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A solid entrant in the Apex lineup. Well-designed and versatile, the Apex AP Vista massage chair offers several convenience features, plus therapeutic value for people who suffer from chronic pain in the lower back and lower extremities. Recommended for anyone with limited space.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money
Brand Reliability*

Overall Rating

* Brand Reliability is a measure of the strength and longevity of the brand, which by extension, is a measure of the level of support you can expect.


  • Great massage
  • Space-saving design
  • Therapeutic heat


  • No built-in speakers/MP3 port
  • No calf heating element
  • No head airbags

Do you long for enjoying a soothing, relaxing day spa experience from the comfort of your home?

Are you interested in the idea of a massage chair, but worried that you just don’t have enough space for one?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then the Apex AP Vista massage chair might just be what you’re looking for.

In the review that follows, we’ll take an in-depth look at every feature that this massage chair has to offer, so you can make an informed decision whether this one perfectly fits your needs and lifestyle.

​Apex AP Vista Massage Chair Overview

Before we get to the meat of our Apex AP Vista review, let’s take a moment to clear up a common misconception. There’s conflicting information on the web regarding this chair with some sites claiming that there are three different models that make up the Apex AP Vista massage chair line.

However, this is incorrect. We have confirmed with the manufacturer that there’s just one model, which comes in three colors (beige, brown, and black). If you see anything online referring to “Models A, B, and C” regarding this chair, those only pertain to the chair’s color variants.

Apex Vista Massage Chair Color Variants

Apex AP Vista Massage Chair Black - Chair Institute
Apex AP Vista Massage Chair Brown - Chair Institute
Apex AP Vista Massage Chair Beige - Chair Institute

Having said that, let’s dive right in and see what this chair has to offer!

​Features of the Apex Vista Massage Chair

Space-Saving Technology

Apex has called this technology as “zero-wall design-forwarding,” but whatever name you use for it, it amounts to the same thing. Unlike many other models, which require 24” or more of clearance between the backrest and the wall when in an upright position, the Apex Vista massage chair requires no more than four inches of wall clearance.

When in use, the chair pivots on its base as it reclines, minimizing the space requirement for it to function. This is ideal for users who don’t have a lot of space to work with.

​Hybrid/Dual Track System

It’s important to note that the Apex AP Vista massage chair is built around a hybrid L/S Track system. This is a relatively recent development in massage chair engineering and technology and is a cost-saving measure by Apex.

The hybrid system gives the same massage quality as the S-Track by allowing the rollers to move in and out following the spine’s natural curvature. However, rather than ending the massage at the lower back, the massage rollers continue to move down to massage the glutes and the hamstrings.

Most often, you find cutting-edge features like this in top-end chairs. So, seeing it in a mid-range chair is a pleasant surprise.

Apex AP Vista Massage Chair Front - Chair Institute

​Quad Rollers

This is a standard feature in massage chairs today, even with budget-priced chairs. As such, it’s not at all surprising to see quad rollers in the Apex AP Vista massage chair.

Apex AP Vista Massage Chair Quad Rollers - Chair Institute

The reason quad rollers have become the industry standard is simply because they provide a better overall massage experience, almost perfectly mimicking the feel of human hands.

Plus, the pressure applied by the rollers as well as speed can be controlleindependently or simultaneously, with up to three adjustment levels for pressure and three increasing levels of speed.

​3D Body Scan Technology

This is another feature that’s commonly seen in massage chairs in this price range.

The Apex AP Vista massage chair boasts next generation body scanning technology that allows for a much more precise pressure point mapping, resulting in a higher quality massage experience.

Apex AP Vista Massage Chair Body Scan - Chair Institute

​Zero-Gravity Seating Positions

About less than half of the massage chairs on the market today offer a Zero-G recline function, which works to position the user such that the knees are above or aligned to the heartZero-gravity positions allow for a deeper, more therapeutic massage because the body’s weight works with the rollers, pressing down more firmly against them.

Most chairs that come with this feature only offer two zero-gravity positions. The Apex Vista massage chair stands out from the crowd with three zero-gravity seating positions for added flexibility and optimal level of comfort.

