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The Osaki OS 7200H is one of the best full-body massage chairs on the market today. Offering head-to-toe massage treatments, this chair goes where many other massage chairs in the same price range simply can’t.

In this Osaki OS 7200H review, we give you an in-depth look at the many features and functions offered on this high-quality chair, plus a quick comparison between the OS 7200H and 7200CR models.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

Overall Rating



  • Auto body scan and auto leg scan
  • Head-to-toe air massage capabilities (51 airbags)
  • Spine-contouring s-track system
  • Quad roller head massage technology
  • Two-stage zero gravity recline


  • Lacks of foot roller
  • Shoulder Massage not adjustable
Osaki OS 7200H Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone looking for a mid-level massage chair at a much smaller price tag.

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Features of the OS 7200H Massage Chair

Auto Body Scan

Before you begin a massage on the Osaki OS 7200H massage chair, the auto computer scan function initiates. Using the massage roller heads and pressure sensors in the back of the chair, the Osaki 7200 maps the unique curvature of your back before auto-adjusting its rollers to provide you with a custom-fit massage.

Whereas many neck and shoulder massage chairs provide varying pressure across the back, the Osaki OS 7200H keeps consistent pressure by identifying exactly how tall you are and where your back curves along the backrest.

Auto Leg Scan

The Osaki 7200H features an auto leg scan which fully extends the leg ottoman out then retracts back towards your feet. Once your feet are snug within the ottoman, simply tap your toes letting the sensors know to stop.

Osaki OS 7200H Review Leg Scan - Chair Institute

This feature not only makes sure that the ottoman perfectly fits your leg length, but it also ensures that the massagers in the ottoman are aligned correctly to the areas on your calves and feet.

Spine-Contouring S-Track System

The Osaki OS 7200H features a spine-contouring S-track system. Why is that important? For two reasons: your back is not flat and back curvature varies from one person to the next.

Osaki OS 7200H Review S Track - Chair Institute

The problem with many massage chair track systems — the track that moves the massage rollers along the back — is that they don’t account for the natural shape of the spine and back. When a track doesn’t contour to the back, it usually results in pressure loss in key areas like the neck and lower back.

With Osaki’s 31-inch S-Track system, the rollers follow the natural curvature of the back, keeping consistent pressure and contact from the top of the neck to the lower back.

Quad Roller Head Massage Technology

Osaki OS 7200H Review Head Rest - Chair Institute

The Osaki 7200H features quad roller head massage technology specially designed to mimic the feel of human hands. At the press of a button, twin rollers behind the head deliver human-like massage — a feature not often found on mid-level massage chairs.

Adjust and customize your head massage by selecting from five roller strength settings and three roller width settings. Or, for even more customization, remove the multi-layered micro foam pads on the headrest to increase the intensity of the head massage even more.

Two-Stage Zero Gravity Recline

Featured on both the OS 7200H and the OS 7200CR models, Osaki’s NASA-inspired Zero Gravity technology puts you in the perfect position for a massage treatment.

Osaki OS 7200H Review Zero Gravity - Chair Institute

At the push of a button, the massage chair reclines the body into an almost weightless position. This “weightless” position allows most of the body’s weight to be held by the backrest, which in turn help the spine to decompress and relax, release the tension in your back muscles, and aid in circulation.

There are two stages of zero gravity. The first stage puts your thighs to level with your heart, while the second stage reclines you even further to position your legs slightly above your heart.

Dual Foot Roller Technology

Osaki OS 7200H Review Foot Massage - Chair Institute

One of the main differences between the OS 7200H and the OS 7200CR models are the dual foot rollers located in the footrest of the ottoman.

The dual foot rollers provide a reflexology massage to the bottoms of the feet, targeting acupoints — points on the feet that are commonly treated with therapies like acupuncture and acupressure.

Heat Therapy Pads

Osaki OS 7200H Review Heat Therapy - Chair Institute

Two heating pads located behind the shoulders on both the OS 7200H and the OS 7200CR radiate warmth to help the muscles in the upper back release tension and relax.

Although heat therapy is a common feature on Osaki massage chairs, shoulder-specific heating pads aren’t, making this a unique feature even within the Osaki brand.

