TL;DR Summary

In an effort to find the overall best massage chair on the market, we've analyzed a wide variety of products and brands. 

The table below shows the end result of our extensive evaluation:

Best Massage Chair Comparison Table

Overall Best Massage Chair

Best Massage Chair Infinity Imperial Small - Chair Institute
Best Massage Chair Kahuna LM6800 Small - Chair Institute
Best Massage Chair ​Inada DreamWave Small - Chair Institute
Best Massage Chair BodyFriend Rex-L Small - Chair Institute
Best Massage Chair Apex AP Pro Regent Small - Chair Institute
Best Massage Chair Luraco i7 Small - Chair Institute
Luraco i7 Chair








​Offers just about every feature a massage chair can.

Inexpensive. While it doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles, it contains most of the hardest-hitting, most sought after major features.

​Billed as the best massage chair in the world, it gives the best, most customizable basic massage on the market today.

​A high-tech wonder, filled with cutting edge technologies.

​Unmatched feature synergy, designed to give an unparalleled overall experience.

One of the best therapeutic models being sold today.  Proudly made in the USA.



​Limited finishing touches and convenience features.

​Pricey.  S-Track limits massage area.  Limited number of convenience features.

​Pricey.  A bit short on the best therapeutic features.


​Pricey.  Hobbyist and therapeutic users will be underwhelmed.

Our Verdict

​Well-deserving of our top overall pick.  A superb chair, by any reckoning.

​Hands-down the best massage chair value on the market today.  Nothing else comes close.

​If all you want is a great massage with virtually endless customization options, and you don’t care much for advanced therapeutic options or convenience features, this is the chair for you.

​Hobbyist and casual users will be dazzled, but people with specific therapeutic needs may not be well-served.

​Highly recommended for a specific class of users.  If you’re looking for a chair that wraps you in a cocoon of relaxation, this is the model for you.

​Highly recommended for most therapeutic users.

Do you suffer from chronic pain, or are you just looking for a great way to unwind after a long day?

Have you been considering a massage chair, but find yourself bewildered by the staggering number of choices available?

If so, you’re going to love this extensive review.  In the sections that follow, we’re going to break down this surprisingly complex world and try to answer the question “who makes the best massage chair?”

What Makes the Best Massage Chair?

Before we can do that, however, we’ve got to come figure out exactly what constitutes as the best.

  • Is it as simple as finding the most expensive chair made and assuming it’ll have the best of everything?  What if you changed that metric to the chair offering the best price per feature?
  • How do you differentiate between a chair designed for hobbyist users and one designed to meet therapeutic needs?
  • Which feature or features are the most important, and how do you know?
  • Is it simply a matter of settling on some kind of ranking system and looking for the chair or chairs that got a perfect five-star rating? What happens if there are more than one of those?

As you can see, there are a lot more dimensions to this question than first meets the eye. The more you think about the issue, the more facets you discover, and after we reveal our overall best pick, we’ll explore each of those facets more thoroughly.

Ultimately, for us, the answer to the “best of” question was none of the above, but an amalgamation of several of those factors.

Let’s start by introducing you to our top pick, and explaining how and why it got top honors. Then we'll discuss the other top contenders that didn’t quite make it, but could very well be the top pick for a particular class of user.

Top 6 Best Massage Chairs in More Detail

Infinity Imperial – Best Full Body Massage Chair (Top Pick)

​Our Top Pick – The Best Full Body Massage Chair, The Infinity Imperial
Why We Chose This Model
Best Full Body Massage Chair
  • Number of Airbags
  • Overall Massage Quality
  • Customization Options
  • Ease of Use


The Infinity Imperial massage chair is an incredibly robust design, filled with both convenience and therapeutic features. Recommended for anyone who can afford it, as long as you’re not taller than 6’3”.

Best Massage Chair Infinity Imperial - Chair Institute

Infinity Imperial Massage Chair

So the first, obvious question is why? What was it about this model, out of all the massage chairs on the market today, that made it our top pick?

It didn’t get a perfect rating.  It’s not the most expensive chair on the planet, and it doesn’t have the best price to feature ratio.  What then?

It’s a fair question, and ultimately it comes down to this:

The Infinity Imperial offers such a broad range of features that it appeals to the greatest portion of the buying market.  

