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The Kahuna LM 9100 is a superb massage chair offered by one of the best companies in the industry. The Kahuna LM 9100 chair has very few weaknesses. It is recommended for anyone who can afford it, provided that you weigh no more than 280 pounds.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Brand Reliability*

Overall Rating

* Brand Reliability is a measure of the strength and longevity of the brand, which by extension, is a measure of the level of support you can expect.


  • Superb design with numerous positive features
  • Extensive heat is impressive
  • Has voice recognition and control
  • Very good calf and foot massage


  • Doesn’t support as much user weight
  • Only one advanced massage technique
  • Expensive compared to other models
Kahuna LM-9100 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone who can afford it, provided that you weigh no more than 280 pounds.

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Do you suffer from chronic pain to the point that you find yourself having to make regular visits to your local chiropractor? Are you looking for a top-quality massage chair to take the place of having to leave the house to keep those appointments?

If you answered yes to those questions, you’re going to like what you read in our Kahuna LM 9100 review

Kahuna is one of the most respected companies in the massage chair industry today. They make spectacularly good products, most of which sport what many people regard as the best body stretching technology in the business.

While casual users love these chairs, many – if not most Kahuna models – are packed with high-value therapeutic features that can help you manage and, in some cases, even eliminate your chronic pain. Click here to read our reviews of other Kahuna massage chairs.

The Kahuna LM9100 – and while it is a bit on the pricey side – if you suffer from chronic pain, this chair is an excellent option to consider.

In the following sections, we’ll tell you in-depth and in detail everything this model offers. And although there aren’t many points of weakness in the design, we won’t pull any punches when it comes to detailing those either. That way, you’ll have all the information you need to decide for yourself whether or not this model is right for you.

If that sounds good and your interest is piqued, read on, and let’s take a closer look.

An Overview Of The Kahuna Massage Chair LM-9100

Kahuna LM 9100 with midnight blue faux leather upholstery, black exterior, gold highlights, and a LED light on the side

As with most of the chairs that Kahuna makes, this model doesn’t try to hide what it is. There are companies out there (most notably Human Touch) that make chairs with hideaway leg massage ports. And at first glance, those chairs could pass for conventional recliners when they’re not in use.

If buying a massage chair that will blend in seamlessly with your living room’s décor scheme matters to you, then you’ll probably be happier with a chair like that, rather than one like this.

In practice, though, most people who suffer from chronic pain are much more interested in finding a chair that can help make them feel better. And if that’s where you “are,” then this is an excellent option to consider, despite the fact that it will probably look a little out of place when set next to the rest of the furniture in your living room.

The good news is that Kahuna offers the 9100 in a modest selection of colors (black, blue/black, or brown), so it’s usually fairly easy to match the overall color scheme of whatever room you place it in if nothing else.

It’s also worth mentioning that as massage chairs go, this one is a surprisingly small model – with overall dimensions of 57” L x 32” W x 44” H and weighing in at 227 pounds. That’s still fairly large, but as massage chairs go, it’s not bad at all.

From a practical perspective, it means that in general, even if you live in a smaller home or apartment, it shouldn’t be all that difficult to find a permanent home for the chair. 

This is made even easier by virtue of the fact that the 9100 is built with wall-hugging technology, so you’ll only need about 3” of clearance between the seatback and whatever wall you’re placing it near.

Unfortunately, one of this model’s very few weaknesses is the fact that it only supports 280 pounds of user weight.

While there’s no official industry standard, most of the chairs on the market today support at least 300 pounds of weight, with many models supporting significantly more than that. 

It’s not necessarily a deal-breaking limitation, but it is if you exceed the recommended weight limit, so it’s something to keep very much in mind.

SL-Track, Quad Rollers, and Zero-G Seating

This is a very strong component of our Kahuna LM 9100 review because the chair is built on exceptionally good bones.

Kahuna LM 9100 with dark blue faux leather upholstery and gold highlights, and an illustration of the chair's massage rollers

To start with, it sports an SL track, which means that the rollers begin at your head/neck and follow the contours of your spine. That’s where S-track chairs stop, but the track here keeps going, moving under the seat so the rollers can render a massage of the backs of your thighs and your glutes too.

In addition to that, the 9100 uses an exceptional system of “4D” quad rollers. There are two things that set the roller array offered here apart from what you find on most other massage chairs on the market today:

First, the rollers travel along the X-, Y-, and Z-Axis, giving it 3D capabilities. But in addition to that, the rollers also move in a circular pattern, which adds a 4th dimension.  

