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One feature that defines the T4 Spa Stellar Pedicure Chair: massage. If you’re looking for a spa chair that gives an unforgettable massage experience to your clients, this is the one. Recommended for anyone. Its relatively small size makes it an ideal choice for smaller spas and salons.

Customization options
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  • Good massage offered
  • Minimalist design
  • Affordable price


  • Limited features
T4 Spa Stellar Pedicure Chair

Recommended For: Anyone who wants to give their clients added massage experience. Its relatively small size is ideal for smaller spas and salons.

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Some pedicure chairs are notable because of their set of client- or technician-side features.  Others are notable because of their styling, or because they offer a vast number of customization options.

None of those things describe the T4 Stellar.  More than any other pedicure chair we’ve reviewed to date, this model is defined by a single feature, and it earned its place on our roundup review list on the strength and quality of its massage.

Obviously, that’s not all the chair can do, but as you’ll see, that feature really defines the model and is what makes it stand out.

In the sections below, we’ll talk at length about the massage function and go over everything else the chair has to offer. Even if you ultimately decide this isn’t the model for you, we think you’ll agree; it definitely deserves consideration.

An Overview of the T4 Spa Pedicure Chair

Footprint and Aesthetic

The first thing you’ll notice about the Stellar is its relatively small size.  Its dimensions are a scant 32” x 32” x 43,” and it weighs just 93 pounds.  If you have a small shop space, its diminutive size alone will make this one a stand-out.

It also features a relatively Spartan design.  It’s not an unattractive model by any means, but it’s clear that the design team spent more of their time on function, and relatively less on the form.

In some respects, its minimalist aesthetic is a blessing, because it means that the T4 spa pedicure chair tends to blend seamlessly with whatever aesthetic you have.  It’s small and unobtrusive.  It won’t stand out.

STELLAR Gold HTxT4s, T4 Stellar Pedicure Chair, Rightfront
Gold HTxT4s
STELLAR White Gold HTxT4s, T4 Stellar Pedicure Chair, Rightfront
White Gold HTxT4s

Note that there are relatively few color customization options available too (cappuccino, espresso, cream and red), which may limit its appeal, depending on the predominant color scheme used in your shop.

Technician-Centered Features

The T4 Spa pedicure chair’s technician-centered features are basic but certainly functional.  The chair provides a manicure tray and an adjustable footrest to make your technician’s jobs a bit easier, but there’s nothing exceptional about either feature.

An Image of Cappuccino Variant of T4 Stellar Pedicure Chair

This is yet another pipeless chair design, but unlike most of the other models we’ve reviewed, the price of the discharge pump isn’t included in the base model of the chair.  If you want it (and you’ll definitely want it), you’ll have to pay an extra $150.

We don’t like it when companies do this.  It’s not precisely underhanded marketing, but it does give you a false impression as to the overall cost of the chair.  What makes it even stranger is that even with the pump included in the base price, it’s still an exceptional value for the money. It’s not like the company accomplished anything by disguising the true cost of the chair.

There’s not much else to say about the technician-centric features, because that’s not why you’ll pick this chair.

Client-Centered Features

As we mentioned at the start, this chair has one feature that stands out above the rest – its back massage.

Only a minority of the pedicure chairs being sold today offer massage and most of the ones that do only provide a very basic vibration-style massage.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  It’s a decent, if unexceptional massage, but the T4 spa chair is something altogether different.

In the first place, the chair was designed by a company called Human Touch. They’re one of the finest manufacturers of massage chairs in the business, and their designs are both exquisite and compelling.

It should come as no surprise then that the massage offered by the T4 Stellar is better by far than massage provided by the other pedicure chairs we’ve seen.  Of course, it should be noted that compared to dedicated massage chairs, the Stellar is still rather minimalist, but then, it’s a pedicure chair after all, and massage isn’t its primary function.

In the place of a standard vibration-style massage, your clients will be able to choose from four different basic massage functions, including:

An Image of Red Variants of T4 Stellar Pedicure Chair
  • Stretch
  • Tone
  • Flex
  • Glide

In addition to that, they can activate massage by body region, and adjust both the width and height of the massage field. The remote is simply designed and clearly marked, so your clients will have no trouble getting exactly the massage they’re looking for while your technicians set about their work.

In addition to the excellent back massage, there are also jets in the foot bowl, which deliver an excellent foot massage. Taken together, these things will leave your clients feeling pampered and satisfied. 

Other than that, the only other client-centric feature worth mentioning is the presence of a cup holder.  A small but potentially significant detail.

Pros and Cons of the T4 Stellar Spa Pedicure Chair

Although the T4 pedicure chair ranked a modest fourth place in our roundup review, we love this chair, mostly because of the surprisingly good massage offered.  We also love the relatively minimalist design, but we recognize that not everyone will share our view.

An Illustration logo of T4 Spa

Its only real weakness then, is the minimalist design philosophy.  It’s very good at what it does, but it lacks the depth of features offered by many other chairs.  On the flip side, the relatively modest feature set also means it comes with a lower price.

T4 Stellar Pedicure Chair Review Conclusion

The T4 Stellar pedicure chair is by no means a perfect chair, and we did not allow our personal preferences to influence our rankings.  If we had, we would have placed this model at, or near the top overall.

If you’re not a fan of the minimalist design philosophy, you’re probably not going to like this model even with the excellent massage. But, if you’re on a budget and looking for a way to distinguish yourself from the competition, then offering an exquisite massage in addition to your other services is an excellent way to do it.

Despite its somewhat low overall ranking, we highly recommend this model.  You’ll love it, and more importantly, your clients will too.

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