In a Nutshell:

The Cozzia EC 670 is a mid-range chair with enough features to make it interesting, but in our view, has an unsuccessful design. Unfortunately, we do not recommend the Cozzia EC 670 massage chair. Most other models simply offer you a better value for your money.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use

Overall Rating



  • 3D roller technology with S-Track design
  • Manually tweak the roller positions
  • Two different massage techniques at the same time
  • 30 second generation Airbags with five intensity levels


  • Lacks foot rollers, calf heat, and zone-activated airbags
  • No temperature controls or memory slots
  • Limited Zero-G seating positions
  • Ottoman is not extendable
Cozzia EC 670 Massage Chair

Unfortunately, we do not recommend the Cozzia EC 670 massage chair. 

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Unfortunately, this product has been DISCONTINUED, you can check out other Cozzia massage chairs we’ve reviewed. 

If you’re in the market for a massage chair and have been considering the Cozzia EC 670 massage chair, then you’re going to want to read this review.

We do not recommend this Cozzia chair EC 670 not because it doesn’t have some attractive features. Actually, it does, and we’ll cover them in detail in the sections that follow. The biggest problem is simply that for the money, virtually every other chair on the market offers better value.

This was a good, but ultimately a failed attempt at a mid-range design by Cozzia, as evidenced by the fact that it no longer appears on the company’s product listing page.

After reading our review, you may still decide to go ahead and make the purchase. We don’t want to choose for you, so let’s dive into the various features that drive the chair to see what it has to offer.

An Overview of the Cozzia EC 670 Massage Chair

Cozzia EC 670 Massage Chair Features

S-Track & Quad Rollers

The model gets off to a strong start by being built around an S-Track and incorporating quad rollers.

Both of these are industry standards, and the combination results in a consistently good massage experience: the S-Track, by allowing the rollers to follow the natural curve of your body’s spine; and the quad rollers by closely mimicking the feel of human hands.

3D Roller Technology

Front Image View of Cozzia EC 670

Technically, all S-Track Massage chairs already have 3D technology. The curved track means that the rollers can move in three dimensions (x-, y-, and z-axis). But, 3D roller technology takes this to the next level.

Essentially, what they did here was to add extension arms on the rollers that enable them to move an extra 3” away from the massage track, resulting in an even deeper and more satisfying massage experience.

3D Body Scan

This is also an industry standard and is used to further enhance the overall quality of the massage. Let’s face it. If the rollers aren’t hitting the sore spots on your back, then you’re not going to get a very satisfying result from the chair.

Each time you sit on the chair, it will scan your body and make a note of your pressure points, adjusting the position of the rollers based on the scan results.

Plus, if the scan missed the mark, the remote enables you to manually tweak the roller positions and the width of the massage field. This guarantees an optimal experience, every time you use the chair.

Zero-Gravity Seating

Zero Gravity Position of Cozzia EC 670

This is a highly attractive feature, which makes its addition here welcome indeed.

The reason people like it so much is the fact that Zero-G further enhances the overall quality of the massage by placing you in a position such that your knees are elevated slightly above your heart.

From this position, more of the body weight is pressing down and against the rollers, resulting in a deeper, more penetrating massage.

The execution is imperfect, as the EC 670 only offers a single Zero-G seating position. The industry standard is two (though you will often see chairs with up to three different seating positions). Even so, the fact that it is present in any form has to be counted as a net positive for the design.

A Ton of Options

This is one thing that Cozzia does well, across the board, but curiously, something that doesn’t get touted highly by most reviewers. Pound for pound, a typical Cozzia chair offers more customization options than most other chairs it finds itself in competition with. The EC 670 is no exception.

The layout is a bit confusing in this model. They’ve got some of their massage styles mixed in with their pre-programmed options. But, regarding the techniques you can select from in manual mode, you get:

The dual action feature is of particular interest, because it dramatically increases the number of customization options available, allowing you to select two different massage techniques at the same time.

Where the pre-programmed massage options are concerned, the EC 670 offers:

  • Gentle
  • Therapy
  • Demo
  • Relax
  • Recovery
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Chinese

All massage options default to a fifteen-minute duration. It can be further customized via the remote through five different speed and intensity settings.

This is another big win because most massage chairs only offer three speed/intensity settings, so again, kudos to Cozzia!

Air Massage Mode

Recliner Position of Cozzia EC 670

While it would not be fair to say that the EC 670’s air massage is a fail, it is at best, an average feature implementation.

It utilizes 30 Second Generation Airbags strategically located throughout the chair.

That’s a somewhat lower number than we’d expect for a chair in the mid-range, but given that these are Second Generation Airbags, they certainly render an acceptable air massage.

As with the roller-based massage, you can customize your experience via the remote through five intensity levels.

Unfortunately, unlike many other Cozzia models, you can’t selectively activate Air Massage Mode in a particular body region. Such a loss. It’s a great feature you don’t find in many chairs by other manufacturers. Its inclusion here would have made the implementation stronger, in our view.

Lumbar Heat

Lumber Hear Diagram of Cozzia EC 670

This is another missed opportunity, in our opinion.

Heat in any form is always a welcome feature addition. However, there’s nothing remarkable about its implementation. And for the money, they’re asking for this model, there should be.

As it stands, the heat is located in the lumbar area only and is binary. You can just activate it or leave it off. No precise temperature adjustment allowed.