This has been demonstrated in one of our head to head comparison reviews when we pitted the Imperial against the mighty Inada Dreamwave, which is widely regarded as the best massage chair in the world.

That outcome wasn’t even close.

To say that the Imperial cleaned the Dreamwave’s clock would be an understatement of epic proportions.


Sadly not – the perfect model has yet to be introduced, even though there are a couple of models that have earned a perfect five-star rating from us.

Those chairs didn’t earn their marks on the basis of absolute perfection, however, but rather, because the features they offered were in perfect symmetry.  That’s a small, but important distinction, and although we don’t regard this model as perfect, it consistently gets among the best massage chair ratings in other reviews.

Despite “only” getting a 4.75-star rating (out of a possible five), here’s a more detailed look at why we feel the Infinity Imperial is the best massage chair to buy:

Best Massage Chair Infinity Imperial Deisgn - Chair Institute

Core Technologies

  • ​Hybrid L/S Track
  • ​Quad rollers
  • 4D Technology
  • ​Zero-G Seating
Why We Chose This Model

Taking it from the top, the Infinity Imperial is designed around superior core technologies, utilizing a long, Hybrid L/S-Massage Track and quad rollers which closely mimic the feel of human hands.

Building on that, it also uses 4D technology to enhance the basic massage experience.  Some people regard the term “4D Technology” as a bit of a marketing gimmick, but it’s much more than that.

Best Massage Chair Infinity Imperial Zero G - Chair Institute

See, the rollers of any good massage chair, based on an S- or Hybrid S/L Track already move in three dimensions.  They obviously move up and down, and left and right (the X- and Y-axis), but because the track is curved, they also move along the Z-axis.

4D Tech takes things a step further, by utilizing extension arms that hold the rollers.  These arms allow the rollers to move about 3” further away from the track than they would normally be able to. This enables the chairs with 4D tech to render a more penetrating, deep-tissue massage which is great for people with therapeutic needs.

When you factor in Zero-G seating (which the Imperial also offers, in two different seating positions), you get a massage of unparalleled quality.

​Massage Options

Best Massage Chair Infinity Imperial Left View - Chair Institute

Most good massage chairs offer two basic kinds of massage – roller-based, and airbag-based.  The Imperial is no exception, but within both of those types of massages are a whole range of options, and some chairs do a better job than others on this front.

Where the Imperial’s roller-based massage is concerned, it offers all the basics (rubbing, kneading tapping, and knocking), plus one advanced technique, in the form of Shiatsu. But then it goes beyond by also offering a music sync feature and a combination feature.

Music Sync

The music sync massage isn’t a proper technique, but it is interesting.  It ties the action of the rollers to the music system built into the chair, with the motion of the rollers being determined by the beat of whatever music you’re listening to.

Listen to Chopin, and you’ll get one type of massage.  Listen to the Beastie Boys, and you’ll get a very different experience.

Combination Massage

The most interesting aspect, though, is the combination feature, which allows you to pick any two massage techniques and use them in tandem.  This is fantastic and vastly expands the number of combinations possible.

Massage Programs

It gets even better, because if you’re not especially tech-savvy, the Imperial offers half a dozen one-touch pre-programmed massage techniques that allow you to sit down and start enjoying your first massage in a matter of minutes, without having to spend a lot of time trying to figure the ins and outs of the chair’s’ operation out.

Air Massage

Where the air massage is concerned, the Imperial isn’t the absolute best, but it is exceptional, utilizing 76 Second Generation Airbags to render the massage, and again, there are plenty of customization options available.

You can enjoy a full-body air massage, or you can selectively active air massage only in the regions of your body you want, with the following body regions on offer from the remote:

  • check-square-o
  • check-square-o
    Arms and Wrists
  • check-square-o
    Lower Waist
  • check-square-o
    ​Glutes and Lumbar
  • check-square-o
    Legs and Feet

​What this means is that no matter which massage you choose, roller- or airbag-based, you get your massage, your way, every time you use the chair, and that’s simply tremendous.

Therapeutic Features

  • ​Spot and Partial Massage Mode
  • ​Extensive Heat

The Imperial delivers much more than just a great basic massage experience, however.  It’s also loaded with hard-hitting therapeutic features, and if you suffer from chronic pain, this chair has everything you need to make you feel better fast.

