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The GM Seating Ergolux Executive Chair is a stylish, attractive, comfortable, and amazingly adjustable chair that might be the perfect addition to your home office. Recommended for anyone who can afford one.

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* Brand Reliability is a measure of the strength and longevity of the brand, which by extension, is a measure of the level of support you can expect. ** While aesthetics is a matter of taste, Aesthetic Flexibility is a measure of how easily a given design would fit into a wide range of home or office décor schemes.


  • Good-looking, well-designed chair
  • Highly adjustable ergonomic features
  • Reasonably comfortable


  • Harsh mistress – uncomfortable during the first few days of use
  • Mismatch between height adjustment range and weight limit
  • Modest maximum supported weight makes it a niche product
GM Seating Ergolux Executive Chair

Recommended For: Anyone who can afford one. A perfect addition to your home office.

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Is aesthetics important to you?  Has your quest to find the “right” office chair been frustrating to this point?  Are you ready to pull your hair out and just give up? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, before you proceed with your hair extraction plan, read this review carefully. 

While it’s true that the GM Seating Ergolux Executive Chair has its limitations, it’s a very good chair, and it may be precisely the model you’ve been searching for.

In the sections that follow, we’ll explain everything that’s great about it, and let you know exactly what its limitations are so you’ll be able to judge for yourself if this is the model that will finally end your search.  If that sounds good to you, let’s take a closer look right now.

An Overview of the GM Seating Ergolux Swivel Chair

Elegant and stylish.

Those are the first words that are likely to spring to your mind when you first lay eyes on the GM Seating Ergolux Executive Chair.  While it’s got a fairly conventional design overall, there are a couple of flourishes that jump out at you right away.

Right side of the GM Seating Ergolux Swivel Chair

Oddly enough, it also might fill you with a bit of skepticism, because although it looks pretty, it also doesn’t look all that comfortable.  Fortunately, where this is concerned, first impressions can be misleading, although we will say that sitting in the chair takes some getting used to.  

Expect your body to go through something of an “adjustment period” if you’re not used to sitting in a chair with strongly implemented ergonomic features.

Before we get into all that though, let’s take a look at the chair’s basic stats:

  • Product Dimensions: 30” x 28” x 40.75” to 46.5”
  • Chair Weight: 45 pounds
  • Maximum Supported Weight: 250 pounds
  • Recline Range: 90 to 135 degrees
  • Seat Height Adjustment Range: 18.9” to 23.25”
  • Seat Width: 20”
  • Seat Depth: 16” to 18”

Three things jump out at you when you look at these stats.  First, there’s a lot that’s adjustable about this chair, and the stats above only scratch the surface.  Second, the height adjustment range paints this chair as being geared toward bigger, taller folks.

Unfortunately, the third thing that jumps out reveals one of the weaknesses of the design.  Check out that modest maximum weight limit.  It’s not a good fit with the design, given the height adjustment band, which we found to be disappointing.  On the flip side, it’s one of the few weaknesses the chair has.

One final thing to mention in this section of our GM Seating Ergolux review is that in addition to being an aesthetically pleasing design, it’s also offered in a modest selection of colors.  You can order yours in either black, burgundy, or white leather upholstery. 

Black variant of the GM Seating Ergolux Gaming Office Chair
Burgundy variant of the GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair
Cream White variant of the GM Seating Ergolux Executive Chair
Cream White

Given the price of the chair, it should also be noted that this is high-quality grain leather, not cheap bonded leather, which makes it much longer-lasting and better able to stand up to the rigors of heavy daily use.

Adjustability and Comfort

Let’s start with comfort.  We said at the start that the GM Seating Ergolux Swivel Chair doesn’t look all that comfortable.  It is but sitting in it does take a bit of getting used to.  You’ll find the chair to be reasonably well-padded, but the angle of the seat and the exceptionally well-implemented ergonomic features make it a bit of a harsh mistress. 

This isn’t a chair that will let you get away with slouching.  You’re going to sit properly, and if you’re not used to that, you’ll probably experience a bit of discomfort until you get used to it.  That’s actually a good thing, but it may not feel like it for the first two days you use it.