Second, most of the quad rollers you find on chairs these days sport equally sized rollers. This one doesn’t. The rollers on the bottom are slightly smaller, giving the massage rendered by the 9100 a completely different feel. We love it, and we think you will too!

Kahuna LM 9100 with black and silver exterior and in zero gravity recline with the leg ports elevated above the heart

The overall length of the Kahuna LM 9100 massage chair’s SL track is 45”, which is a decent length. But if you’re taller than about 6’1”, you will probably be better served by a different model.

The final thing to mention before we leave this section is the fact that the 9100 offers three different Zero-G seating options.

Zero-G is a superb feature with real therapeutic value. Only a minority of chairs on the market today offer it, and most of those only offer a single seating position. This model offers three. That is simply superb because Zero-G has been demonstrated to help improve blood flow and facilitate faster healing if you’ve recently had any kind of surgery.

Body Scanning Tech Included

Kahuna LM 9100 massage chair with black and silver exterior, black base, and black leg ports

Most of the massage chairs sold today incorporate body scanning technology in their designs, and this model is no exception. When you first sit in the chair, it will quietly take a scan of your body to find your pressure points and adjust the position of the rollers so they hit those points perfectly.

Kahuna has excellent, well-refined body scanning tech, and it gets the rollers in the right spot about 98% of the time.

On those rare occasions when the tech fails you and leaves the rollers out of positions, the Kahuna chair LM 9100 offers manual adjustments on the remote. So you’ll never have to worry about getting a substandard massage from this chair, and that’s awesome.

More Massage Options Than First Meets The Eye

At first glance, this may seem to be a somewhat disappointing element of our Kahuna LM 9100 review because, on its face, the 9100 only seems to offer Kneading, Tapping, Kneading and Tapping (Combination), and Shiatsu.

Kahuna Chair LM 9100 with dark brown faux leather upholstery, gold highlights on the seatback, and black and silver exterior

Those certainly aren’t bad, but you can find chairs on the market sold in the area of $1500 that offer those techniques.

On closer inspection, though, the 9100 offers far more than that. You’ll actually find: Kneading, Tapping, Tapping II, Kneading and Tapping, Shiatsu I, Shiatsu II, Shoulder Lifting, 3D I, 3D II, 3D III, and 3D IV.

Granted, these are variations on a theme, but they’re very good and markedly different variations.

Also, note the four different “3D” massage options. These are machine-generated by the clever engineers at Kahuna and programmed into these chairs. Since they’re machine-generated, there’s nothing else like them on the market.

Preferences and opinions will vary, but we were impressed by these options, and we think you’ll enjoy them. 

Kahuna LM 9100 massage chair's illustration of its various features

We do wish that the company had offered at least one additional advanced technique, however, but that’s a relatively minor complaint in the greater scheme of things.

In addition to offering a surprising number of massage techniques, you’ll find an impressive twenty-one preprogrammed massage options on offer here. These include:

  • Fast Massage
  • Comfortable Massage
  • Relaxing Massage
  • Stretching Massage
  • Full Body Massage
  • Neck and Shoulder Massage
  • Back and Waist Massage
  • Full Airbag Massage
  • Stress Relieving
  • Energy
  • Good Night Sleep
  • Joint Care
  • Neck and Shoulder Care
  • Spine Massage
  • Office Regimen
  • Sport Recovery
  • Brain Refresh
  • Spine Care
  • Waist Care
  • Leg Care
  • Rejuvenation

The well-written user manual describes all of these in more detail. But the names of each one are displayed on the remote and do a good job at describing, at least in a general sense, what each one is for. However, the one to draw your attention to is the body stretch massage.

As we mentioned earlier, Kahuna has what many people regard as the best body stretch in the industry, and the fact that it is included here adds another powerful therapeutic feature to the 9100’s design.

Each massage defaults to a 20-minute duration. From the remote, you can adjust the duration by either +/-5 minutes or +/-10 minutes, to an absolute maximum of 40 minutes.

Kahuna LM 9100 with black faux leather upholstery, gold highlights, silver and black exterior, and a wired remote

It gets better. You can adjust the speed of the rollers and their intensity via the remote, choosing from 5 different levels of speed and intensity

Best of all, this chair is one of the few on the market that features a memory function, allowing you to design your perfect massage then save the settings for one-touch recall later.  

There are a total of five such slots. You can create a variety of custom massage routines, or if you live with others, everybody can save their own favorite massage, which is superb!

An Airbag Massage Too!

The Kahuna LM 9100 offers an airbag-based massage as well, rendered by a total of 36 airbags strategically located throughout the chair.