The first thing to talk about on the therapeutic front is the spot and partial massage.

This allows you to interrupt any massage routine and focus the attention of the rollers exactly where your back hurts the most, spending as much time as you need to in those spots.  Combine this with the deep tissue 4D Tech and Zero-G seating and the benefits are extraordinary. 

Best Massage Chair Infinity Imperial Ottoman - Chair Institute

Lumbar Heat

Heat is another awesome feature, offered in less than half the chairs on the market today.  Most of the chairs that offer it only include heating elements in the lumbar region.  That’s good as far as it goes, but the Imperial goes much further.

It utilizes three different heating elements.  One large one in the lumbar area, which in practice covers almost half your back, and one in each of the foot wells, providing soothing heat to your legs.

Body Stretch & Waist Twist

Of all the therapeutic features a massage chair can offer, body stretching is far and away the most powerful.  It works the same way that a chiropractic adjustment does, relieving pain by taking pressure off the compressed discs in your spine.

The Imperial’s body stretch is quite aggressive and may be too intense for you, depending on your pain level.

If that is the case, the Imperial offers two different solutions.  First, you can warm up with a massage plus heat to loosen the muscles in your back in anticipation of using the body stretch, or, you can use the Waist Twist feature, which is also included.

At first glance, you might wonder why a massage chair would offer both body stretch and a waist twist because the features seem redundant.  This is actually a cunning design decision with a lot of synergy. 

Here’s why:

Waist Twist is essentially a milder, gentler version of body stretching.  They both provide the same benefits, but the waist twist is much less aggressive.

If you suffer from chronic pain, then you know that your pain level changes over time.  Some days you just hurt more than others, and on the days when your pain is the worst, the waist twist is the perfect answer for immediate pain relief.

On the days when your pain isn’t ‘as bad, you can use the more aggressive body stretching, switching back and forth as you need to.  It’s a masterful blend of features that offers maximum therapeutic benefit, and that’s before we even get to the foot and calf massage.

Foot and Calf Massage

In most massage chairs that offer this feature, the calf massage is rendered by airbags in the leg massage ports, and if there’s a foot massage at all, it is rendered by rollers at the bottom of each foot well.

Once again, however, the Imperial goes far beyond what other chairs offer. More than half the chair’s 76-airbags are in the leg massage ports, making this portion of the experience exceptional, but in addition to that, it utilizes both calf and sole rollers for an unbelievably good experience.

Factor in the heated leg ports and it gets even better.

At the end of the day, whether you suffer from chronic back or leg pain, the Imperial has everything you need to make you feel better.

Even if you’re a casual or hobbyist user, you will find these features to be very much to your liking. Few things are better than coming home after a hard day’s work, and relaxing in your new favorite chair for a soothing heated back or foot massage.

​Convenience and Hobbyist Features

Convenience and Hobbyist Features
  • star-o
    Space-Saving Technology
  • star-o
    ​Fantastic MP3 support
  • star-o
    Air Ionizer
  • star-o
  • star-o
    ​Three Different Control Methods

The design team of the Imperial could have stopped with just the features we’ve talked about so far, and they would have had an incredible design, but they didn’t.  They weren’t content with just leaving it there.


The biggest and most attractive convenience feature on offer is the fact that the chair is built around Space-Saving Technology, the importance of which cannot be understated.

​Massage chairs are big.  They tend to fill up whatever room you put them in, and that’s a problem for most people.  After all, who has an entire room to devote to a single piece of furniture? 

It’s usually not quite that bad, but given the fact that space tends to be at a premium in most homes, it is an important issue.  Space-Saving Technology helps reduce the footprint of the chair when it’s in use, minimizing the space required to recline fully.

With most massage chairs, you need about eighteen inches of clearance between the back of the chair and whatever wall you set it near.

Chairs built with Space-Saving Technology only require three to five inches of clearance, because they’re designed to pivot on their bases as they recline.  It’s a superb feature, and exactly the kind of thing you’d expect to find in what we regard as the best massage chair ever.

MP3 Support

Another hallmark of the Imperial’s design is the notion of redundancy.  We saw this earlier, in the fact that the model features both a body stretch and a waist twist function.  You see the same level of attention to detail where the chair’s MP3 support is concerned, as it offers both a USB port and Bluetooth compatibility.

