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X-Chair describes itself as “seating for the 21st Century.” It is definitely that. These chairs are loaded with high-tech options to the point that they could become a problem. Provisionally recommended for users weighing up to 340 pounds—if you can afford the chair and are looking for a chair with (potentially) lots of high-tech gizmos and options attached.

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Brand Reliability*
Aesthetic Flexibility**

Overall Rating

* Brand Reliability is a measure of the strength and longevity of the brand, which by extension, is a measure of the level of support you can expect. ** While aesthetics is a matter of taste, Aesthetic Flexibility is a measure of how easily a given design would fit into a wide range of home or office décor schemes.


  • Chairs are very good in quality
  • Customization options available
  • Offers high-tech features


  • Chair issues may require a specialist to fix
  • Expensive chairs
X-Chair XHMT Office Chair

Provisionally recommended for users weighing up to 340 pounds—if you can afford the chair and are looking for a chair with (potentially) lots of high-tech gizmos and options attached.

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Do you consider yourself to be a tech junkie? Are you in the market for a new office chair that embraces high-tech add-ons and options?

If you answered yes to those questions, then you’re going to like what you read in this—our X-chair review.

Before we get started, we should say that this review will be a bit different than many of the others you’ll find here. In this case, we’re not looking at a single product but rather a family of closely related products. Specifically, we’ll be taking a closer look at the following:

  • The XBasic
  • The X1 Task Chair
  • The X2
  • The X3
  • And the X4

These are all basically the same chair with largely the same feature set, so for this review, we’ll give you a look at the baseline chassis and then tell you how each model deviates from it.

There are two big points to mention about all of these chairs. First is that even the most basic model offered by the company has ten different ergonomic features built into it, so these chairs are not only surprisingly comfortable, but they’re incredibly good for your posture as well.

Second, all of these chairs offer a surprising number of customization options, including some high-tech customization options you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. 

Some people want an office chair that’s “just” an office chair. It’s a “buy and forget” type of purchase. You buy the chair, and you sit in it. That’s it.

These chairs aren’t like that. You can get an office chair outfitted with lumbar fans that will keep you cool or a heated massage function if you prefer.

That’s a nice touch, but of course, there’s a catch. Any time you start adding tech to your office chair, there’s a chance that something will break.

If and when it does, that means you’re out of the use of your chair until you can get it fixed. 

The question then is—how important are the high-tech gizmos and gadgets to you, especially compared to having access to your chair when you need it? It’s something most other office chairs don’t force you to think about.

In any case, in the sections that follow, we’ll step you through everything this line of office chairs has to offer, and by the time you reach the end of this review, even if you ultimately opt for some other model, these chairs are definitely worth a closer look.

If your interest is piqued, let’s dive in and see what these chairs have to offer.

An Overview Of The XHMT XChair

At first glance, these chairs look a lot like conventional office chairs, but on closer inspection, you begin to see a growing number of departures from the norm. That’s good in two ways, and it makes this, in our view, a very strong component of our X-chair review. 

For one thing, most people who are in the market for an office chair want something that will blend in pretty seamlessly with their other furniture, and these chairs can do that.

Their innovations aren’t so obvious from a design perspective that they radically change the appearance of the chair.

Second, there are lots of enhancements. Even the most basic chair this company sells is brimming with ergonomic features, including:

The Dynamic Variable Lumbar Support System

X-Chair with black mesh two-piece seatback, black frame, and black mesh seat

If you look at pictures of the chair, this is that funny-looking bit that seems only loosely attached to the rest of the seatback. It’s actually a cunningly designed lumbar support system that provides a dynamic level of lumbar support based on how you’re sitting and moving in the chair.

It’s really the heart and soul of the X Chair’s system and is amazing.

The SciFloat System

This is the X-Chair’s recline system, which allows for greater freedom of movement in the chair, which the company says helps boost your comfort and energy levels.

We haven’t seen the data on their studies, so we can’t comment on that part of it, but it’s a very good system that gives you more maneuverability in this chair than you see in most others. As the company puts it, “Wheels are no longer the only thing a good office chair needs to keep you moving.”

The Tilt Tension and Tilt Lock Feature

X-Chair all black with a lever under the seat for the tilt tension and tilt lock adjustment

This is a standard ergonomic feature you see on many office chairs today, and it works pretty much the same way. By adjusting the appropriate knob on the side of the chair, you modify how much tension you need to use to get the chair to tilt or lock it so it cannot tilt at all.

A nice feature that gives you added flexibility.

Height Adjustable Backrest

This is another feature that you almost never see, but it’s standard fare on X-Chair’s product line.

The independently adjustable backrest allows you to tweak the position of the DVL (Dynamic Variable Lumbar) support system we talked about earlier, which is huge.

Adjustable Seat Height

X-Chair with black frame and base, two-piece mesh seatback, and black mesh seat

The exact range of seat height adjustment changes marginally from one model of X-Chair to the next, but this is a feature that just about everyone is familiar with.