Like the roller-based massage, the intensity of the airbag massage can be adjusted via five different intensity levels. And this model also offers air cells that give users an acupressure massage on their hands, which you don’t find very often on chairs at any price. 

Kahuna LM9100 in blue and black variant, with an illustration of the chair's shoulder detection feature

If you have arthritis or some other form of chronic hand pain, this may wind up being your favorite aspect of the design.

One limitation to be mindful of where the airbag massage is concerned, though, is the fact that you can only specify two different body regions (upper and lower). Most other chairs offer you to zero in on specific parts of your body, but you can’t do that here.

We’re not really sure why, but it does feel like an oversight. It’s not something that will be a dealbreaker for most people, but it is something to keep in mind.

Whole Back Heat

Kahuna LM9100 with blue faux leather upholstery, gold highlights, and heating for the entire back, shoulders, neck, and head

You’ll only find heat offered on about a third of the massage chairs sold today. Heat is another powerful therapeutic feature that enhances the quality of any massage, so we were thrilled to see it included here.

Even better, where most chairs offer lumbar heat only, the 9100 offers what they call “Ondol” heat, which encompasses the whole back, shoulders, neck, and head. That’s amazing, and it feels great when paired with a massage rendered at any intensity level.

A Very Good Calf & Foot Massage

Kahuna Massage Chair LM-9100 with dark blue upholstery for the leg ports, airbags for the calves and foot rollers

We like the 9100’s calf and foot massage, but we don’t love it. While it is a competently executed feature that utilizes both airbags for the calf massage and foot rollers for the soles of your feet, we were a little disappointed that the chair’s heat function wasn’t extended to the footwells. It would have made the foot massage as amazing as the rest of the design.

Even without heat, though, the calf and foot massage is highly adjustable (3 different levels of intensity) and feels amazing. So if you suffer from chronic leg and foot pain, you’re going to love this aspect of the design.

Impressive Finishing Touches

While the Kahuna 9100 massage chair is loaded with high-value therapeutic features, the design team didn’t skimp on extras. 

Kahuna LM 9100 Massage Chair in blue and black variant, with USB port and remote and cellphone holder

In addition to the memory function we’ve talked about before, this model also offers voice recognition and control, a handy USB port so you can keep your phone charged, and built-in Bluetooth speakers, which you can pair with your phone to listen to your favorite music.

While none of those represent must-have features that would compel a person to buy this chair, they’re definitely icing on the cake!

Pros & Cons of Kahuna LM 9100

We love this chair! 

It’s a superb design with so many positive features that it’s almost impossible to know where to begin.

Rather than repeat all the glowing praise we’ve heaped on this design, we’ll just zero in on the few weak points in the design. In no particular order, these are:

  • It doesn’t support as much user weight as we’d like (280 pounds) – we were looking for at least 300, and possibly more, so this one doesn’t miss the mark by much.
  • It has only one advanced massage technique. Although we love the various machine-generated techniques, we would love to have seen at least one additional traditional advanced technique.
  • The extensive heat really wowed us, but we were a little disappointed by the fact that the heat wasn’t extended to the footwells.

Even taken together, these are relatively minor complaints, except possibly the weight limit, which could be a dealbreaker for some prospective buyers.

The only other thing to mention here is the fact that the 9100 is on the pricey side. While it’s true that it’s not hard to find more expensive models on the market today, it’s also easy to find plenty that cost significantly less.

Kahuna LM 9100 Review Conclusion

If you’re in the market for a chair to help you manage your chronic pain, you’ll find a lot to like here, and this model belongs on your shortlist of options to consider. There’s also enough in the way of finishing touches and design flourishes that casual users would be drawn to the 9100 as well.

Other Options To Consider

If the model we just talked about isn’t a good fit for you, regardless of the reason, here are a couple of other options you may want to consider:

Kahuna Hubot Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone with therapeutic needs from 5’ tall to 6’2”, and weighing up to 350 pounds, who is specifically looking for a chair that can deliver a deep tissue massage. IF you can afford it.

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Like the 9100, the Hubot is brimming with therapeutic features. And if there’s something about 9100 that you find lacking, the Hubot may be a better fit. We’ve yet to find a “bad” Kahuna model, so if the Hubot isn’t a good fit either, do check out the entire Kahuna line.

Luraco i7 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone who can afford it. Exceptional therapeutic chair, made in the USA, packed with high-value features.

Check Latest Price Read Detailed Review

This chair is one of the best therapeutic massagers on the market today, so if the 9100 doesn’t offer the mix of therapeutic features you’re looking for, this one deserves a closer look.

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