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The Outdoor Extreme Beach Cruiser is a sharp looking, mass-produced powered beach wheelchair that’s very reliable and built to last. It gets all the basics and aesthetics checked, but not as customizable as its competitors. Recommended for people looking for an already polished beach wheelchair that’s ready to roll. If you want a highly customized chair, this is probably not your cup of tea.

Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • Highly polished design
  • Good for casual beach use
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Customizable
  • Captain-style seat


  • Not suitable for extreme activities
  • Not very portable
  • Lacks storage
Outdoor Extreme Mobility Beach Cruiser

Recommended For: People looking for an already polished beach wheelchair that’s ready to roll. If you want a highly customized chair, this is probably not your cup of tea.

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Are you a beach lover with a bit of an adventurous streak? 

Have you been looking for a great, high-quality, powered beach cruiser enabling you to enjoy a day of sun and sand and occasionally venture into the wilds for a camping expedition or fishing trip?

If so, you’ll love what you read about in this review.

The Outdoor Extreme Mobility Beach Cruiser is built for a fairly specific kind of persona person who prefers stock options over unlimited customization, who likes their products to be highly polished, with lots of subtle details and finishing touches, and who isn’t an extreme outdoorsman but is certainly open to the idea of occasional adventures.

The more closely that defines and describes you, the more excited you’ll be about this product. In the following sections, we’ll tell you everything the Beach Cruiser can and can’t do so you’ll have all the information you need to decide if this is the model you’ve been searching for.

If that sounds good to you, let’s jump in and see what this one offers!

An Image of Outdoor Extreme Mobility Beach Cruiser

Key Features of the Outdoor Extreme Beach Cruiser

Polished. That’s the first word that springs to mind when you see the Outdoor Extreme Mobility Beach Cruiser. It looks like a well-made, dependable, mass-produced mobility aid, and that’s precisely what it is.

Outdoor Extreme Mobility isn’t a huge company, but it is well-respected in the industry, and its products are exceptional. Both of the wheelchairs it makes, this one and the Extreme Mobility Nomad, took top honors in their respective categories in our recent roundup review. You can read more about the models in our Outdoor Extreme wheelchair reviews.

Sure, they’re expensive, but you get what you pay for. These machines are good-looking and built to last. Both things matter; for many, they matter more than extras and extreme customizability.

Outdoor Extreme Beach Cruiser Specifications

A Left Image View of Outdoor Extreme Mobility Beach Cruiser

Here are the basic stats of the chair:

  • Overall dimensions: 33 ¼” wide, 61 ¾” long, 49” high (seat up) – 38” high with the seat folded
  • Seat Width:  Available in 18”, 21”, and 24” configurations
  • Seat to Floor Height: 22”
  • Total Chair Weight: 260 pounds
  • Max Supported Weight: 350 pounds
  • Rear tires: 20” x 8”
  • Front tires: 12” x 8”
  • Top Speed: 5 MPH
  • Max Range: 10 miles

In More Detail

As with most beach chairs, the frame is high-quality aircraft aluminum that’s been powder coated to help it better resist the corrosive effects of the beach environmentThe marine-grade batteries are sealed and waterproofed, so you need not worry about getting the chair wet.

In additionthe Cruiser sports stainless-steel hardware (which also helps to resist the corrosive effects of the environment it’s primarily designed for) and features an onboard/off-board charging unit.

The top speed and range are acceptable for casual beach use, but the 10-mile range is underwhelming if you plan to equip it with all-terrain tires and take it deep into the wilds. 

You’ll want to pack some solar panels for on-the-go charging, but the design is hampered somewhat by limited storage space, which we’ll discuss later.

Overall, the Beach Cruiser offers the high degree of polish you’d expect from a high-quality, mass-produced product, with small touches like:

  • A built-in horn
  • Backlit controls
  • Anti-tippers built-in
  • Stainless-steel fasteners everywhere
  • Five pre-set speed controls
  • And even stainless-steel hubcaps for the rear wheels
An Image of Beach Cruiser for Outdoor Extreme Mobility Beach Cruiser Review

Even if you ultimately decide against this model, it’s undeniably a sharp-looking, thoughtfully designed ride!

Adjustability & Comfort

The seat reclines (manually), and the armrests are adjustable and hinged so you can swivel them out of the way, making getting into and out of the chair simple. The footboard is also adjustable, covering the “Big Three” adjustment options you’d expect to see on a chair like this.

The Captain-style seat is well-padded and quite comfortable. When reclined, you can easily relax, read a book, fish, or even take a short nap if the day calls for it.

An Image of Outdoor Extreme Mobility Beach Cruiser with Umbrella

Customization Options

The Cruiser offers a moderate number of extras, but many of its less expensive competitors fare better. This is because many other products in the powered beach category, like the AJ’s Cruzr and the Nomad, are custom, hand-built machines, giving them an unfair advantage regarding extras since buyers can request almost anything.

That’s a key point of differentiation. This is a mass-produced machine with all the advantages and disadvantages of that classification.