Adjustable Seat Depth

You tend to only see this kind of thing on high-end chairs, so we’re not really surprised that X-Chair opted for its inclusion. We’d definitely class these as high-end chairs! Per the company, for optimal comfort, you should be able to fit 2-3 fingers between the edge of your seat and the backs of your knees.

Another superb feature addition.

Adjustable Headrest Height

This optional feature is naturally only available if you order a headrest. Even so, as the company puts it since they don’t know how tall you are, they want to give you a means of adjusting this so that your chair fits you like a glove.

Adjustable Headrest Angle

Related to the above, if you opt to order a headrest with your chair, you’ll also be able to adjust its angle for optimal comfort.

4D Adjustable Armrests

X-Chair with a two-piece mesh seatback, mesh seat, black frame, and adjustable armrests

The X-Chair’s armrests are amazing, giving you the capability of height adjustment, side-to-side adjustment, angle adjustment, and forward/back adjustment because, as the company says, “no one keeps their arms in the same position all day!”

Premium Upholstery Options

The “right” upholstery can make a huge difference in your overall comfort.

X-Chair uses proprietary upholstery in all the chairs they sell, from advanced mesh that provides added breathability and support to Advanced Tensile Recovery (ATR) fabric that allows for better weight distribution and enhanced breathability. And they come in a variety of colors too!

The Office Chair XHMT Can Be Ordered With Fun Extras!

This is an incredibly strong component of our X-chair review, and we don’t get to say that very often because references to “extras” and office chairs aren’t usually found in the same sentence. These chairs are the exceptions that prove the rule.

Earlier, we mentioned that X-Chair offered some high-tech options. This is a reference to one of those. XHMT stands for “Heat and Massage Therapy Chair.”

X-Chair with gray mesh seat and seatback, and buttons on the lumbar support for the massage and heat functions

Part of the Elemax system, this option offers you four different combinations of massage, two different massage mode settings, and heat to either help keep you warm or augment the massage you get from the chair.

Yes, it adds to the price of the base model (as expected), and yes, it’s pretty cool. The fan/heat/massage and massage intensity controls are discreetly located on the back of the seat. The whole thing is battery-powered, and if you decide you want this option, it will also come with a USB cord so that you can keep the batteries charged via your laptop or computer.

In addition, the XHMT work chair variant comes with a wall charger if you’re using the chair away from your computer or laptop. As long as there’s an outlet nearby, you can keep the massage/heat/fan batteries charged and ready to go!

You have two options here when you order your chair. You can either opt for the Elemax system, which provides fans and heat, or the XHMT system, which incorporates massage technology.

A Brief Word About Comfort

In the next section, we’ll do a walkthrough of the XBasic, the X1, X2, X3, and X4, but before we do that, we need to give a brief mention of another aspect of comfort where the XHMT X chair is concerned.

XChair with black frame, black mesh seatback, black fabric-covered seat, and thick cushion

We’ve already talked about its extreme level of adjustability, and we’ve given the different upholstery options a brief mention. The padding is the last thing to discuss before moving into the walkthroughs.

Most office chairs rely on conventional block foam to provide padding for the seat, and indeed, on the company’s lower-end chairs, that is also the case here.

On the X3 and beyond, however, as you will see, the company gives you the option to upgrade to cooling gel contoured memory foam seats. That’s amazing, and even if you’re a power user who spends 10+ hours per day in your chair, you’ll be comfortable. Kudos to the folks at X-Chair for that!

A Walkthrough Of The Buying Process

Since this is an atypical review, and since just about every aspect of the chairs this company sells can be adjusted to taste, we don’t see much value in listing specs as we typically would. Instead, we’ll walk you through the buying process for each chair and highlight the various decisions and perks of each of the chairs we’re covering in this piece.

We regard this as another exceptionally strong component of our X-chair review, and we’ll show you why right now.

You can certainly buy an X-Chair from one of the Amazon sales pages provided in this review, but if you do so, you will be limiting yourself because the Amazon pages (at least as of the time of writing this review) only sell certain stock options and configurations of the chairs in the lineup.

That’s fine if you already know what you want, but if you’re unsure or want the freedom and flexibility to customize your chair as you go, then you’ll definitely want to order from the company directly.

X1 Task Chair

So, let’s start with the X1.

When you go to the customization page, the first decision you’ll get to make is whether you want the base model, the XHMT variant (heat and massage), or the Elemax variant (cooling, heat, and massage).

That done, you’ll select your fabric preference, and in this case, you’ve got two options: either grey or black flex mesh.

Then, you’ll choose whether or not you want a headrest with your chair.

After that, you can get X-wheels, which are basically “designer” casters that make the chair look a little cooler. And finally, you can order yours with a footrest if you want one.

Note that the X1 has a seat width of 19.5” and a nylon base, which is only capable of supporting a maximum of 300 pounds (the XBasic can only support 240 pounds). The seat height adjustment range here is 18” to 22.5”.

This is a good chair for people of light to medium build but isn’t rugged enough to support heavier folk.

