In a Nutshell:

The Real Relax MM650 is a very good chair that falls just short of greatness because of some feature implementations that weren’t as good as they could have been. It is recommended for anyone on a budget, weighing up to 400 pounds, who’s looking for a good entry-level massage chair.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money
Brand Reliability*

Overall Rating

* Brand Reliability is a measure of the strength and longevity of the brand, which by extension, is a measure of the level of support you can expect.


  • Low price
  • Two therapeutic features
  • Generous weight capacity
  • Comes with high-value extras


  • Weak deep tissue massage
  • Confusing naming conventions for massage techniques
  • Advanced techniques not well-implemented
Real Relax MM650 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone on a budget, weighing up to 400 pounds, who’s looking for a good entry-level massage chair.

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Is money tight at your house? Do you find yourself having to miss work on a semi-regular or regular basis so you can schedule trips to your local chiropractor’s office because of the pain in your back, legs, or feet?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you’re almost certain to be intrigued by what you read here in our Real Relax MM650 review.

Real Relax is a smaller company in the massage chair industry. They don’t have a huge footprint in the market, and their support staff is limited. But they do make consistently good, low-priced products, and this chair is an excellent example of their work.

As you’ll see as you make your way through this review, this model is also a good example of a company whose ambition sometimes exceeds its ability. None of the features implemented in this chair are bad, but some of them just proved to be a bit too tricky to do well, which led to imperfect feature implementation.

That’s not a bad thing. It is, after all, how companies grow and learn, but if you are the type of person who expects perfection (or close to it) from products you buy, then this chair may leave you wanting.

On the other hand, if you can live with a few curious limitations, then you’ll probably find this chair very much to your liking, especially for the money. You really are getting a lot of bang for your buck here, which is outstanding.

Curious to know more? If so, read on, and let’s take a closer look!

An Overview of the Favor-MM650

The first thing you’ll notice about the MM650 is that it looks exactly like a massage chair, which is to say it has a vaguely futuristic aesthetic. The design team behind the model made no effort to disguise the chair’s true function.

Real Relax MM650 with dark blue PU upholstery, black base and exterior, and touchpad mounted on one arm

Some companies make models like that. Human Touch, for example, makes a variety of massage chairs that hide their leg massage ports when you’re not using them, so at first glance, those chairs look pretty much like a standard recliner.

The point is, if that kind of thing is important to you, you can find massage chairs like that that will blend in more easily with your existing living room furniture.

This isn’t one of those chairs, though, so just be aware of that going in.

It’s not an ugly design, but it is pretty functional. And unless you’ve got a sci-fi theme going on at your house, the chair is probably going to clash a bit with the rest of your furniture. On the other hand, you’ll have a massage chair in your living room and can reap the benefits of that any time you want to, which is pretty cool.

It’s worth mentioning that this is a fairly big piece of furniture too, with a footprint that measures 31” W x 51” L x 45” H (you’ll see different values listed on different sites, but this comes straight from the manufacturer and should be seen as the final word on the topic).

Similarly, you’ll see different places list the maximum supported weight as either 280 pounds or 400 pounds. Per the manufacturer, the right answer is 400 pounds, which is superb.

The chair itself weighs 210 pounds, so you’ll probably want to find a permanent home for it as soon as it arrives. It’s too heavy to realistically move it around without assistance.

The chair is listed as a space saver, but again, there was a lot of contradictory information out there about exactly what that meant, with some materials indicating that only 4” of clearance was needed between the seatback and whatever wall you placed it near, and other materials indicating that 8” was needed.

We confirmed this with the manufacturer as well. You need 8” of clearance.

That makes sense. Although Real Relax tries hard, they’re not as good at feature implementation as some of the bigger companies, which can implement wall-hugging that requires as little as 2” of clearance. Even so though, a standard recliner without such technology usually requires a couple of feet of clearance, so 8” is still pretty good.

3D SL-track and Quad Rollers

The MM650 massage chair has good bones, meaning that it was built around the current industry standard of an SL track paired with quad rollers.

An illustration of the MM650 Massage Chair's quad rollers and how they massage the back

The track is delightfully long, measuring 57” (average is about 45”), and note that it is a 3D track that enables the rollers to move along the X-, Y-, and the Z-axis. Here though, we run into another limitation of the design because although a 3D massage track could allow for a deep tissue massage, this one isn’t quite powerful enough to pull that off.

Granted, the massage you get from this chair feels good (great, even!) because the rollers do an admirable job at replicating the feel of human hands. But even on its maximum intensity setting, it still doesn’t qualify as a true deep tissue massage.

For most people, that won’t be a deal-breaker. But if you suffer from chronic pain, you’re probably going to want a more powerful, robust massage chair.