Remote Control

You see it again in terms of control methods.  While it’s fairly common for massage chairs to offer a remote, and some also offer either a built-in control panel on a swing arm, or an abbreviated set of controls built into the arm itself, the Imperial offers a remote, a 7” touch screen control panel, and an app, giving you three different ways to control every aspect of the chair.  That’s incredible.

Air Ionizer + Chromotherapy

Then there are the finishing touches like air ionization and Chromotherapy lighting.  Neither of these are essential to a great massage but were included anyway because some people simply love having access to them.

Best Massage Chair Infinity Imperial Remote - Chair Institute

Final Thoughts on the Infinity Imperial

Remember, when we put the Imperial in a head to head matchup with the world's best massage chair, it won handily, and it’s easy to see why.  This chair has got something for everyone.

Having said that, we admitted at the start that the perfect massage chair doesn’t exist, and there are some segments of the market that this model doesn’t reach, and a (very) few things it could do better.

Our chief complaint is the fact that it won’t accommodate users taller than 6’3”.  We’d also like to see a third zero-gravity seating position and precise temperature controls on the offered heat, both of which are perfectly in keeping with the design philosophy behind the model.

Even in the absence of those things, though, the Imperial appeals to such a broad spectrum of users that it is entirely deserving of top honors.

Best Massage Chair Reviews Ratings – Alternative Measures
The Value Proposition – Best on the Basis of Cost Per Feature
The Value Proposition – Best on the Basis of Cost Per Feature
Why We Chose This Model

Best Massage Chair Reviews Ratings Alternatives

We understand that different people have different tastes and needs and that “best” is a highly subjective term so for the rest of this review, we’ll take a look at some viable alternatives

While it would be impossible to write a review that captured every person’s individual tastes and needs, we’ll broadly map out some of the major ways people commonly think about and define the best chairs in the industry.

The Value Proposition: Best on the Basis of Cost per Feature

This is an important measure because let’s face it, in an ideal world, you could get any chair you wanted. But in reality, who has unlimited money? 

If you’re on a budget, it makes perfect sense to look for the best chair you can get that offers the greatest number of features. In other words, shop for the best value on the market. If that’s how you define best, then there’s a clear winner, and it’s not the Imperial.

Kahuna LM6800 – Best Cost-per-Feature Massage Chair

Kahuna LM6800

Number of Airbags

Overall Massage Quality

Customization Options

Ease of Use


One of the most feature-rich massage chairs you’ll find at this price point, the Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 is a superb value for the money!

Hobbyist/casual users, chronic pain sufferers, and taller users, almost anybody, will love this chair!


Best Massage Chair Kahuna LM6800 - Chair Institute

Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair

This is an amazing chair, offered at an equally amazing price.  In fact, the cost per feature was so low; we had to recheck our math to be sure we hadn’t made a mistake.  It is far and away the best massage chair in existence using cost per feature as a metric.

Core Technologies

There’s a lot to like about the 6800.  It’s built around the same core technologies as the Imperial, utilizing a Hybrid L/S Track, quad rollers, Space-Saving Technology, and Zero-G seating.

In fact, where Zero-G seating is concerned, it beats the Imperial by offering three different seating options and is consistently given top billing as one of the best Zero Gravity massage chairs on the market.​

Massage Options

Where options are concerned, it’s true that you don’t get as many as you do on the Imperial, but it’s got all the basics covered, offering:

The air massage is acceptable, but of course, not as good as you get with the vastly more expensive chair, being rendered by 36 First Generation Airbags, so about half as many as you find on the Imperial.

Therapeutic Options

​Again, you’ll find many of the same options on the LM 6800 that the Imperial offers, and you’ll get them at a fraction of the cost, including:

  • ​Body Stretching (utilizing Kahuna’s patented “Yoga Stretch” which is widely considered to be the best in the industry)
  • Back and calf heat
  • ​Zone massage
Best Massage Chair Kahuna LM6800 Full Body Stretching - Chair Institute

In fact, although the calf and foot massage offered by this model isn’t quite as good as the Imperial’s, it does utilize quad rollers in the footwells, giving you a superior experience.