Even so, if you suffer from chronic lower back pain, this will probably be the feature you wind up using the most. Heat plus massage will give you more therapeutic benefit than massage alone.

Seat Vibration

We’re not sure why this is featured in so many of Cozzia’s designs. While some people love it, touting the fact that it increases circulation and blood flow in your hips and thighs, most people find it to be too jarring to be enjoyable.

It’s one of those things you’ll have to try for yourself to see which camp you fall into. But, don’t be surprised if you don’t wind up using it very often.

Body Stretch

Our Cozzia EC 670 review would not be complete if we wouldn’t call particular attention to the body stretch function. Having mentioned a few features with lackluster implementation, we have to say that the body stretch is very well rendered.

The airbags in the leg massage ports will hold you firmly in place as the chair reclines, slowly stretching the back. As a result, it provides most of the same benefits you’d get from a visit to your chiropractor’s office when you get a spinal adjustment.

People who suffer from chronic back pain will definitely love this feature. This is because it provides almost immediate relief, by taking pressure off compressed discs in your spine, which is the leading cause of back pain.

If we had to single out one feature to name as the stand-out for the model, it would be a tossup between this and the sheer number of options available. A job very well done!

Foot & Calf Massage

Left Image of Cozzia EC 670

This is, in our view, another lackluster feature of the EC 670, for the simple reason that it has no foot rollers for the soles of the feet. The chair relies exclusively on airbags to render both the calf and the foot massage.

The result is certainly acceptable, but unremarkable. If you spend several hours a day on your feet, you’d be better served by considering another model. Preferably one that offers both foot rollers and calf heat.

There’s nothing outright wrong with the way they implemented the feature. It’s just not as strong as it should be. And for the money, we don’t find that to be acceptable.

Adjustable Timer

While all of the massage options default to a fifteen-minute duration, the timer adjustment feature allows you to modify this in five-minute increments, to a minimum duration of five, and a maximum duration of sixty.

Note that as with most other massage chairs Cozzia does not recommend using the chair for longer than sixty minutes at a time due to the possibility of overheating.


Remote Controller of Cozzia EC 670

There are blue LED lights located on the sides of the chair. While these do not enhance the quality of the massage experience in any way, many people find that by turning the lights down or off in the room, the soft bluish glow helps them relax. A minor feature, to be sure, but one that some people enjoy.

(Fairly) Simple Remote

Earlier in our review, we made mention of the fact that the massage styles and techniques seemed to be mixed together. Overall, we weren’t impressed with the layout and design of the remote.

Buttons just aren’t where you’d expect them to be. You have to hunt for the features you want until you’re accustomed to using the chair, which adds to the learning curve.

We’ve seen Cozzia do a much better job with their remotes, so we’re a bit mystified why they fell down here. But we can’t call this one of the strong suits of the design. It’s just cumbersome to use, in our opinion.

Once you’ve mastered the chair, it’s fine. But until then, expect to spend some time hunting for the “right” buttons to push.

A Brief Word About The Cozzia EC 670 Manual

We’ve had a few people write in and ask us about an online manual for this model. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to locate one.

The chair is no longer listed on Cozzia’s product page, and there’s no reference to the model on the page where their other manuals are accessed. This tells us that the company is pulling away from this design, so there’s no telling how much longer it will be readily available for purchase.

All that to say, if you buy it, be careful not to lose your hard copy of the user manual because a replacement will be very hard to come by!

Pros & Cons of the Cozzia EC 670 Massage Chair

We wanted to like this chair, and admittedly, it gets a lot of things right.

Unfortunately, the design also has some weak spots. These are made worse by the fact that they want a lot of money for this chair. It’s on the high end of the mid-range. In that price bracket, you expect to see robust feature implementations from top to bottom.

Here are the biggest missed opportunities for the model, in our view:

  • ​No Foot Rollers or Calf Heat – again, bearing in mind the price of the EC 670, both of these should be present. If they were, it would add significantly to its therapeutic value.
  • ​More Airbags – Thirty is sufficient to render a decent, but not a superb air massage. It’s competitors typically do a better job here.
  • ​Zone-Activated Airbags – A feature common in many other Cozzia chairs. Its absence here is a mystery.
  • ​Temperature Controls – Adding this would give the model a level of polish it currently lacks.
  • Memory Slots – Given the sheer number of massage combinations the 670 makes available, we consider this to be a huge lost opportunity for the company.
  • MP3 Support – A minor feature, but a wildly popular one that’s offered by most of the chairs the EC 670 competes with.
  • More Zero-G Seating Positions
  • An Extendable Ottoman – To allow the chair to accommodate users taller than 6’2.​​​​

Cozzia EC 670 Review Conclusion

Here, we have to bring up the matter of the Cozzia EC 670 price again. At the end of the day, when you compare this model to comparably priced chairs offered by other companies, you’re just not getting the kind of value for your money you’d expect to.

It’s true that this chair gets several things right. It offers an incredible number of massage combination options. It has a great body stretch. It’s roller-based massage is excellent.

Unfortunately, those things are overshadowed by other poorly implemented features. If you’re going to pay mid-range prices for a massage chair, you want a model that gets just about everything right, and the 670 doesn’t.

If you can live with the limitations we’ve outlined, you might be happy with this model. However, we just cannot recommend it, and the manufacturer seems to agree, given that it no longer appears on their website.

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