Body Scanning Tech Incorporated Into the Design

As with most of the chairs sold today, this one comes with body scanning technology. This is a convenience feature that simply makes chairs like this easier to use. When you sit down, the chair will scan your body and quietly make adjustments to the position of the rollers. Then, when your massage actually begins, the rollers hit all the right spots on your back.

If the chair didn’t have this tech, you’d have to spend a few minutes fiddling with the controls to get the rollers where you wanted them, which isn’t hard, but it can get annoying and tiresome, especially when you’re already tired and just want to flop down in the chair and get a quick massage. Body scanning tech makes that possible.

MM650 with beige PU upholstery, its SL track, massage rollers, and the wired remote from the older version

In practice, the scan gets it right about 95% of the time, and on those occasions where something’s a little off, you’ll find controls on the built-in remote touchpad that allow you to manually adjust the position of the rollers.

Speaking of a touchpad, this is another thing we confirmed with the manufacturer. The user manual still shows a standard handheld remote, but the latest photos show a built-in touchpad on a swivel on one of the chair arms.

The older version of this model came with the handheld remote (and only a 2D massage track). The most recent version got an upgrade to the 3D track and switched from a handheld remote to a built-in touchpad—just so you know!

Strange Massage Options Available (But That’s Mostly a Good Thing!)

This section of our Real Relax MM650 review is a little strange because, for some reason, Real Relax opted to use different terminology to describe their basic massage techniques. Here’s what this chair has to offer:

  • Kneading
  • Kneading and Patting (which is analogous to tapping, the term used on most chairs, including most of Real Relax’s other models)
  • Pinch Trembling
  • Walking Finger (Shiatsu)
  • Knock Beat (analogous to percussion)
  • Rolling to Push (analogous to pressing)

Despite the unusual naming convention, this is a pretty good array of techniques for a chair offered in this price bracket.

In addition to that, the Real Relax MM650 comes with six different pre-programmed massage options, which are:

  • Relax
  • Thai 
  • Strong
  • Stretch
  • Chinese
  • Sleep

“Sleep” is the lightest and most relaxing of the bunch, with “Relax” coming in just a half step stronger. The “Chinese” style is technically a second advanced massage technique, but in practice, it doesn’t feel markedly different than the “Rolling to Push” technique mentioned above (slightly stronger and with a slight variation on the push motion).

The Thai massage is the strongest option you’ll find, with “Strong” being just a half step behind it. 

Illustration of a man hovering above the Real Relax MM650 in zero gravity recline with the legs slightly above the heart

But again, we run into one of the limitations of the design because the motors that drive the rollers just aren’t strong enough to make these truly intense deep tissue massages, though there are a couple of things you can do to increase the intensity, which we’ll talk about a little later on.

Overall then, there’s a decent amount of variety here, and we expect that as the company continues to improve, these feature implementations will get better and better. As things stand now, there’s still a lot to like here, and you won’t be disappointed in the massage you get from this model.

Before we leave this section, it’s worth mentioning that massage isn’t simply about picking a technique or a pre-programmed routine. This chair also offers three different speed and intensity settings, so you get a fair amount of customization.

Note, however, that there are no memory slots built into the unit. So if your preferred settings wind up being Shiatsu on the second speed and highest intensity setting, you’ll have to fiddle with the controls to order that up every time. You can’t “set and save.” That’s not the end of the world, but it is something to be mindful of.

Zero-G Seating Options Too

Here, we come to the first of two therapeutic features that the MM650 offers. Zero-G seating is a superb addition to this design. Inspired by NASA, as the name indicates, it really does leave you feeling weightless when you put the chair in “Zero-G mode”.

Some chairs offer multiple Zero-G seating positions, but this model only offers one. That’s not a huge surprise given its modest price tag, and honestly, its inclusion in any form was a pleasant surprise indeed. Kudos to Real Relax for its inclusion!

MM650 Massage Chair with beige PU upholstery and in zero gravity recline with the leg ports slightly elevated

Earlier, we mentioned that you could come pretty close to getting a deep tissue massage. Now, we get to describe exactly how.

First, select either the “Thai” or “Strong” massage options from the menu. Set the intensity level to max, and put the chair in its Zero-G position so that your body weight will press you back more firmly against the seat back and, thus, against the rollers.

Doing all three will give you something that comes fairly close to rendering a deep tissue massage. It still doesn’t quite get there, so we’re not counting this as one of the chair’s therapeutic features, but it feels amazing and may even help some chronic pain sufferers find relief.

Make no mistake, you’d still be better served by spending a little more and getting a more robust chair. But if money is super tight, the workaround we just described will get you most of the way there and maybe close enough to do some good—depending on your specific situation.

