive Office Chair review is a positive one. The chair may be lacking in certain features, but the price point is very attractive for those looking to find an affordable ergonomic chair.

While it may not suit the needs of someone who requires more extensive features, or a big and tall chair, it is still one of the best ergonomic chairs you can find for under 100 dollars.


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