On the upside, production values and aesthetics are incredibly high and uniform, which many people like. The downside, though, is that the product is what it is. You can pick from a modestly sized menu of upgrade options, adding them on as you like, but this isn’t the chair you want if you’re interested in buying something totally custom.

Wheelchair Upgrades and Add-Ons

Here are the options available:

  • An Umbrella Mount
  • An Umbrella
  • An LED Light Package
  • Speakers with a 12V power source
  • An upgrade to a four-point harness (upgrade to the standard safety belt)
  • And a cup holder
An Umbrella Mount of Outdoor Extreme Mobility Beach Cruiser

Color, Tires, and Storage

Also, the seat can be ordered in four different color options:  Black, Grey, Brown, or Tan, and you can choose from more than six thousand different color options for your ride.

Note that Outdoor Extreme Mobility gets its tires from Wheeleez, a well-known brand, so replacing them is easy. 

Also note that you can order the same tires that go on the Extreme Mobility Nomad (the company’s other product), which will transform this chair from a beach cruiser to a go-anywhere, all-terrain adventure chair.

Where storage is concerned, we find the Beach Cruiser to be a bit wanting, although adding an aftermarket storage bag or basket is easy. Even so, the relative lack of storage did reduce the model’s final score a bit with us.

Not A Portable Wheelchair

Powered beach wheelchairs (at least all the ones we’ve reviewed) have one negative in common. They’re not very portable, and this one is no exception. It’s gigantic, as powered wheelchairs are concerned, and heavy, too. Put those things together, and you will face a logistical challenge to get it from Point A to Point B. The best and easiest options are:

  • wheelchair-accessible van with a ramp
  • A full-sized pickup truck with a ramp
  • Or some type of lift mounted on the back of your existing vehicle

Forget about trying to fit this in your trunk, hatchback, or SUV. It’s just not going to happen, and you’ll need to factor that into the equation when making your purchase. Adding a lift or buying one of the vehicles mentioned above, plus a ramp, will increase your total cost of ownership.

An Image of Having Fun Using Outdoor Extreme Mobility Beach Cruiser

Easy and Fun to Use

This is a hidden advantage that mass-produced vehicles have over their custom-built counterparts. Mass-produced vehicles, being highly standardized, also tend to be very easy to use.

With hand-built vehicles, you can pretty much add as many features as you want, and with each new thing you add, you’ll be slightly increasing the slope of the learning curve.

While it will take a few minutes to get used to the chair’s handling and familiarize yourself with the controls, you’ll drive around confidently in minutes.

Not Intended for Indoor Use

None of the beach wheelchairs reviewed on our site are designed for indoor use. They’re just too big, and those oversized tires would knock things over in your house left and right.

It’s possible that you could drive it around in one of the main corridors of a shopping mall, but trying to take it into one of the stores would be a losing proposition, so for all intents and purposes, let’s call it outdoor use only.

Pros & Cons of the Outdoor Extreme Mobility Beach Cruiser

The Outdoor Extreme Beach Cruiser has a lot to like, but it’s not for everyone. 

People in the market for a chair like this tend to fall into a couple of broadly defined groups. Depending on which group best describes you, you’ll love this chair or be unimpressed.

A Gray Variants Image of Outdoor Extreme Mobility Beach Cruiser

First, you prefer mass-produced, highly standardized products with some canned options that allow you to personalize them, but you don’t need anything highly custom. You’ll like this model if you’re in the first group.

Second, you’re either looking for casual use, powered beach chair for leisure activities, or you’re more of an outdoorsman and are looking for a chair that can do that but can also take you camping, hunting, fishing, and the like.

If you’re in the first of those two groups, then there’s no point in spending the extra money on this model. It’s just more chairs than you need. If you’re in the second group, however, yeah. This is an excellent choice, but there’s a catch.

This is not the chair you want if you consider yourself an extreme outdoors person. It’s fine for light to moderately challenging adventures away from the beach. Still, if you love getting away from it all, then Extreme Mobility’s other product (the Nomad) is probably the chair you’re looking for.

The distinctions drawn by the two broad classifications above describe pretty much everything about the Beach Cruiser. It’s a fantastic, highly polished design with few weaknesses. People will tend to like/not like it based on their preferences, as described above.

If you want something else, click here to read our roundup review of the best outdoor mobility aids.

Outdoor Extreme Mobility Beach Cruiser Review Conclusion

This is a superb chair, and we highly recommend it, but as mentioned in the last section, the chair will be a better “fit” for some than others. In our view, the Cruiser’s ideal user is someone who:

  • Prefers the high production values and standardization that come with a mass-produced product and those looking for lots of polish and small finishing touches.
  • Doesn’t care too much for highly custom options, and is content with basic options, such as picking the paint color.
  • Is at least a bit of an outdoorsman and looking for a chair that can handle a variety of terrains, plus get them around on the beach when the mood strikes.

The more of those statements apply to you, the happier you’ll be with this model, which we highly recommend. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a chair you can customize to your heart’s content, we’d recommend passing on this one and checking out the Nomad instead.

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