The one area where this model comes up short is that it doesn’t offer the same redundancies, and it lacks the convenience features and finishing touches offered by the Imperial.

On the other hand, the chair’s Ottoman has an extension module that allows it to accommodate users up to 6’5” in height, and it has a very modest price tag.  You could (almost) buy four of these for the price you’ll pay for our top pick, making it a powerful contender indeed.

Our Top Pick – The Best Full Body Massage Chair, The Infinity Imperial

Inada Dreamwave – Best Customizable Massage Chair

For When Control Matters Most – The Inada Dreamwave (Insert Link to Complete Review)
Best Massage Chair Inada Dreamwave - Chair Institute

Inada DreamWave Massage Chair

Inada Dreamwave

Number of Airbags

Overall Massage Quality

Customization Options

Ease of Use


A masterpiece of engineering and design by a legendary company in the industry. The Inada DreamWave Chair is recommended for anyone who can afford it.


Inada DreamWave Massage Chair

Another common way of defining the best massage chair is by taking a look at the total number of options and massage combinations available.

If this is what matters most to you, then there’s only one choice to make.  The chair you want is the Inada Dreamwave.

With a staggering 101 Second Generation Airbags, it offers the best, highest quality air massage on the market today, and with more than a thousand total massage combinations on offer, you’ll have a mind-boggling number of choices at your fingertips.

To put that into perspective, and to give you a sense of scale, as good as our top pick is, the Imperial “only” offers a bit more than a hundred different massage combinations, so in that particular category, the Dreamwave offers literally an order of magnitude more choice.

Best Massage Chair Inada Dreamwave Recline - Chair Institute

Having said that, the designers of the Dreamwave put so much time and effort into maximizing choice that it forced them to make concessions in other areas.

This is not to say that the Dreamwave is in any way a bad design.  It isn’t!  By any reckoning, it is a magnificent chair, but it is also a highly focused one, and if the guiding design principle (maximizing the number of options available) is at odds with what you’re looking for, then you’ll probably be happier with a different model.

Core Technologies

Core Technologies

The Dreamwave uses a slightly different set of core technologies than the other models we’ve looked at so far.  It has a substantially shorter massage track (S-track) that only goes to the small of the back; there’s no Space-Saving Technology, and only a single Zero-G seating position.

Having said that, it retains quad rollers, so the massage quality is every bit as good, and given its massive number of airbags, the air massage is even better, and the Dreamwave offers extensive heat that covers the back and the seat.  Depending on exactly where you hurt, you may find that superior to the Imperial’s back and leg heat.

Best Massage Chair Inada Dreamwave Air Massage - Chair Institute

Like the 6800, the Dreamwave doesn’t put a lot of effort into convenience features, although it does provide an adjustable massage timer, which is something the models we’ve talked about so far don’t offer.

Of course, if you want maximum customizability, you’re probably not going to care much about the smaller details and again, there’s no other chair on the market that even comes close to this one.  In terms of total options, it’s in a class by itself.

Bodyfriend Rex-L – Best Innovative Massage Chair

When Innovation Is Key – The Bodyfriend Rex-L (Insert Link to Full Review)
Best Massage Chair BodyFriend Rex-L - Chair Institute

BodyFriend Rex-L 

Bodyfriend Rex-L

Number of Airbags

Overall Massage Quality

Customization Options

Ease of Use


The BodyFriend Rex-L is a fantastic, well-designed top-end massage chair, packed with innovative features and surprises that both hobbyist and therapeutic users will love. This chair is recommended for anyone.


BodyFriend Rex-L Massage Chair

For some people, the best massage chair on the market is defined as being the one that offers the most cutting-edge innovations.  If that’s what you’re most interested in, then BodyFriend’s Rex-L is, without a doubt, the chair you’ve been looking for.