Air Massage

Studies suggest that compression massage has many physiological benefits, including the reduction of edema (excess fluid), the release of adhesions (scar tissue) and an increase in circulation.

Packed with 51 airbags, the OS 7200H boasts head-to-toe air massage capabilities. Strategically placed airbags deliver compression and stretch massages to the neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs, feet, arms, and hands.

Let’s take a closer look at the air massage treatment areas below:

Osaki OS 7200H Review Air Massage - Chair Institute
  • Outer Shoulder and Neck Air Massage: A feature you won’t find on many mid-range massage chairs is shoulder and neck air massage. On the Osaki 7200H, two airbags located in the head pillow inflate and deflate to provide compression massage to the neck and top of the shoulders, while two airbags positioned on the outside of the shoulders inflate and deflate to compress and squeeze the shoulders.
  • Arm and Hand Air Massage: Lined with a comfortable, ultra-durable spandex, arm and hand air massagers on both the OS 7200H and OS 7200CR deliver compression air massage to the bottoms and tops of the forearms and hands.
  • Pelvis and Hip Air Massage: Next to the hips and the pelvis on the Osaki 7200, two sets of airbags inflate and deflate to squeeze and compress the area. As the hip airbags inflate, they squeeze the hips together, compress the pelvis, and help the muscles to relax and release tension.
  • Calf and Foot Air Massage: Thanks to the 24 airbags located in the ottoman of the OS 7200H massage chair, compression massage treatments are delivered to the legs, calves and feet, while pressure point nodes located under the feet provide added massage pressure.

MP3 Port with Built-In Speakers

Osaki OS 7200H Review MP3 - Chair Institute

Thanks to the MP3 port and built-in speakers on the OS 7200H and OS 7200CR, you can listen to your favorite soothing sounds while you enjoy your massage. Located behind the chair’s remote, an MP3 port lets you plug in your iPhone or any other compatible device directly into the chair.

Once you’ve selected your music and adjusted the volume, set your phone in the designated compartment located on the remote control holder. Then, sit back and relax as the two speakers next to your ears deliver high-quality sound.

Blue LED Chromotherapy

Osaki OS 7200H Review Chromotherapy - Chair Institute

Believed to promote healing in the mind and body, the color blue is often used in chromotherapy or color therapy, to increase relaxation, relieve stress, reduce anxiety and aid in the reduction of pain.

On the Osaki OS 7200H massage chair, blue LED lights located on both sides of the chair project a soft hue onto the walls surrounding the chair in a dark or dim room creating a more tranquil massage environment.

Handheld LED Remote Control

Osaki OS 7200H Review Remote - Chair Institute

Positioned on a stand next to the arm rest on both the Osaki 7200H and 7200CR, is a handheld remote.

On the remote, a vibrant LED screen lets you know exactly which programs are currently active on the chair. Next to the screen, you can select from one of the many preset massage programs or flip down the cover below the buttons to reveal the manual operation controls. Here, you can adjust massage speed, intensity, heat therapy, and massage style among other functions.

Auto-Off Timer

Standard on all of Osaki massage chairs is an auto-off timer which serves as a safety feature in the event that a user falls asleep during massage or any other event that would cause the user to accidentally overuse the machine.

Set the massage timer from 5 to 30 minutes, and at the end of the preferred time, the chair will automatically end the massage. Once the massage has ended, instead of automatically moving into the upright position, the chair will stay in its reclined position until you select to change it.

This feature gives you the option to spend some time relaxing in the reclined position after your massage without immediately having to get up, or in the case that you do fall asleep, prevents you from being rocked awake by the repositioning of the chair.