A Surprisingly Good Air Massage

We have to admit, we weren’t expecting a lot from this section, but the MM650 surprised us, and this wound up being a fairly strong component of our Real Relax MM650 review.

Favor-MM650 with beige upholstery and airbags strategically placed at the shoulders, arms, hips, and calves

Sporting a total of 20 airbags positioned to massage your shoulders, arms, hips, and calves, you can order a full body massage or select specific body regions (shoulders, arms, seat, or calf) to massage only the parts of your body that currently ache.

As with the rollers, the touchpad gives you the option of adjusting your air massage to taste via three different intensity settings.

Most value-priced chairs don’t do a great job where the air massage is concerned, but the MM650 is a happy exception to that rule. While we don’t regard it as being one of the hallmark features of the design, we love it, and we think you will too.

Heat Is Included as Well

Now we come to the second of this chair’s two therapeutic features. Massage almost always feels pretty good, but when you add heat to the equation, it just takes things to the next level. And in our view, this is the best part of our Real Relax MM650 review and the chair’s strongest feature.

Real Relax MM650 beige variant and with a pair of heating coils in the seatback

Ostensibly, it offers lumbar heat, but the coils are big enough that the heat actually extends through to cover most of your back, encompassing essentially everything but your neck and shoulders.

In a perfect world, there would be a way to control the temperature, and the offered heat would also be included in the footwells. But both of those are incredibly rare, and we certainly can’t hold their absence against Real Relax, especially given the low price of this model.

In any case, if you suffer from chronic pain, the fact that this chair offers a heated massage will probably wind up being your favorite aspect of the design. 

A Surprisingly Good Calf and Foot Massage

We love this aspect of the MM650’s design almost as much as we love the heat function. This is an area that low-end chairs tend to skimp on, but Real Relax went out of their way to do a great job here, and they succeeded.

The calf massage is rendered by airbags and the foot massage by rollers located at the bottoms of the footwells. The combination of the two is sublime, and the only real way the company can improve on the implementation will be to offer heat in some later upgrade to the model. Unfortunately, doing so would invariably increase the price, so we may never see that.

Even without it, though, this is one of the strongest features of the design.

Two Noteworthy Extras to Talk About

This is another surprisingly strong component of our review. Most smaller brands don’t offer much, if anything, in the way of extras or finishing touches. But here, you’ll find two—both of them high-value additions to the chair.

MM650 Massage Chair beige variant and a person holding a phone synced to the Bluetooth speakers and playing music

First, there’s the built-in massage timer. All of the massages you can order from the chair default to a fifteen-minute duration, but this can be extended via the touchpad to an absolute maximum of 30 minutes or reduced to as little as 5 minutes (in five-minute increments, both directions).

Second, the chair sports a pair of Bluetooth speakers that you can wirelessly sync to your phone, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music or podcast while getting a massage.

The only thing missing from the equation is a USB port to help keep your phone charged, but this is a minor thing we can easily overlook.

Pros & Cons of Real Relax MM650

In no particular order, here’s what we think you’ll like best about the MM650:

  • It’s offered at an almost ridiculously low price.
  • It comes with two very good therapeutic features.
  • It supports a generous amount of user weight.
  • It’s got a pair of high-value “extras” to boot!

On the other hand, it’s not without its limitations. These include:

  • The massage motors aren’t as strong as they need to be in order to make the most of the 3D track and render a true deep tissue massage.
  • The company decided to use unique naming conventions for their techniques, which makes it a bit confusing.
  • The chair’s advanced techniques aren’t as well implemented as they should be.

Overall, we regard the pros to handily outweigh the cons, but we understand that opinions will vary on that point.

Real Relax MM650 Massage Chair Review Conclusion

We like this chair and recommend it to any casual user. As long as you don’t specifically need a chair capable of rendering a true deep tissue massage, we (provisionally) recommend it for those with therapeutic needs as well. It’s a very solid addition to the Real Relax lineup.

Other Options to Consider

If you’ve reached the end of this review and have decided that the MM650 just isn’t a good fit for you, whatever the reason, here are a couple of other options to consider:

Forever Rest FR-6KSL Massage Chair

Recommended For: Anyone weighing up to 300 pounds who is on a budget and doesn’t have a specific therapeutic need.

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Comparably priced and also offered by a smaller, respected company, this is a good option to consider that offers a slightly different feature set that may meet your specific needs better.

Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair

Recommended For: Hobbyist/casual users, chronic pain sufferers, and taller users, almost anybody, will love this chair!

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More expensive than the chair we just reviewed, this model is, in our view, the best value in the massage chair world today. Brimming with therapeutic features and design flourishes, this chair will absolutely dazzle you.

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