Tall Bar Height Adirondack Chair

Traditional Adirondack chairs are fantastic, but they have one potential problem that keeps some people from enjoying them: They tend to sit low to the ground. If you suffer from any type of mobility issue, that may make them non-starters for you, even if you like the styling.

If that describes your situation, or if you just want to try your hand at building a taller Adirondack-style variant to provide distinctive-looking seating at your breakfast bar or the wet bar on your deck, you’re going to be thrilled by the collection of resources we’ve assembled here.

We scoured the web to find the best bar height Adirondack chair plans available anywhere on the internet. Over the course of our research, we found some real gems for this collection, and we think you’ll find something you’ll be thrilled with and excited to start building in the collection presented below. Let’s take a closer look!

Best Sources For Free Tall & Bar Height Adirondack Chair Plans

The Adirondack Chair Factory

This is an amazing resource that is valuable to anyone who loves the Adirondack style. A sprawling collection of fifty plans, there’s a lot to like here, including a couple of great examples of Adirondack bar-height chairs. If you love building your own furniture, this resource of Adirondack chair plans belongs in your bookmark collection. It is simply superb. You can access the collection here.


Bar Height Adirondack Chair from Shanty 2 Chic
Image via Shanty 2 Chic

While this collection isn’t quite as large as the one offered by the Adirondack Chair Factory, the 35 plans offered here are exceptional and span a wide range of designs and variations. In addition to that Morning Chores is an excellent all-around site for anyone who’s interested in gardening, homesteading, and DIY projects in general.

Here, you’ll find projects that extend far beyond Adirondack chairs. The site is highly recommended, and the free Adirondack chair plans and templates can be accessed directly via this link.


Although this collection isn’t nearly as large or as robust as the first two we mentioned, The Spruce Crafts is another one of those sites that’s simply indispensable to anyone who’s interested in recycling, upcycling, and DIY projects of all shapes and sizes.

You’ll find a total of eighteen high-quality Adirondack chair plans here, including a fabulous bar height design. Check out the collection here.

The Woodworkers Journal

Moving beyond collections of plans, let’s take a look at an example of a single Adirondack bar chair plan free from the Woodworker’s Journal. This is a fantastic, free download that includes cut sheets, parts lists, and detailed, step-by-step instructions in a print-friendly format. Highly recommended.


Bar Height Adirondack Chair from MyOutdoorPlans
Image by Andy Sansone via MyOutdoorPlans

This is a good little site, but it sadly falls short of greatness. It’s got some layout issues that make it somewhat cumbersome to navigate, and we wish the format and layout of individual plans were better. It’s a bit ad-heavy, but if you can look past the site’s shortcomings, there are a lot of great plans here. Pretty much anything you want to build, you can find something you’ll like here.

Each plan has its own dedicated page, and the bar-height Adirondack chair and table plans are available right here.

Despite the site’s occasional shortcomings, we recommend it, and this is a great design to try your hand at, even if you don’t consider yourself to be an experienced builder.

Kreg’s Build Something

This is a fun site brimming with how-tos and a variety of projects you can search by category or specific type. While the Adirondack bar stool chair plans aren’t quite as detailed as some we’ve seen, the site definitely has heart. It even has a small community section, so if you get stumped by something, you have a place you can go to for help and advice. 

Of course, the community section is also a great place to show off a little, once you complete your build!

You can access the plans for the Adirondack Counter Height Chair right here.


Bar Height Adirondack Chair from How to Specialist
Image via HowToSpecialist

It’s a smallish site, but it’s well worth a look, especially if none of the other outdoor bar-height Adirondack chair plans on the websites and collections we’ve mentioned so far is.

It’s pretty well organized and has a variety of different DIY plans, both indoor and out. The bar height Adirondack chair plans are simple, clear, and easy to follow. Even better, they don’t leave any details out and include cut sheets and parts lists, so you’ll know, going in, exactly what you’ll need to buy before you start.

One thing we’re less impressed with is the fact that some of the plans are listed as “premium” and the site charges for those, but this plan is free. Check it out here.

Video Tutorials

While many people prefer to work from a printable set of blueprints, drawings, and instructions, others learn better by watching—by seeing the finished product come to life before their eyes. If that describes you, then the sites we’ve talked about so far will be of limited value to you.

In that case, we found a couple of video tutorials on how to build Adirondack bar chairs and tables that might be more to your liking.

Woodworker’s Journal

This one from the Woodworker’s Journal is more polished and professional and, in fact, is a video build of the PDF we linked to earlier. You can find it here:

April Wilkerson

The tutorial from April Wilkerson has a more homespun feel to it, but that also makes it friendlier and more accessible. Both videos are outstanding. April’s is right here:

Bar Height Adirondack Chair Plans Conclusion

Adirondack furniture is beautiful, but it’s also expensive if you buy it rather than make your own. That fact puts it out of reach of many people who’d love to own some. That’s one of the reasons these types of plans have recently become popular.

Whatever has led you to seek free bar-height Adirondack chair plans, we’ve got you covered.

We’re also very interested in making this the best-curated collection of outdoor bar height Adirondack chairs PDF free plans anywhere on the web, so if you know about a source for high-quality plans we didn’t mention here, please leave a comment and let us know about it. We’ll be more than happy to evaluate it for possible inclusion in this article.

Happy building!

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