​Air Massage Mode

The Apex AP Vista massage chair comes with Second Generation Air Massage Technology and utilizes 30 airbags to deliver a massage from the shoulders to the feet. There are no airbags in the chair’s headrest, however.

While some may point out that other chairs in this price range usually have more airbags, don’t let the Apex Vista fool you.

The next generation technology allows the chair to give a better, more comprehensive, and more relaxing air massage than older models with a significantly higher airbag count. Plus, when in air massage mode, you can adjust the intensity of the massage up to five levels, from mild to strong.

Apex AP Vista Massage Chair Air Massage - Chair Institute

​Therapeutic Heat

It’s a pity that budget massage chairs for home use don’t come standard with lumbar heat; only about half of the chair models available in the market today do. Good thing, the AP Vista has it!

If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, the addition of heat therapy to a massage takes it from being good to great and provides huge benefits.

Apex AP Vista Massage Chair Lumbar Heat - Chair Institute

​Glute Massage

The chair also features a massage plate below the seat cushion, which can be activated independently to add a vibration-style massage to the glutes and the backs of the thighs. This is a relatively minor feature, but certainly worth noting.

Apex AP Vista Massage Chair Glute Massage - Chair Institute

​Smart Ottoman Technology

In addition to the 3D Body Scanning Technology, the ottoman of the Apex Vista automatically scans the length of the calf and adjusts the position of the airbags in that area accordingly. This allows users of different heights to enjoy the same quality calf massage when the chair is in air massage mode.

Apex AP Vista Massage Chair Ottoman - Chair Institute

​Dual Foot Rollers

Moving further down the body, besides getting an airbag foot massage, the bottom of the ottoman also features dual foot rollers to massage the soles of the feet, providing soothing relief for people who are on their feet most of the day.

Apex AP Vista Massage Chair Foot Rollers - Chair Institute

​Plenty of Options

While it’s certainly possible to find a massage chair that offers a greater variety of massage styles, most people are fine with just having the basics. In line with this, the Apex Vista massage chair offers the following massage styles:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Shiatsu
  • Rolling
  • Combination
  • Punching

To get a massage chair with diverse options such as these, you’ll almost always have to look to the upper end of the price bracket. So this is a real treat, indeed!

Apex AP Vista Massage Chair Foot Rollers - Chair Institute

​LCD Remote

Another thing that Apex is great at is designing remote controls. The remote in the Apex Vista has one of the largest displays to provide a clear view of all of the chair’s functions such as massage type, intensity, speed and location, make on-the-fly changes to the massage as it occurs, and customize a massage to your heart’s content. 

Even if you’ve never tried a massage chair before, you can easily set up a custom massage experience.

​Pros & Cons of the Apex AP Vista Massage Chair

The Apex Vista massage chair gets a lot of things right. Its core features have a great deal of synergy, resulting in a world-class massage equal to anything you’d get in a day spa or a trip to the chiropractor’s office.

The inclusion of space-saving technology makes it ideal for home use, while the addition of therapeutic heat is of real benefit to chronic pain sufferers.

Having said all that, our Apex AP Vista review would not be complete without mentioning some of the notably absent from the model.

What’s Missing in the Apex Vista Massage Chair

  • Built-in Speakers or MP3 Port
  • Calf Heating Element, which would have been a natural pairing with the included lumbar heat
  • Airbags for Head Massage

These are, for most people, relatively minor oversights. However, some will count them as deal breakers, so it’s still best to note these when making your final decision. Click here to delve into our roundup review.

Apex AP Vista Review Conclusion

No matter how you slice it, the Apex AP Vista massage chair is a solid contender and should definitely be on your shortlist. What you’re essentially getting here is a second-generation massage chair that makes good use of recent technological advances in the industry.

The Apex Vista provides a great overall massage experience, can fit well into homes with limited space, and offers excellent therapeutic benefits to those who suffer from chronic lower back and leg pain.

As such, this Apex offering attracts a broad segment of the market and is highly recommended to anyone looking for a mid-range, feature-packed chair. We have reviewed other Apex chairs you can also check out.

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