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A huge, good-looking infinite position power recliner that’s perfect for sleeping. Simmons Jaguar Cuddler Recliner is recommended for anyone. This is a great chair for couples who want to cuddle, or bigger, taller folks. An excellent sleeper recliner!

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* Brand Reliability is a measure of the strength and longevity of the brand, which by extension, is a measure of the level of support you can expect. ** While aesthetics is a matter of taste, Aesthetic Flexibility is a measure of how easily a given design would fit into a wide range of home or office décor schemes.


  • Roomy and comfortable
  • Powerful and quiet motor
  • High-quality and American-made
  • Well-priced
  • Offers unlimited recline positions


  • Large size may not be suitable for small people or spaces
  • No onboard storage or additional features
Simmons Jaguar Cuddler Recliner

Recommended For: Anyone. This is a great chair for couples who want to cuddle, or bigger, taller folks. An excellent sleeper recliner!

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Do you have trouble sleeping in a bed? There are lots of different reasons why that might be the case.

You could suffer from sleep apnea, which makes it impossible to sleep while lying perfectly flat.  Or you may have recently had surgery, which makes it uncomfortable to lay down completely. Many people also suffer from some mobility issue, which makes it a difficult process to get out of their favorite chair and into bed for the night.

Whatever your motivations are, if you’re in the market for a good sleeper recliner, you’re going to love our review of the Simmons Jaguar Cuddler Recliner. This massive chair is a delight to sit in, and it’s even more comfortable to sleep in, but we’ll be quick to add that as comfortable as it is, it’s not for everyone.

In the sections that follow, we’ll detail everything this chair can do, and let you know about its limitations—as good as the chair is, it has them—so you’ll have all the information you need to decide whether or not this is the model you’ve been looking for.

Overview of the Simmons Jaguar Cuddler Microfiber Recliner

We said in the introduction that this chair wouldn’t be for everyone. The best way to illustrate why it is so is by showing you the stats that define the model. 

Simmons Jaguar Cuddler Recliner in Mocha Upholstery

Chair Specifications

  • Overall Product Dimensions: 44” x 56” x 44” (66” when fully reclined)
  • Chair Weight: 106 pounds
  • Maximum Supported Weight: 400 pounds
  • Seat Width: 23”
  • Seat Depth: 21”
  • Seat to Floor Height: 21”

As you can see, this is a big piece of furniture. Add to that the fact that it doesn’t incorporate “Wall Hugger” technology into its design, and you get a chair that will utterly dominate whatever room you put it in. You’ll need to place the chair at least 20” from whatever wall you place it near if you want to be able to recline fully.

If you live in a smaller home or apartment, or if space is at a premium at your house, the Simmons Upholstery U709-195 Jaguar Cuddler Recliner simply isn’t going to work for you.

Also, check out that seat width! It was designed for two smaller people to snuggle close and relax together, but of course, there’s no reason that one big and tall person couldn’t enjoy the chair too, and it supports a generous amount of user weight, which makes it useful for the vast majority of the market.

Design & Durability

Simmons has been in the furniture business for a long time (more than a hundred and thirty years!), and they’ve put their expertise to good use in designing this chair. Granted, you won’t find any extras or surprise features on offer here, but the company delivers on the basics as few other companies can.

The Cuddler is also made right here in the USA. That might not be a big deal for some people, but if you prefer to buy American, then this chair belongs to your shortlist.

The company didn’t cut any corners on the materials front, either. The reclining mechanism is steel, and the frame itself is made from hardwood. It’s a chair that was built to stand up to the rigors of heavy daily use and built with the long term firmly in mind.


This is a power recliner, so when you activate the recline function via the buttons on the side of the chair, you can set your recline angle precisely, giving you an infinite number of positions available. The motor is quiet and offers smooth action, so the Simmons Jaguar Cuddler Microfiber Recliner won’t give you any jolts as you’re easing into position.

Unfortunately, there are no one-touch presets available, and no memory function, so you’ll need to manually find your reclining sweet spot, every time you use the chair. That’s not the end of the world of course, but we’ve seen massage chairs that feature a memory function, so we know the technology exists. Given Simmons’ reputation for excellence, this would have been exactly the kind of thing we would have expected to see from them, and we were a little disappointed that we didn’t.

Sage Simmons Jaguar Cuddler Recliner in a living room

Note that the Cuddler does not offer “Lay Flat” capability, but it does get you to about 80% flat. For most people, that’s more than enough. After all, if you’re looking for a sleeper recliner, it’s probably because you have difficulty sleeping flat on your back.

People who suffer from sleep apnea, for example, usually can’t sleep flat on their backs, so a recliner like this is a perfect alternative. Even if you can sleep while lying flat, most of the people who have purchased this model don’t find the absence of “Lay Flat” capability to be an issue.


That brings us naturally to the topic of comfort, and here, the Cuddler delivers in style. Whether you’re lounging or sleeping, the Simmons chair offers a delightfully comfortable experience. The soft fabric is stretched over generous amounts of high-density block foam supported by a series of springs.

When you’re in an upright position, it’s a bit like being cradled by a cloud. When you’re lying back, the chair provides a comparable level of comfort to some mattresses, and even better, given its width, you can actually sprawl out a little.

Storage & Extras

This will be a short section because although the Jaguar Cuddler Recliner by Simmons Upholstery is a wonderful recliner, what you see is what you get. There is no onboard storage, and there are no extras on offer

We would love to have seen a storage pocket on this model; it would have been a super easy addition that would have added even more value to the chair. Sadly, the company didn’t see fit to add one. It’s not a deal-breaker by any means but given the company’s vast experience in the home furniture market, we were slightly disappointed on this front.

One other thing worth pointing out here is the fact that there’s no battery backup for this chair. That’s a potential problem because if you’re reclined in it and the power goes out, you’re going to have to clamber over the side to get out of the recliner.

Granted, that kind of thing will only happen rarely, if you ever experience at all, but it’s certainly possible. Unfortunately, there are relatively few power recliners that offer a battery backup system, so if you want that feature as a form of insurance, you’re better off considering a lift chair as an alternative.

No Assembly Required

Simmons has a very simple way of handling this. If you order one of their chairs, it will arrive at your door fully assembled and ready for first use.

Unfortunately, in the case of this recliner, it’s so big that it won’t fit through a standard sized door, so you’ll probably have to take the seatback off to get it into your house, then reconnect the seatback.

It’s not a complicated process, but it’s something to be mindful of, and you’ll probably want to have an assistant handy to give you a hand with it because sadly, White Glove service is not available with this model.

Pros & Cons of the Simmons Jaguar Cuddler Recliner

Here are the things we think you’ll like best about the Cuddler:

  • It’s roomy and comfortable for lounging, napping, and sleeping. A very versatile chair.
  • It features a powerful, quiet motor that offers smooth recline action.
  • It’s a high-quality, American-made product.
  • It’s a very well-priced chair.
  • And it offers an unlimited number of recline positions.And here are the things you may not like about it:
  • It’s big! If you’re short, or if you’re cramped for space, it may be too big even to consider buying.
  • There’s no onboard storage and no extras of any kind on offer.

In our view, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Few people would consider the absence of a storage pocket to be a reason to give this chair a pass.

Jaguar Cuddler Recliner by Simmons Upholstery – Final Thoughts

Assuming you have space for the Simmons Jaguar Cuddler Recliner, and assuming you’re tall enough that the chair doesn’t swallow you whole when you sit in it, we absolutely recommend this model. It’s a fantastic, wonderfully comfortable chair that has the basics well-covered. Even if you ultimately decide to go with a different model, the Cuddler belongs on your shortlist.

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