Core Features

Often described as the perfect chair for tech-savvy Hipsters, the Rex-L comes to us from South Korea, and shares many core features with the other top models we’ve talked about thus far, including:
  • check-square-o
    ​Use of a Hybrid L/S Massage Track
  • check-square-o
    Quad Rollers
  • check-square-o
    ​Zero-G Seating (one position offered)
  • check-square-o
    ​Space-Saving Technology

Air Massage

It also utilizes an impressive 98 Second Generation Airbags to render its excellent air massage that can be enjoyed either in full-body mode, or by selectively activating airbags by the following body regions:

  • chevron-circle-right
  • chevron-circle-right
  • chevron-circle-right
    ​Arm & Hand
  • chevron-circle-right
  • chevron-circle-right
  • chevron-circle-right
Best Massage Chair BodyFriend Rex-L Zero G -Chair Institute

Calf and Foot Massage

The calf and foot massage is superb, being rendered by a combination of airbags and tri-rollers for the soles of the feet.

Therapeutic Features and Add-ons

Where therapeutic options are concerned, the two biggest are the back and hip heat, and the excellent body stretch feature. On top of that, the Rex-L also includes attractive convenience features like MP3 support and numerous pre-programmed massage options.


The two innovations that will most impress you, though, are these:

First, the chair utilizes multiple sets of massage rollers, broken out by the following body regions:

  • ​Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • ​Hips

Second, the air massage is like nothing we’ve ever seen.  Every other chair on the market uses the same basic “squeeze and release” method of air massage, but BodyFriend has a patented process that closely replicates a Shiatsu-style massage, performed entirely with airbags.

Both of these innovations enhance the overall quality of the massage experience in ways that no other model on the market today can match, and will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and utterly satisfied.

Best Massage Chair BodyFriend Rex-L Right View - Chair Institute

The chair isn’t cheap, although it’s not the most expensive model we’ve covered thus far, and it’s got a fairly steep learning curve, so if you’re not tech-savvy, you may struggle to master everything it can do.  For the right person, though, it’s hard not to see this model as one of, if not the very best that the industry has to offer.

Apex Pro Regent – Best Synergized Massage Chair

Perfect Synergy – The Apex Pro Regent (insert link to full review)

Apex Pro Regent

Number of Airbags

Overall Massage Quality

Customization Options

Ease of Use


This is an absolute masterpiece of a chair for any type of user, and is well-deserving of its 5-Star rating. Loaded with features, the Apex AP Pro Regent delivers a truly superior massage experience from start to finish.


Best Massage Chair Apex AP Pro Regent - Chair Institute

Apex Pro Regent

The Apex Pro Regent is one of the very few chairs that earned a perfect five-star rating from us.

It didn’t get those marks for absolute perfection, but rather for perfect balance and feature synergy. Sometimes, the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts, and some massage chairs just offer the perfect blend of features.

The Apex Pro Regent is one of the very few chairs that earned a perfect five-star rating from us. It didn’t get those marks for absolute perfection, but rather for perfect balance and feature synergy.  Sometimes, the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts, and some massage chairs just offer the perfect blend of features.

Core Technologies

Just about every feature the Pro Regent has to offer was put in place with one thought in mind.  Giving you the best possible massage experience. Everything else is secondary.​ To deliver that experience, this chair uses a blend of common features and ones that are utterly unique.

Here are the highlights:
  • ​Relatively short S-Track (neck to tailbone)
  • ​4D Massage Technology for a deep, penetrating massage
  • Upper Shoulder Pressure Massage
  • Lower Back and Glute Massage
  • ​Sideways Kneading Massage
  • ​Zone and Spot Massage
  • Following Arm Air Massage (31 Second Gen Airbags)
Best Massage Chair Apex AP Pro Regent 4D - Chair Institute

Individually, these technologies only add incremental improvements to the overall experience, but the fact that the chair offers so many of them in tandem creates an experience that other chairs simply can’t match.  In the case of the upper shoulder massage, most other chairs aren’t even designed to reach this area, much less massage it!

Heat Function

It gets better, though, because the Pro Regent combines a stellar massage with the most extensive heat we’ve ever seen.  In addition to offering back heat, you also get heated calf wells and “Blanket Heat,” which is literally a large heating element you drape across the front of your torso to enjoy what amounts to a heated cocoon while you’re getting your massage (or, if you prefer, you become a human burrito!)

The heating blanket even includes heated pockets for your hands!