Illustration on how to operate the adjustments of the GM Seating Ergolux Executive Chair

The Ergolux’s adjustability though is where the model truly shines.  Just about every aspect of the chair is adjustable, which puts it on par with the best of the top-tier office chairs on the market today, and it’s offered for significantly less money.  Starting from the top, let’s take a closer look at everything you can tweak on this model:

  • The padded headrest is fully articulated. You can not only shift the angle of the chair but also move it up, down, forward and backward for an optimal fit and maximum comfort.
  • You can’t help but notice the “cutout” in the seatback. This ingenious design allows the lumbar support to be highly adjustable, again, allowing you to customize it to taste.
  • Although the armrests aren’t ergonomically designed, they are incredibly adjustable. You can change the angle, shifting them 45 degrees in either direction, and you can move them forward by up to three inches, in addition to adjusting their height.
  • The seat height can, of course, also be adjusted, as can the tilt tension.
  • Finally, and this is a true rarity among office chairs, typically only found in the most expensive chairs, the seat depth can be adjusted to taste.

Regarding ergonomic features, the Ergolux offers:

  • An ergonomic headrest
  • Exceptional lumbar support
  • And a sculpted, waterfall-edge style seat, which helps improve the circulation of your legs

There are two final things to mention here.  First is the fact that although the upholstery of the GM Seating Ergolux Gaming Office Chair is genuine grain leather, it’s still leather, which means that if you sit in it for long periods, it’s going to make you sweat.

This chair really isn’t optimized for heavy daily use in any case.  Its relatively lightweight construction (evidenced by its lowish maximum supported weight), coupled with the leather upholstery makes it much better suited for light to moderate daily use. 

Although we readily acknowledge that this is a strong design, if you’re looking for something you can use 8+ hours a day, every day, this model isn’t the optimal choice.

Does Not Come Assembled

As with most of the office furniture on the market today, the Ergolux High Back does not come assembled.  Fortunately, the manufacturer does an exceptional job on this front.  When you unpack the box, you’ll find that there are only six pieces to put together, and the process of putting it together will remind you of playing with an Erector Set if you had one of those as a kid.

Side view of the Cream White variant of the GM Seating Ergolux Executive Chair
Back part of the GM Seating Ergolux Executive Chair

It’s a straightforward process that will take you twenty minutes or less, even if you’re doing it solo.  Note that the assembly instructions are tucked away in a small pocket on the bottom of the seat, so don’t be alarmed if you miss them the first or even the second time you go looking for them – they’re there, we promise!

Honestly, this seems like a small thing, but it impressed us very much.  We wish every company in the business would take their cues from GM Seating.  Putting a typical office chair can be a lesson in aggravation.  If everybody adopted the approach used here, customer satisfaction would soar across the board.  Kudos to GM Seating for a job very well done!

Pros & Cons of the GM Seating Ergolux Executive Chair

We have a complex opinion about the GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair.  Yes.  It’s absolutely a great chair.  It’s good-looking, well-designed, reasonably comfortable, and has amazingly well-implemented ergonomic features.

Front view of the Cream white variant of the GM Seating Ergolux Executive Chair

Having said that, two things bother us about the design.  First, it’s something of a harsh mistress.  One of the most common complaints about the chair, even from people who love it, agree that the first few days you’re using it, you’re going to hurt, or at the very least be uncomfortable.

Even though its ergonomic features are highly adjustable, they’re unforgiving and will force you to adopt good posture whether you want to or not.

Second, we don’t like the mismatch that exists between the height adjustment range and the modest maximum supported weight.  It wouldn’t have added much to the cost of the chair to ruggedize the base such that it could support at least three or four hundred pounds, which would have served to make it capable of accommodating a much broader swath of the market.

Because of the modest weight limit, and the fact that the height adjustment range is geared toward bigger, taller people, it paints the chair into a bit of a corner and makes it very much a niche product.  

That’s unfortunate because it’s a great design that only a narrow segment of the market will be able to enjoy.

GM Seating Ergolux Review Conclusion

We like almost everything about the GM Seating Ergolux Executive Chair, but as we mentioned above, it’s essentially a niche product.  If you fit into the chair, which means you’re long-legged but light enough that you don’t exceed the modest weight limit, it’s a great choice.  While it’s not quite as good as the top-tier offering by Herman Miller or Steelcase, it’s also a fair bit cheaper than those chairs, which makes it a solid value.

Even better, the chair can often be found offered at a steep discount, and if you can find it on sale, it becomes a no-brainer of a purchase.  We recommend it, but advise potential buyers to take careful measurements to be sure it will fit you well.

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