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An even bigger and better furniture set than RST’s six-piece offering. The RST Brands Deco 8-Piece Outdoor Furniture Set is recommended for anyone weighing up to 400 pounds who is looking for an all in one outdoor furniture solution.

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Brand Reliability*
Aesthetic Flexibility**

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* Brand Reliability is a measure of the strength and longevity of the brand, which by extension, is a measure of the level of support you can expect. ** While aesthetics is a matter of taste, Aesthetic Flexibility is a measure of how easily a given design would fit into a wide range of home or office décor schemes.


  • High-quality furniture with good post-sales service and support
  • Painless assembly process
  • Stands up well to the elements
  • Well-padded and comfortable seating options
  • Offers some customization options with seat pad color choices


  • Expensive due to the number of pieces and high-quality materials
  • Made of rattan, which may not be everyone’s preferred material
RST Brands Deco 8-Piece Outdoor Furniture Set

Recommended For: Anyone weighing up to 400 pounds who is looking for an all-in-one outdoor furniture solution.

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Are you interested in getting some good quality outdoor furniture? Are you specifically interested in furniture that can support a generous amount of user weight? If so, then you know how frustrating the search can be, and you’re going to love what you read in this review.

Here’s the problem: Most of the furniture sold today only supports in the neighborhood of 300-pounds. That’s great for regular-sized people, but if you’re heavier than that, or if you regularly entertain guests who are, then finding furniture that’s sufficiently well-built can be a real chore.

Even worse, a lot of what you do find is individual pieces, which can make it tough to create a seamless aesthetic in the outdoor spaces around your home.

Furniture sets are an obvious solution to the problem, but again, many of the sets on the market today just aren’t built with bigger, heavier people in mind. That’s why we love RST!

The brand isn’t huge, so you may not have heard of them before. But, they have been in the furniture game for a while with a well-established reputation for quality and customer service. They offer many different sets designed to meet a wide range of tastes and preferences, but this eight-piece set is one of the most expansive in the company’s product line.

A club chair of the RST Brands Deco 8-Piece Patio Furniture Set with bliss blue padding

As such, if you already have at least some outdoor furniture, you may not have the space for something like the RST Brands Deco 8-piece outdoor furniture set, in which case, their six-piece set or one of their even smaller offerings might be a better fit. This one is really designed to be a one-stop solution for people who are looking to acquire outdoor furniture and who don’t have any at all. If that describes your situation, you’re going to love what you read here!

Given the above, we understand that this one isn’t going to be for everyone, but by the time you reach the end of this review, we think you’ll agree that it’s fantastic. In the sections that follow, we’ll give you full details so you can decide for yourself if this is the set you’ve been searching for. Let’s jump right in and see what it has to offer!

An Overview of the RST Brands Deco 8-Piece Patio Furniture Set

There’s a lot of furniture in this set. The RST Brands Deco 8-Piece outdoor furniture set includes a large outdoor sofa in two sections, two club chairs, a pair of Ottomans, a small side table and a coffee table. Let’s take a closer look at the furniture, by the numbers:

  • Sofa Dimensions: 96” W x 36” D x 32” H
  • Club Chair Dimensions: 30” W x 33” D x 32” H
  • Ottoman Dimensions: 30” W x 20” D x 17” H
  • Coffee Table Dimensions: 46” L x 26” W x 16” H
  • Side Table Dimensions: 20” L x 20” W x 19”
  • Seat Height: 18”
  • Seat Width: 24”
  • Seat Depth: 24”
  • Maximum Supported Weight: 400 pounds (chairs), 800 pounds (sofa)

We love all of these numbers. The seat dimensions paint this chair as being a perfect match for bigger, taller folk (the typical big and tall seat height range starts at 18” and goes to 22” or more). We love the seat width, too, because even if you’re quite close to the chair’s 400-pound weight limit, you won’t have any problems fitting comfortably into the seat.

The side table is smallish but still big enough to be useful. The coffee table is excellent, though it doesn’t offer a storage shelf below the tabletop, as many outdoor coffee tables do.

The furniture itself is a deep brown color which is typical of rattan furniture, but the company gives you some flexibility in terms of the look and feel by offering padding in five different color options:

Charcoal grey variant of the RST Brands Deco 8-Piece Outdoor Sofa and Club Chairs Set
Charcoal Grey
White variant of the RST Brands Deco 8-Piece Outdoor Furniture Set
Ginkgo green variant of the RST Brands Deco 8-Piece Patio Furniture Set
Ginkgo Green
Bliss blue variant of the RST Brands Deco 8Pc Sofa & Club Chair Set
Bliss Blue
Tikka orange variant of the RST Brands Deco 8-Piece Sofa & Club Chairs Set

The fact that the company offers this set in a mix of neutral and bold colors gives you tons of flexibility. You can either use this set as an eyepopping centerpiece to the rest of your outdoor décor or get something in a neutral color that makes it easier to blend other elements seamlessly.