Massage Options

Best Massage Chair Apex AP Pro Regent Shoulder - Chair Institute

Upper Shoulder Massage

Best Massage Chair Apex AP Pro Regent Glutes - Chair Institute

 Back & Glutes Massage

Best Massage Chair Apex AP Pro Regent Kneading - Chair Institute

​​Sideways Kneading

​Sideways Kneading

On top of that, the Pro Regent offers more than a hundred total combinations, eleven pre-programmed options and three memory slots that allow you to create your own custom experience and save it so you can recall it later at the touch of a button.

Additional Features

It doesn’t skimp on extras either, including finishing touches like:

  • check-square-o
    ​MP3 support
  • check-square-o
    ​A Hideaway Ottoman, so that the chair looks like an ordinary piece of living room furniture when it’s not in use
  • check-square-o
    ​A fun “Rhythm Massage” mode we’ve mentioned before, that syncs the roller action with whatever music you’re listening to

It’s an amazing piece of engineering that will give you a massage you won’t forget.  In fact, it’s so good that you might find yourself having to wait in line to use it because your friends and family are always in it!

Luraco i7 – Best American-Made Massage Chair

Born In The USA – The Luraco i7 (insert link to full review)

Luraco i7

Number of Airbags

Overall Massage Quality

Customization Options

Ease of Use


The Luraco Massage Chair i7 is an exceptional therapeutic chair, made in the USA and filled with high-value features. Recommended for anyone who can afford it.


Best Massage Chair Luraco i7 Sample -Chair Institute

​Luraco i7 Massage Chair ​

Luraco Massage Chair i7 iRobotics

Rounding out our collection, some people want to buy American, and are looking for the best American-made massage chair they can get their hands on.  If that’s you, then the chair you’re looking for is the Luraco i7.

Primarily designed as a therapeutic model, it’s versatile enough that hobbyist and casual users will also get a lot of use and enjoyment out of it.

Core Technologies

  • ​Relatively short massage track (S-Track, reaching from neck to tailbone)
  • ​Zero-G Seating (one position offered)
  • ​Two advanced massage techniques (Shiatsu and Swedish)
  • ​Nine pre-programmed massage options that can be accessed with one touch

Air Massage 

It’s also no slouch where the air massage is concerned, featuring an impressive 80 Second Generation Airbags, which, as we’ve seen with other models, can either be enjoyed as a full-body experience, or be selectively activated by body region from the remote.

Therapeutic Features

In addition to those, the Luraco i7 also offers a raft of powerful therapeutic features which include:
  • ​4D Massage Technology for a deep tissue massage (can be selectively activated)
  • ​Body Stretching
  • ​Extensive Heat (lumbar, seat and both foot wells)
  • ​Blood Pressure and Heat Monitoring

This last feature sets the i7 apart and makes it a true healthcare device in ways that other massage chairs simply aren’t.

And on top of that, some convenience features like:

  • check-square-o
    ​MP3 support
  • check-square-o
    ​An adjustable massage timer
  • check-square-o
    ​A Memory Function with five memory slots

​When you put all that together with the chair’s surprisingly easy-to-use remote and its impressive five-year warranty (more than double the industry standard of two-years), it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with the model.

Final Verdict: What Is The Best Massage Chair On The Market?

Conclusion:  So What Is The Best Massage Chair On The Market?

As you have seen, trying to figure out which is the best massage chair to buy is a more complex question than first meets the eye, and there’s no one way to answer that question.

In our view, the overall winner…the best of the best is the Infinity Imperial, but of course, the best massage chair for you may be different.  At the end of the day, it comes down to what you ultimately want the chair to do, and which feature, or features you find most important or compelling.

To summarize what we’ve covered so far, here are some of the reasons your conclusion might differ from ours:

  • ​If you’re looking for the chair with the best price per feature ratio, then the chair you want is the Kahuna LM6800 (also true if you’re a taller user)
  • ​For the ultimate in customization options, the Inada Dreamwave is the best in the industry
  • ​The chair with the most cutting edge innovations on the market today is the BodyFriend Rex-L
  • ​The Apex Pro Regent offers the greatest overall feature synergy of any chair sold
  • The Luraco i7 is the best American-made chair being sold today

​We’ll keep this piece updated as new models are introduced, and as the technology that drives the industry evolves and changes.  Our hope is that our site in general, and this piece, in particular, will be instrumental in helping guide you to the perfect chair for you.

See price and customer reviews for our winner, Infinity Imperial... Click here.

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