X2 Executive Task Chair

Also called the K-Sport, this chair is, as we mentioned, functionally similar but offers a different set of customization options. 

As before, you’ll begin by deciding if you want the stock model, the XHMT chair, or the Elemax variant.

This model is upholstered with K-Sport fabric, and you’ll get the opportunity to pick your preferred color next, choosing from white, grey, red, or black.

Then comes the headrest/no headrest question, but after that, you get an option to specify your desired seat width (both 19.5” and 20.5” widths available). Then, the customized rolling casters and optional footrest. 

Note that this chair supports up to 340 pounds, which is the case for all of the other chairs that we’ll be taking a look at.

X3 Management Office Chair

Again, there are only minor differences between the X2 and X3, and those can be captured by walking through the buying process. With this chair, your initial decision is the same. Do you want the base model, the XChair XHMT, or the Elemax variant?

After that, you get to select your fabric color, and here, the company utilizes their custom ATR upholstery. Your color options are black, grey, blue, and glacier.

From there, you’re back to headrest/no headrest, then seat width, which here allows you to choose from either 20.5” or 22”, then you get to pick your padding. Beginning with the X3, you can add that luxurious memory foam if you like, and it is well worth the extra money, especially if you are a power user!

After that, you get the custom caster selection and the option to add a footrest if you want one.

X4 High End Executive Chair

This is the leather executive variant of the bunch. As before, your first choice is for either the base model, the Elemax variant, or the X chair XHMT variant. Then, you’re off to pick your upholstery with three options: either Leather, Premium Leather, or Brisa.

If you opt for leather, you can choose either black, cognac, or brown. Premium leather comes in either red or white, and Brisa comes in your choice of rose, brown or black.

After that, you get to select your seat width option (20.5” or 22”), then your padding (conventional block foam or the memory foam). Finally, you can add custom casters or a footrest if you want one.

In addition to that, and this is something that only applies to orders from the X-Chair company site, you can pay a little extra to have your chair assembled prior to shipping so that when it arrives, all you do is roll it where you want it to go and sit down.

While this is a good option for some, we don’t really think it adds much value. The production quality is incredible here, and the assembly process is simple. While a few people may think it’s worth an extra fee to save fifteen minutes, we’re not convinced. Even so, the option is there if you want it.

X-Chair XHMT Office Chair Quality

All X-chairs come with an impressive fifteen-year warranty, so it’s clear that the company stands behind its products. A few companies offer lifetime warranties, but most are in the 1-5 year range, which puts X-Chair in a fairly elite group of companies where the warranty is concerned. That’s fantastic and allows you to buy with confidence.

Pros & Cons of XHMT Office Chair

These are very good chairs, and we love that there are so many customization options available.

That’s splendid; it truly is.

Even better, X-chair as a company is venturing into new territory and offering products with high-tech features you just don’t find anywhere else.

Assuming you’re a techie, that’s awesome, but there’s a catch. Sometimes you just want a chair. You don’t want something you’ll have to send out to a specialist if something on it breaks, and depending on how you choose to customize your chair, you may find yourself in exactly that situation or just be saddled with a cool chair with some busted features. Neither are good.

Added to that, these chairs are on the expensive side. Yes, you pay extra for quality, that’s very true, but in this case, you’re also paying a premium for modularity that you may or may not actually wind up taking advantage of.

That’s fine if your budget will support it, but that’s not the case for everyone.

X-Chair Review Conclusion

We like the X-chair series, but we don’t love any of them. To their credit, X-Chair gets a lot right. They have introduced some real innovations and paired them with the very best ergonomic design, and these chairs are amazing on technical merits.

In addition, they offer a staggering number of customization options that let you get exactly the kind of chair you want, including offering up some absolutely fantastic high-tech options in the form of their Elemax and XHMT technologies.

Every bit of that is awesome, but it’s just not for everyone. Some people just want an office chair, and if that’s you, then this will all be too much, and there’s no point in paying a premium for stuff you don’t desire to take advantage of.

In our view, these are very good niche products, and given that, we can only offer a provisional recommendation here.

Other Options To Consider

If you’ve read to the end and you’re one of those people who’s just not interested in a high-tech office chair, here are a couple of low-tech options you may like better:

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

Recommended For: Anyone – IF you can afford it. The Steelcase Gesture is a line of closely related products rather than a single chair, and everything about it is superb.

Like the chairs we just talked about, the Gesture isn’t a single product but a highly customizable range of products that includes a drafting stool chassis, which gives you other interesting options to consider.

If you like the modular approach and want to keep that but don’t care as much about the high-tech bits and bobs, this is a great option.

SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair

Recommended For: Users weighing up to 300 pounds who need a chair designed for heavy daily use.

If you’re on a bit of a budget and don’t feel like shelling out more than a thousand bucks for an office chair, this is a good option to consider. 

SIDIZ is a South Korean powerhouse in the world of office furniture, and while you lose all the fun customization options when placing your order, this chair is every bit as adjustable as the one we just talked about. It’s a solid choice that will leave you with some money in the bank.

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