The only real issue here is the fact that some people just aren’t fans of rattan furniture. We have to admit that we’re not huge fans of rattan ourselves, but honestly, it’s such well-made, great looking furniture that it won us over.

Part of the issue is that pure rattan furniture has a reputation for being a bit on the flimsy side, but that’s not what this is. The rattan here is actually laid over a powder-coated aluminum frame, which provides the bulk of its strength and durability while keeping each individual piece light enough that it’s easy to move it around if you want or need to.

Adjustability and Comfort

Large sofa of the RST Brands Deco 8Pc Sofa & Club Chair Set with Ginkgo green cushions

Nothing about any of the furniture offered in the RST Brands Deco 8-piece patio furniture set is adjustable. Still, you’ll be impressed at the level of comfort it provides.

Although RST doesn’t use any advanced comfort materials, the block foam padding in the seat pads of the sofa, the club chairs, and the Ottomans is present in sufficient quantity that it provides a delightful seating experience, even if you spend several hours at a stretch lounging on your new outdoor furniture.

The seatbacks are cushioned via large pillows accompanied by smaller throws, both stuffed with poly fiberfill. These two (block foam and fiberfill) are industry standards and used in a wide range of furniture.

The padding is upholstered in a durable, breathable all-weather polyester filament-based fabric that’s quick-drying and easy to clean. The bottom line here is simply that this furniture was designed for lounging rather than as occasional seating. We love it, and we think you will too.

Light Assembly Required

Most of the furniture you can buy online these days will arrive at your door in large boxes and unassembled. That’s the case with the RST Brands Deco 8pc Sofa & Club chair set too, but the company has taken pains to make the assembly process as simple and painless as possible.

If you order this set, you’ll get eight boxes in all. Still, the furniture inside is already partially assembled, which speeds the process of getting it ready for first use. That process is made simpler still because the production quality of the furniture is quite high, and the assembly instructions are clear.

Overall, it’s still going to take you a couple of hours to complete the job, but that’s mostly because it’s such a large, expansive set. The process itself is relatively painless and goes much more quickly if you’ have an assistant standing by to lend a hand on the day the furniture arrives.

Note that the company doesn’t offer an expert assembly option here. We’d love it if they did, but we understand why they didn’t.

RST Brands Deco 8-Piece Patio Furniture Set Pros and Cons

We like almost everything about the RST Brands Deco 8-piece sofa and club chairs set. In our view, its biggest selling points are as follows:


  • It’s surprisingly high-quality furniture.
  • There’s a lot of it. It contains everything you need to start entertaining outdoors as soon as you get it put together.
  • The assembly process is surprisingly painless, given how much furniture is included in the set.
  • RTS has a good reputation, not just for quality products, but also for post-sales service and support.
  • The powder-coated aluminum stands up well to the elements, including the salty air common in coastal regions.
  • The rattan is treated to provide better protection against the elements.
  • The seats and the Ottomans are well padded and comfortable, meaning that you can use this furniture for more than just short duration, occasional seating.
Red variant of the RST Brands Deco 8 Piece Outdoor Furniture Set

There are a modest number of seat pad color options available, which gives you at least some ability to customize and personalize your space.

Unfortunately, there are two potential downsides to the set that may be deal-breakers for you.

  • First is, it’s pricey. Part of the reason it’s expensive is that it’s a big set with a lot of different pieces. The other, of course, is that you pay a premium for quality, and this is high-quality, high weight capacity outdoor furniture.
  • Second is the fact that it’s rattan. If you like rattan furniture, that will actually be a point in this set’s favor, but not everyone does. It managed to impress us, but if you’re just not a fan, you may find it somewhat less impressive.

RST Brands Deco 8-Piece Outdoor Furniture Set Review Conclusion

The RST Brands Deco 8-Piece outdoor furniture set is a fabulous, all-encompassing set of high weight capacity outdoor furniture. We’re not even fans of rattan furniture, and it impressed us with its quality, durability, and the wonderful aesthetic it offers. Yes, it is pricey, and you’ll need a lot of free space to make effective use of everything you get in this set. If you’ve got the space, though, it’s well worth saving up for, and it will serve you well. We highly recommend it.

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