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We’ll update this rating as we get more information about the Infinity Presidential Massage Chair. Recommended for anyone.

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  • Hybrid L/S-Track & quad rollers with 3d body scan
  • Two Zero-Gravity seating positon
  • Range of 40+ airbags
  • Bluetooth compatible


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Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued. Check out other Infinity massage chair reviews.

Before we begin, we have to make a note of the fact that this will be a somewhat abbreviated review. The chair is not yet in production on Infinity’s website, so you’ll see “Coming Soon” written across the image of the chair.

We’ll be updating this piece once full information is available. Although, we know enough about this model to give you a good sense of what it will be like when it’s available.

With that proviso in mind, let’s dive right in and see what this model has to offer!

An Overview of the Infinity Presidential Massage Chair

Front View of Infinity Presidential Massage Chair

Hybrid L/S-Track & Quad Rollers

We know that the Infinity Presidential chair utilizes a Hybrid L/S track design that’s 49” in length. This allows the quad rollers to massage the user from the neck and head all the way under the seat to give attention to the glutes and backs of the thighs.

Quad rollers are the current industry standard and closely mimic the feel of human hands. The combination of the two sets the stage for a truly world-class massage.

3D Body Scan

Building on the technologies above, 3D Body Scanning enhances the massage experience by ensuring the rollers are hitting all the sore spots of the user. Before the rollers start working their magic, a scan is taken. Then, the computer built into the chair adjusts the position of the rollers to ensure they hit all the pressure points.

If the technology gets wrong, the Presidential adds buttons on the remote that allow you to manually position the rollers and adjust the width of the massage field. Taken together, this creates a bulletproof system that guarantees a great massage experience.

Zero-Gravity Seating

Inspired by NASA, Zero-G seating helps to further enhance the massage experience by reclining the user to a position where the knees are elevated above the heart. From this position, most of the body’s weight is pressing down and against the rollers, increasing the intensity of your massage.

We know that this model is slated to feature two different positions, accessible at the touch of a button. While there are some models that offer three, this is a robust feature implementation.

Here Are the Options We Know About

We don’t yet have a complete picture of the total number of options that the Infinity Presidential Massage Chair will bring to the table, but there are some things we do know.

Infinity has a reputation for offering more massage combinations than most other chairs it competes with at any given price point. And we don’t expect this model to deviate from that path.

Regarding massage styles, it offers:

The music sync function isn’t a true massage technique. Nonetheless, it’s interesting and worth experimenting with. When you use it, it synchronizes the movement of the rollers to the beat of whatever music you’re listening to at the time. Change the music, and the feel of the massage changes, sometimes markedly.

The combination feature is a nice touch, allowing you to select any two techniques to use together.

What we don’t yet know precisely is how many speed and intensity adjustments will be available. Most other Infinity models offer 5-6. So, we expect it to be in this range, but cannot confirm at this time.

Air Massage Mode

We know that the Infinity Presidential Massage Chair has airbags; we just don’t know how many. It will probably be in the range of 40+ airbags, which is more than the Altera (a less expensive Infinity model) and less than the Imperial (Infinity’s flagship model).

We’ll update this review with the exact number once we have the information, along with how many intensity levels you can modify air massage with. Our best estimate will be five power levels.

In any case, we do know that the airbags are located in the following areas:

If the Infinity sticks to their typical design paradigm, you’ll be able to selectively activate airbags by body region. However, we can’t confirm that at this point.


We don’t have any information about the possible presence of heat in this model. But, both the Altera and the Imperial models offer lumbar heat. So, we can expect the same thing here, at a minimum.

Calf & Foot Massage

Information on this feature is spotty. The Infinity Massage Chair Presidential may utilize a combination of airbags and calf rollers as the Imperial does, or airbags only, as the Altera does.

We know that it includes foot rollers, but we don’t know if the intensity is adjustable or if they are dual or quad rollers. We’ll update this section of the review as we get more information.

We can say, however, that this is typically a very robust feature implementation in other Infinity models, and we expect no less here.

Body Stretch & Waist Twist

Both of these features are provided together on a broad range of Infinity models. Truly, it’s a great feature combination. Since the body stretch is too intense for some people, the waist twist is also offered as a milder substitute.

Both features provide almost immediate pain relief by taking pressure off compressed discs in the spine. This is a tremendously powerful therapeutic combination and one of the hallmarks of Infinity designs.

Bluetooth Compatible

There are built-in speakers in the headrest, and the chair is Bluetooth compatible. This allows you to sync your smartphone with the speakers wirelessly and enjoy your favorite music while you’re getting a massage.

Extendable Ottoman

We have no information about whether or not the Presidential will offer this feature or what the maximum recommended height for the chair will be at the time of writing.

Control Options

The remote is not explicitly mentioned, but all other Infinity models have them, so we expect to see one here as well. We also know that the Presidential will feature a downloadable app for both iOS and Android, but we have no details about it at this time.

Pros & Cons of the Infinity Massage Chair Presidential

With an incomplete picture of everything this Infinity Presidential Chair brings to the table, it’s impossible to write with any authority about what the chair might be lacking. This section will be expanded as we get full details.

Infinity Presidential Chair Review Final Thoughts

The Infinity Massage Chair Presidential is shaping up to be an excellent model, falling between the Altera and the Imperial in the company’s lineup.

We can’t issue a strong recommendation yet, in the absence of complete information. But if this model holds true to form, we imagine it will be an excellent option, offered at the high end of the mid-range of the pricing spectrum.

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