Massage Options on the Osaki 7200H

6 Massage Techniques

Osaki OS 7200H Review Quad Rollers - Chair Institute

Both the OS 7200H and the OS 7200CR offer six massage techniques, including:

  • Swedish
  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Rolling
  • Shiatsu
  • Tapping and Kneading

8 Massage Program Presets

Massage ProgramDescription
QuickThis program combines air massage with multiple massage techniques to provide an invigorating massage treatment.
Full AirJust like how it sounds, the Full Air massage program delivers a full-body air massage, treating the head, shoulders, neck, arms, back, buttocks, hips, thighs, calves, and feet.
StretchingA great post-workout massage program, Stretching uses the chair’s airbags to gently compress and stretch the body.
Anti-StressThis massage program focuses on relieving neck fatigue with a combination of kneading, rolling, tapping, Shiatsu, and Swedish techniques.
RecoveryRecommended as an end-of-the-day massage, Recovery uses a combination of massage techniques to release tension in the neck, upper back, and lower back.
Wake UpThe Wake Up massage program uses light tapping to stimulate and refresh the body.
Muscle ReliefMuscle Relief begins with slow kneading and strong tapping before transitioning into a deeper massage treating the neck and lower back.
Music SyncPlug in your iPhone or MP3-compatible music device and select Music Sync to synchronize your massage with your favorite massage music.

There are also two location-specific preset massage programs:

  • Upper Back – focuses on treating the head and shoulders with a combination of air massage, tapping and rolling
  • Lower Back – using the same combination of massage techniques, focuses more on the lower back and calves

Manual Mode

If you’d rather pick and choose your massage experience, the manual mode on the Osaki OS 7200H will give you plenty of customization options. You get to choose the massage technique, adjust the intensity, speed and width of the rollers, and even localize your massage to a specific point or zone on your body by using the Point and Zone functions.

Osaki OS 7200H Massage Chair Specifications

  • Chair dimensions (upright): 58.3″L X 35.4″W X 48″H
  • Chair dimensions (reclined): 74.8″L X 35.4″W X 45.3″H
  • Chair weight: 231.5 lbs.
  • User height range: 5’2″ to 6’4″
  • Recommended maximum user weight: 285 lbs.
  • Power Consumption: 210W
  • Colors: Black, Charcoal, Brown, Cream

Osaki 7200H vs. Osaki 7200CR

Now that we’ve covered all of the features in our Osaki OS 7200H review, there’s one last thing we need to know. What’s the difference between the Osaki OS 7200H and the Osaki OS 7200CR massage chair?

Osaki 7200 Massage Chair ModelsOsaki OS 7200H Review Compare - Chair InstituteOS 7200H  Osaki OS 7200H Review 7200CR - Chair InstituteOS 7200CR 
Adjustable Shoulder Massage
Air Massage Technology
Air Intensity Control
Air MassageArms, Foot and Calf, ShouldersArms, Foot and Calf, Shoulders
Automatic Leg Scan
Automatic-Off Timer
Chromotherapy Lighting
Computer Body Scan
Dual Foot Rollers
Full-sized Remote
Handheld LED Remote
Lumbar and Hip Squeeze
Manual Mode
Massage Programs88
Massage Techniques66
MP3 Port and Speakers
No. of Airbags5148
Roller Speed Control
Roller Length31″31″
Shoulder Heat Therapy
Spring-Loaded Ottoman
Roller Track SystemS-TrackS-Track
Vibration Massage
Wireless Remote
Zero-Gravity Recline

Well, not much. In fact, they have all of the same features with the exception of the following two:

  • The Osaki OS 7200CR features dual foot rollers while the OS 7200H does not. Dual foot rollers offer a more comprehensive foot massage targeting acupoints on the bottoms of the feet.
  • The Osaki 7200H has 51 airbags while the 7200CR only has 48 airbags. This is because instead of having airbags for the feet like in the OS 7200H, the OS 7200CR has foot rollers.

That’s it! If foot massage is a top priority for you, the Osaki 7200CR might better suit your treatment needs.

Osaki OS 7200H Review Final Thoughts

The Osaki OS 7200H massage chair is a tough mid-level option to beat. It’s one of the best massage chairs for the money simply because it has many of the same features you find on higher-end chairs such as head and shoulder massage, built-in speakers, arm massage, chromotherapy lighting, and more — but with a much smaller price tag.

If you’re looking for a massage chair that does it all without breaking the bank, this might be the massage chair for you. We hope our Osaki OS 7200H review helped make that decision process a little easier.

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